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    VOL. XXI JULY " 1939 NO. 13

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


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  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


    LI'! l' I R N O . 13

    Information DivisionAir C o r p , 8."." . , Jull,1.,:1ilaa

    . p , t. .

    VOL. XXI ,4 ..1:.0 0 11 P S NEVI Sr' ';'. ,~. ' t O f tS ; 'I ', : d'.". , '1..' :.

    The chief purpose of this pUbl1cation is to distribute lnformation on aero~na.utlcs to the flylng personnel1n the Regular .Arqr, Reserve Corps, National Guard,and6thers connected wlth avia tlon. '

    . , -~~oOo---

    . A . P R O T E C T IO N , A G . A .1 B S T N IG H T : et IN D N E S SBy Major John HargraveB"M.C., (night Surgeon)

    Director of the Deparlil'D8ntofQpt1ialmoloQ,School of Aviation Medicine. '

    H E phenomena.of v:Ls10nbe-:gins with aco~lex phQtochemical reaction in theeubstanceof the retlna oreensl t1ve coat 'of the eye-ball.

    The sub.tance which'light acts upon to producethe sensation of vl slon 1scalled vl~l purple. Thlssubstance 1s chemlcally re-

    lated to carotene, crypto xanthin andvitamin A. ' ,

    It .is defini tely knownthat deficien-cies in the con~tion or the utiliza-tion of vitamin A or its precursor oaro-tene results in a decrease in the lightBenBivity of the retina. with a result-ing 10SI ofirisual efficiency, parUcu-;.larly at n1~t. '

    Vitamin.A.1s abundant in ~ to041'and we would expect individual. w ho liveOn the economicplane of pilots to havead.equate vitamin containing diet.. How-ever. recent lnvest1gat1ona baveshown..that v1tEUD1n.A.deflclenc1ea of varyingdegrees occur with great fre~nC7 over' forty lear" of 88e.This could be explained in .evera1 1rqst

    1.. T,b.eo'lder individual becomesmoreset in his dietary habits and may noteat foods which contain the vl~am1n;

    2. The older individual reaches the8&ewhere there is a tendency towardobesi tt, and consciously or subconscious-

    11 to re~1n his figure a.void. certainfoods .. such as milk,. cream. buttet,.etc .which area rich Bourceof vitamin A;

    3. the prooesses of~e tncrease the_dena1ty of theli ver and a:tso decreasethe ab80rpUve qualit1,es of thegaetr" 0-intestinal tract to that the consumedvit8TJ.11nis not utilized. Vitamin A doe.not et9re well,which,' malee, it necessaryto replenish!,; daily.

    It 1s recoumendedthat as a pri!l:0' lac-tic and p~o~ecti ve niea8ure, all ,10tsabOvethe age ot th1rty-ftlf.'e 1n.o.ude in.theirda1w diet: f09d8 which.will eem.-~n .4. .000 -inte.rn,atiO,J:l&l,un1t. ,ot,v1ta-

    .A . (The,eXact quantite.t1.V&" reauir'e-menta are &8 yet UDltnOWl1,but 2,500 in-terDatio_l utd.ts are conald.rsd eS8en-

    .tial for the average normal adult.This amount of vi tam1n.Acan' be ob-

    tained from the dai4r consumpt.i;oof '.two cooked leafy vegetable.. such. as, ,-SPinach!,. sprouts or cabbage; one ~" 'cooked eafy vegetable, such as lett't1ce~d the driDldng of one quart of milk~provid1ng the cowshaveoeen fed ongI" .

    Other sources ot vitamin A are butter,egg yolk, animal fats, liver, apricot.,carrots. green beans, green peas, .... etpotatoes, and pumpkin. Halibut LiverOil is the richest source aleo the oldreliable cod liver 011. 6netableepoon-ful of cod liver oil will give an ampledaily dos98e of vi tam1nA. ThereN"also ~ concentrates of vitaminsmarketed by the various grug houses .aDdobtainable in. tbetorm of capsules ... '

    Usually one capsule eontainsthe requir-ed amountof vltam1n for one ~.--......

