Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion Part 6: STP Marketing.

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  • Advertising and Integrated Brand PromotionPart 6: STP Marketing

  • The best a ma...wait, who?

    From 1903 to the late 1990s, Gillette owned over 66% of the market on razors and razor blades.How do we continue growth...So they took a look at their markets, and segments.Recognized a change in culture, and how it affected their segmentation.Gillette: The Best a Man Can Get

  • Gillette for Women: Are You ReadyThe number of women shaving had increased.Market strategies hadnt changed.Created a new product line for a separate demographic.BT DUBS: THIS NEW AD CAMPAIGN COST GILLETTE $80 MILLION DOLLARS

  • The multi-tonged approach Attack hard, attack fast: exposure, exposure, exposure.Make decisions based on calculated research and data, while being creative!

  • The focusTheories and practices from today need to work their way into our pre-production mentality as we approach our project. So on top of our standard script, storyboard, shot list...Focus on our reasoning for locations casting, wardrobe, style, theme, copyThennnnnnnn...make sure youre focusing on consumer type, needs, functions, benefits, research tendencies......while determining which method of advertising would be best......all while being creative :)

  • StrategyJust like in chess, or football you need to constantly plan out moves in order to stay on top of your opponent, and in controlAdvertising works the same wayThe consumer is a living breathing entity, and you must be willing to adapt

  • Refresh4 types of human needsBiological, Safety, Love/belonging, Esteem2 types of benefitsFunctional, emotional2 types of researchInternal, external2 types of consumerLogical, social

  • STP MarketingSegmenting- Breaking down diverse markets into manageable portionsTargeting- Choosing specific segments as the focal pointPositioning- Creating media that specifically appeals to the target segment

  • DemographicsDemographics are the initial segmentation of the population based on general descriptors such as:AgeGenderRaceMarital StatusIncomeEducationOccupationGeographic locationetc.

  • Lets Pause...Does anybody know what the U.S. Census is?

    Do it..

  • Lets critiqueGroups of 3Work together to form opinions and explanationFill out worksheet, and provide an argument for the question ask.Be prepared to defend to the class.Each member of the group will be the spokesperson for 1 ad.

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