    Of tnterest in connection w i t h theabove Ie a repor,t by Drs. Ralph O. Wil.and O.H. Schettler which appeare4 inthe JUhe issue of the Ohio Medical Jtm:r-nal

    lto the effect that eyestrain and

    fa.t gus, commoncomplaints among tho doing 1VOrkthat reqUires close attention,have been relieved amongcolor matChersof the WestinghouseElectric and MaDufacturi~ Co~a.nyby da1~ do,es of Caro...tene-:ln-oil, aspurce from whlch thebody manufactures vi twn A.

    Three capsules of earotene-ln~ildai~,. they declare, bY';.thereieneratlon of visual p~le1 l~t-sella1t1ve substance in the eye, hive im-proved the efficlenQ1 of color-matchinglnepector. by 75 per cent.

    Color insPB ,,ctors of the c,ompanyhadlong complained of Bevere headaches,burnlrJg and smarting eyes. ,Many of themdeclared they were,unable to read in theeV,eni~af,t,e,r work ,or stat,e,d that ,th,ey&ctua1i~ feared, night drivjng. 'Phese'cond1t1'onehaveJ10wb.en ~ed by uot the' new'tl-e..tmen.tlathe assertion ofDr., Wiee, all eye spec1aliet, and Dr ScsAet~le1""ot- the medical department of1 ;b w .u o v .. ..named colIIP~. '

    Basis for giving the carote~e-ln-011V-7779, A.C.

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    > ": 1- . ~ . . .The cradua.'tionexercl.e. of '.th.. :l~~

    1938 Cla of the ~ Indu.tr1al,'Co~"lege were held on Th1lrlldAvmorn1ng.'

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


    ':~~'=:~lt~ f:l~~~S ';~:tt'e~i~~r~~r~e~r::tb::n M f,, R!C'1lar 'Army'" one . to d:u.ty the 97th Observation" .

    ..)" t: Slame.e of:t'lcer" one Mexican ron. ' '. ' ' " ,'~(\,~ " ~ offl'cel'.,tour Ph.111pt)in8 Withreepect to the six foreign. om.

    , 'N ! '.,ur COrp8~ffic8r8,and cers'~' graduated with the c1a _-

    , " . , . 1ty..e1ght C:Flnng,Oadek.A.irthort t7 waerecel vedfrom the 'War Depl.rt-

    OO~._.",.,"8.' .el.a at the A A11 ' 1 ' . ' " .0 0 rps. ~ : r an e - JIle.. nt Bttaoh.iDg.'.'th..~four .secondl. leu.. ' . " n . -tfd.o . D C SChoo'1KelbField,' Tema. on ants of the','Ph11lpp1ne~A.1r Oorp.'to~ . " June 16, '];9~S,'before; a'regord tactical units of the U.S. ~ Air'

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    e:!th:~il~J~lee 'ia ~ E f d t i : i = . -the " .A. rrJg extends over th8entire lie- ,40whe,n he lett. the BrOUD.d........time o.fthe Air Corp.. includ1ngits wou.ldkeeP his e7' on the ball-,:OJ',1Iif._17onlc 'dqias 'a mere Bection.:of the offona,langent.About 192~ or,:.!eo; .the.S~l C ~ . . So that. while I never President's MorrowBoard, inv.. t~,wa.sin the Corps, I have growrtup &1r q U e . l i t . 10.,DSO.n a tront,:. heat!4':aloDgsid.e of it .; In both peace and .. r. the test_wo!, one ,Qapta.1nHath," ODe

    .t,lla'V'e' n.! tB struggles at, close of .ourveteru boBibers. Beata_dm:.~e ... w b 1 C h makesmore vivid and 1'0- effecttbat,.it. botDblDa:formatio~:"-.'tiC. the picture ofa1r-m1ght as w e countered anti~rCJ"a:(t ,fire before.~l"ea

    ,,~ bitt~dq.' " ~'oRitingSObljecB..'ltol'q,_.l...t~~S.t, no.:ho.:~e..'.'.',~l..".. 1'ie.i.remarkstodq are addressed \1,4' t ad _\I, .-. ..&!_107P11 officers, not ~.q of the be from me tocont~d t no~I4ii"'Corps, but of ~he A :ra r1 aBa united can or mould prevent the a11'Dl8nfrOB"Whole. And the ArttiY cannot hgpe f01"., accoJJI.Plishinghis. mi' lon. - for,. the:~-,.ceSI, unless i tis in facta united staeles mq 1)e in8UPerable.J~ut:th."'lIIIOle - t i r a 1 n e dand read' to """7out 10 no queeUon tI1at in.....70U l!l'e~SDgthe w1l1 of one m a n - its commander. to face the decision asbetween~gb~ere can. be no. division of purpose in &heador turning back,do~ 01"'11Oi'-

    -,'actwn - n o working'at DrO18-pui'pO lei - 1ng. A z r ~ IIU~ d.ecisiolLs,willl.'1._if, ... ' are to win a dec~i ve s'tr-uggle. be eaQ'. In the Itress of w a r , . i. . e. .:i-No one arm can win by itself; ally 1!).the air -.' the decisiont'I.

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    tlv ,ll,el v..e.8 to O . g00ci't a8 ., t h e . . ..1r .older C b e n . . . . . . fI ,a.~.,: - Gen~al ' 9 1 . , the....~1r_~~'-~ ..~.~~.~l . . 1.2,~.... , : ; ; t t U . O ' t . - . ~. . bl ZiI"JP~ .''M..~~~4.~=~:.::m~, .l1rCOns Advance4Jb'liiCl~ . X,117

    S~.'~ -::IlO:tht':l~.tDl1yUIhOJ1- ,:reld,'ll'eDe. dat.d~.'l. ,.;l ..0~ll.,w... e1 ~ant ina een bUt follows:. . .. ". . .. '. . j:

    t4lt 'r:eSl11t.athe s a m e in: either c~se - Itl. The graduation exercie'sa~.'.:tJlI.'':;rf~ fal. sty:conce;ption of one 'B own capabi 11- Air Corps Advanced F17ing SchooloD

    ~'~and limibati-ons. I beg of you to 16" .19313; save every evidence ot ,1 C 'P o w ",ouraeIf and your weapons, and to Pl&nni:D$ .1ntel1~en.t supervision-.! ..":Jut) frank among yourselvee and with the efficient exeC'lltion on the part 'ot~-:nat.oftheA~. The ~ will believe selt', T O u r st~l', and the officer ~,,!iu\'j;'tbeA1r Corps says it can dol and enlistedpel"sonn$lof your conunand.' ,.'

    ::"Jrill:reqon it, If its p r . owe88. e ex- ft.2.......The .8tliden t. i..n theaer.U1 .~eratea . through whatever cause, dis-review was 1adiqat,1ve of thorough $ra1n-i.~lludonment surely w11l come with W8;'. ing . The- eff"cien~ handling of la:rg ...I~~j add that thie same condition exist ... vlsitingdetadu8en~. ot 2eserveofficers,eiJDib ~theet1llery -~ na-tivearm R.O,T.C. studeJ1ta. and enlisted men . t r om.

    --lIOtU: the war showed tut th1ngs were Can;;>:Bullis and Fort Sam Houston, theM4:as easy as they looked on the targetiIl\Part1ngto them of information anAlr

    ,.;Ir~e.: . . C01"Ps eqUipment and the etf~cient a 1 1 4" ~d 80 the two thoughts that lid 11ke courteoU8~d1~ at the earns t1JDet>:,

    . to leave wi th 10'0. ae you Join the .Air large n'UDlbere,of ci vi~ians all refle

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    "S~iZA ..rtO'NO' alCtm;....YoM~AT l ln c m " 1 D L D. . " ;',' - :" > - ',',', ..,' - "" '. . . . . ,rl...~..~.~..*e8...';t.'..''i.and i . m . Wright, LawsonField. Fort Odomha.b8fU~j'Q :.,acol1lt'iM':

    BeUZLDg, Ga. . Btruot*,on .'t'thi'Jl'r ' C Q J . ' P . . '.Te~. ..' ..rc '!(Cont1nued on Page 7) , .

    ...6- V-7779, A.C.

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    ~-..~e~,:~~i~\&o.:a;~~~;p-~~~er.:U~owi~~~::":~"~;;,~~rov1ZJCt3. tJpe o?eau1~t. thlB f.a~.offers de~48c1',

    "',{)J?li,ervation'balloons were ~'l.oyed q1;1te menta,~nth$t it eliminates the ','

    ,=e~;ilt~"=a:i .~tU:~i~d f~~ ce~~in 1 ; .~:~pes for bailoons, .whi~~;, ~~Gial1zed methods of observation. untJ"l recent~ were. c,onstructed of~

    " i, :::';l.'h1s.JiOballoon Bomewhatresembles ber:Lze4fab:r1c, are nowmanut'aotur.,ithe. pres-s.n.,t st . andard. 0-..3 c.a

    p.tive. balloon. co..a.ted..withsy;ltb.et1c. 5 '. ' . . . . . . . ' .,~~.~t that it. de~:tdB for stability bel', i'he power car is a tubulars: :

    --'I:J1:.four fms,s lar, 1n canstruc'Uon struo~e covered' with cloth 8 .1 1 4 pro. ".'-..: .the'tailS'Qrfaces of an airplane, in- ed with throe els, on which the ...cttI').J 'ad

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    A f.l.1h.t of B . even n...a J 'ur AI.. t. e . :e..',from.1ilie 33rd PurBU.1 t a~a'i' .1 8 7' t : t ! . h .~ k ~ ttW O = vO~ff.Jt:~~:st:. ODTt.Illbt WIlS led b1" or R.L. Maughan,OOmiiiandingOfficer 0 this Squadron, andwas joined, by, six planes attached frollI.~ 35th and 36th Pursu1 t Squadrons. for the develo~nt of a faul t1'81Jl)erc1largeronthe airplane piloted b1'L t . . . W.C. Clark. the mssion was 1 1 ' 1 th-QU.' incident. MaDe11, :Barksdale andKel~J1eld8 were visi;ed. ,: " MuC h was learned of the capab11i Uesotb1plaoe Pursuit ath1gh'alt1tude,andthe mlsion was considered 'Bucce,sfUl 01'~ll concerned. '

    -----. In connecUou with the above, the News

    :tAtter Correspondent Of. the 3.5th Pursu1t~qyadron states:. "Second Lieutenants D o n C~land.

    ~eor,e B. Greene and. Homer!l. Truitt. aspart of Major R. L. Maughan' B flight ..... .O k off from Langls;r Field to visittaletr Alma Mater at san Antonio, TeXAS.~,~ the trip they took the PE' 8 aloft' t 20,000 feeti where it became qui 1Ie.0 1 .41 . especial y .with only sumner flying

    !au1pu1ent. While fly1Ilg at this altl-'~e the1' used the newlY installed gaBe-qus o~gen eq'1;lipment,which proved to bevery satisfactory. II

    - - - 0 0 0 - - -


    Major Har'vey W. Prosser and CaptainEdward H. Porter, Air Corps, reported atKelly Field recently from the PhilippineDepartment.

    During his tour of duty in the Philip-pines, Major Prosser served as Directorof the Bureau of Aeronautica. CODlOOn-wealth of the Philippines, and Aeronaut-:1eal Adviser on the staff of GeneralD..ouglasMacArthur, Military Adviser ofi;he CODllDOnwealthof t . he Philippines. as

    "e:l.1 a8 Inspector, Bureau of Air Com-metce. U. S. Department of Commerce. Hereturned to the States commercially, viathe suez Canal, with hi s family.

    l.lajor!Tosser was a.ssignedto the Air'Corps Advanced Flying School andannounceda8 Secre1iarYandFublic Relations Of-ficer, suoceedll3g Major Isaiah Davies,Air Corps, whohal been deaiiJl&ted aaDirector of Flyi~ Training, reUeving14J()r Robert T.Cronau, who will con.-t1Du.e as Post Operations Officer.

    While in the Philippine Department.08PtaJ,n Porter served as Group COl1lJIWli-ca\tQDS Officer of the Fourth CompodteGroup.'.li.I' Corps. and for over a, year he"'.' ..00~di.~ .. Officer of .the 28th ~om-., 4ment' $~on at Nichols Field. He

    . ad to the States wi. th hia fB.m111'. .... 41th. U. S~.1"ranaport G lWl'r. CaptiUn." 1 " .er 'waa assigned. k > . the 6.1et SchOol7 . .

    s~ ..t:~..'..1ly : 8 '1 8 1 4 . " w:Ll1 '.organization in t l&8 nearfuturi. upon '.'departur, of ; o r .C1aret'..c. J.-.~ "..'in8. for Fort.. Le M wasOr4. e~~purwj th e coUfal at the CommB.nd .~" r : .General Staff SChool. ,... :'~;

    ....-000--- -..;.t.',:. '~..


    Colonels Walter H. Frank Ch1efof':;';',,'Staff of the Headquarter s GHQAir For-oatLa~ley Field, Va., and Herbert A. :oar~"Asu.stant Conmandant.of the Air Co:rps'". .. .. .. 1 1 1 8 1 "'D1, Maxwell Field,Ala.,.),are under orders. for fore~ servlo~.;'

    Colonel F r a . W . c . . itt to 8ail on:orab. Q.'tj:.t'-September 1, 1938,for the Hawai~':~':,par tment, where he will reportto.:.'the '?:'CommandingGen'l'~l for duty as ,,~~ ,~. ,~sCommanderof the 18th Wing. . .i : >

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938

    11/215. . -

    -':",~ ,, '

    i~e';'~~~:',=l:~~::.':~~OP-roari~ i tl way throwdl tran~l ald.elover these enchanted Islands ef rome~ticHawaii. The 13th Wingof Uncle s a m ' sJ;I1.1ghtyair force is "Oom1ng'Home."' ,

    , "Home.".~th all that the word implies.fq,r,}Wig:adier .General BartonK., Yount,1nt1;Q~~dandrSJ!lPsctedbyev817 ma n oftft.'.:t'Q~d, has taken pOBsession. forthe 'U\ S. Jrars, of thie maenificent airbttsEf,',:' dest,inedto be, when com-Pl_~Q;i not only the most important unit

    iiJf:.'~a..l..,'d e . tense .W i thin the Hawaiian, , ~~t, but the largest airdrome inth S"broad land of ()'Qrs.,The:r~ aviator'fortunate enough to

    be ass1gn..e, .to tbe18th Wi~'b:; i lfindo~, ",report1nglntt t~t the. e of,H&WIi1:iati.traGi tion have been interwovenbl'""ftneereative .mbdin the developmentof 'beaut1N1 POlt. ."..l..'::'a'lralJraaiua:::toa malih1ni to o,new h 6' 1 ia i eoIn1!i ' for his first taur.,1n 1he8etropicalislands, let me quote for hisenll~~~e~ent Mark Twain's early impres-sionr:'.'t-''''llo,land in all the world has .anyde~p;';.tr~e~, for m e but tbilone;uo"itiJie:rland could 10 lovingly baunt'1D8 sleeping and ~througll balf a lifetime, as that one haldofU!;: Other things leave m e. but it,

    ,I."ides; other things change, but it,ire-mains the 88me., lor me its baJ.zq ,a"rsar! .alwq" ,blowing" itl 8'\1JDIDerseas

    f~a8~ in th~ ~;, the pulsing ot its81D:'f...beati.e in ~ear; 1can lee itsge;'~anded' Ci'8tCs. 1te leapi~ cascades,i t.,.jlumey palma drowsing by the shore;li.'remdteirunmita floating like islandlalsctve.tAecloudroClt; Ican feel thespir,it of its woodland.solituder Icanhear. the splash of its brooks; :r.nq"nostrils 8till'111'e8 thebreatb of flow...'I~r~tbat ped.shed twentlleare&go.,ll .AndTIi'lS: *sB8.wai1.

    ,flestling on theee irwmy shorel,. outhelte::iIi tlie' Paradise of the Pacific.Hi~' fi'ld bal come int01.ts own. l:tis -.ltt1ated seven miles northwest of the

    I . :.I:'.'~,'.f:'Bonolul.. u"an. .".11eSbe.'tweenth. .,l'~d + Pearl Barl)or'and FOrt Kameha-~, . ':~".:This newAir Field was offioial4rdeMo~ed &i HIOXAMFIELDin commemora-ti~ :O f Lieut. Oolonsl Horace lit. Hickam.Air. ~~'.;Who was killed in line of~tt'::atFort Crocltett, Texae, on No~'bel' $ i' 1934 in an airplane accident., .

    . Xii' '928. th e neces8i'ty for exPandingill.' : ;% ' defenses, of the Hawaiian hlandaIf .apparen tto the War])epa.rtment, at

    .~.t1iD8 a .:BoardofOtficerswe.a ap...~t'Gdto se'lect a suitable 'airclrome'lite on the Island of Oahu forth1s pU1"-

    _PO.... sev..era..l.. te-nt:...&tive.. 'it .,. 1.nn:--.. ,~,.However ..i~the ~t.nlonof.the..llft~l 'bU_ .on6 ait. fat' ..'\0 .~ . J(j .ibe;1le04.eary character .Ucs ot an

    ideal air~_ . RecommendAt1oU.{"~.,. 'made to the War D~artment tbat.:~ . Pat-ticulars1te. cons1stingof2225.461 .acre8) b. secured from private. 01m*. '.'oompr~sedof the. :BishopEstate. D r r r I o n . . . . ,Estate and Q;!leenE D rD a' Estate. .'

    During 1925,, ,the U. S. Attorney Gen...ra.1 .started COndemDat.ionggce~d1ng.I whtQh.were later BUl,Pended . to laCk of ':funds. Nothing f'UX'theJ:""'s done con-a.rning. th.e conc1.eniD&tio.n.ot..tW.'.sland....' .until JanuaI7, 1935. When;proceediDBe.'were reinstituted against the. proper~yowners~ Title, wasacau1red to th,epro-.perty on April 9. 1935i at 'a CQst'()f:jjl,091,238 .12. the fundS having beenprovided for under. P\1b1ic No., 21.. of the74th Co~e... approved March 21.1935 -,

    On JulY 26, 1935, CaptainS.B ..N1;Ir . . ,q;u.artermaster Corps. arrived in aBB~e the dut1es of ConstructingQUartermaeter.' After making a thorOUghexamination afthe site. a l~out planwas pr.pared for thie vastairdromeJoandthis was appro"~d on August 16. 1930. b7Major O:eneralHugh A. Drum, the Depaf't~ment OOl:Dl'Dat1der., '.'.

    Major DonL. Hutchins. Air Corpet.&r.-rived .in the Department shortly beror.Captain Nurse"and assumed the dutie.of Air COrpsReprelentative and TeCbn1c-al Advi80r to the Constructing. ~ter-master. ' ~jorHutch1ns and OaptainNurse .had~rked t~gether on Air Corpsconstruction for more tnan six years.

    At t}u) exPira.t1onof .MajorHutchins',tour. when hewa. o~d.ered to the Ma;i~land to attend the Industrial. Oo~lege,Major Harold L. Clark. Air COrpSfan ~old-timer in the Building and Grounds Divi...ion in the Office: of tlJ,e Chief oftbeAlr Oorps, and with whomOaptIJ.nNurseb&d previously served, was ordered toHawali as replaceJD$nt in thie importantposition. " . . ..'

    Lieut. JeIB8 H. Veal,~termaster'.Corps, reported for assistant tothe Constructing ~termaster on Nov~bel' 23t. 1935. and was assigned ,.11 ExeCU-tive Orficer. The greaterportlon of

    his eervi08 linee gradua t10n from WestPoin.,thae been with Captain Nurse.On September 1, 19351)(al,iter Ser.geant

    Barry A.~ Ohapman!.,Air vo~8', ,was a . , ip -ed to. th.e .proJe.cct~a..s Ae.iste.nt t.o, the..'Oonstructing ~termaster and placeclincharge 6f W O rK to be performed bl thePurchase and Hire Section; work for .. 'which h. waewel1 qualified and wh1chhe.handled veryeffiQ1'ently until irapa1redhea.ltb C . ompel1ed.his'urn to .the ~~~d. at which time Lieut .lrchibald W .IqOn.Q.u&rtermaeter Corps -a young oUt!;.cel\"wbO,received hi.S'" inltlal groomincd\l.ring th.oQn.truot~oq:;of Hamilton.'.ield, uncle.r 0 . , ; . ' fttatn"lIit........'.e...rl s u p ' .ervl.1.o.n.t:ookCbarg~ of. thi :SJ _ 1 C ~ , . . .~ rem&1nder of the organization ..

    V-7779, A.C

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    12/215V-7779 , A. C..

    del.;' .-u.UC)~Wb1Cl1 a.b&lideddowntrom ille "--, o .f Caesar.

    .A .tH iok8 m held. streete ~ < ,'a ~ ""wind inan -V oarefree manner,.. aleiaure17 lIawaliei indifference , _ 0 .Eucll~ lD8oXSGeonoern1ne:twopo1nt8 anone etraiDt Une ; yet , it conta1ne-'br..ganio unit11

    al well as direct arterlelof onlead1Dg to variouefotalpointe..,"':'

    In the tecbnlcal areai however, lethar-i318 ab&t.edand i8 rep aced wi thah:.alert efficiency. :..

    Landscaping. 1n keeping' with Hawaiian.IUb-tropical ~owtht ls keepl~_pacewith the construction. Over , 3QO.OOO:~trees and 8brubs have a1reactvbeen.;pr,opagated at little COlt. lIadth18, work' : 'been delqed until coqlet1on. of:~Itruction and the nece8sanr''trees;~,otpro-per growth purchased inthe open l118.'fk81t wouldhave resulted in the expendi-ture of several hundred thoueamle;::'o:f'.l-lars. As it ls. we have 175 varieties oftreos and shrubs with 41vari.tle.;~tpalm, alone. ~. of the8e'~vebe8Alet out along. the s1;reets and b o . 'Q l dBand b;y the t1me Bick;am Field reac4e . r . 'complet1on,the;ywill have matured, ~well developed young tree8.. '.. ': ..'

    EndeavoriDgto getawe.Y f'roma.t~-typed form o.fbu11d1;Jg, 2 . t f ' . ' .~" . ' .edto develop 1:1divldual11iY1n th.e gr~eand landlcaping ai' well.1Q that whencompleted Rlckim Fleld not:op.}.ya credit to our Governmentbut a .sourceof pride to the good peopleo'f faii"-;',. "Hawaii. .: .

    .......000 .. _.. . ,~'

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    . . , . . .; . ' .1

    ,," "",~ I.t ,J -,~

    . . . . -.~;-.. ,. . . ':.

    - ,. . . . .

    ~, . .~". ','

    ; '1 : < A S s I G ! J !4 'I m 01 G a A D U lT E S O F D 1 G D 1 J l1 C R l1 lG O O B O O L :1 : ':) .3

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


    ;~ ' ' " 'G ,b"!.,~..u, . , : . .l J .. . . .2 :

    A motor launCh buge, airplane a and JDanDer that the line wculd . p a n '* '2 r " " , : -natives armed with macmetes were utiliz- erallmnared)"81"dl.O.f rough. wat.e-.~.;.~'..".

    ' ed to salvage the usable parts of a the P-IOwould be pUlling ,in. ,the: " e, 'tl3-10B and a B-6A which were recently ,river. '" i ":'~ ~ed while landing at Jaqua, Republic On ifs outward trip to the bar,g,'.'.:f,hede Pe,Il8m8.. L)"ing. aome 160 miles Bouth- P-IO met disaster in: the form of ,flo:!rtIKeast ot AlbrookF1eld and just a few roller, which broke completelY oy~ri"J~emiles from the Colombian border, the small cruiser, ~1ng ita s'tern all.itl1ttlevillage of JaqUa 1s accessible washing overboard Private'theonly by boat or airplane. Its few dOzen 15th Air Base Sauadron. ~8Jl,ma~inhabitants live in bamboo huts; moat of to struggle to the shore thro'lJghSfJT$althem have never seen an automob11e, but hundred feet of Bhark-infeste,d oc~~~j)utan airplane is a commonsight, and sever- the P-lO was out of commission f,or :~-alweeks ego they were privileged to wit- izut, purpogeB. It later l1JXgea.bl1.,~~neSI a little civilized sport when e. Balboa unde,rits own power. " "',',:'~~,:B...IOi kneeled down after landing,and a Salvage operations were,.d.I!:,'~. 113-61 eomet'saulted in the mud. Captain Ma.nningE. Tille17. Po:at", ~-

    .1s neither airplane could be 10cal11' eering Officer, and officer in ~ofrepaired and flown awql it was necesse.- .the salvaging, secured the vt . ' :Q o . ; , i i tr7to dilJIl8Jltle both ana. attempt to tow I T.J. Libonatl, a machinist in t'he'~tbe~~ed parts by boat an d barge to Zone Mechtmical Division. M r .

    ~=Albtook Field. Not sUch a dlfflcul t asserted that hie D1esel-power.4. .'. wprocedure - if one is supplied with a draft .. launch could pUll the..bal'ge., , ~.~concrete loading dock and a few travel- through the surf. le'cordiIJglyl:' o~;~1ZC cranss, but rather arduous under the morniJl8 of June 4th, the CE()EtLM-.,':.t:OCODd! tions met wi th in Panama's interior, the barge ~w1ce her aize, came ~~w h e re .t he . only cranes are .thole with I Pina. I P011'1;tand anchored Off.-8hOl"e".A.'t...~.'_wblte wings and crooked necks. . Jaqua, awaitiDl the afternoon hip' .tt,'f'l!'

    Under direct slWervlsion of Master Ser- At morning hight1de the inlet i8 ~l-geant (Doctor) LuC1', a pier of logs was 1 .1 ' fairly ca:Iiil, but b)" late aftel'nOOn:built on the bank of the river that ter- huge miteca.!,>s lash frenzie~ ~~:tm1Dates the north runway of the Ja~ the rocks and over the I&1lclbar1di1oh:"land1I1g field and which is some ha"-lf guard the narrow channel. Even the fishmile in from. the sea. Native labor was keep a safe distance from the ~lt.Mused chien)" in the actual constru.c.tion, tons of water. .A n< l the CECELIA . ... 'Just

    the principal tools being axes and me.- two hours late to Catch the D I01 '11 1D & . ,chetes. This forty b)" B1xty foot 'pier tide. . ' .. ;"'", .w e ... 8.....8et ~ a. la Engineer.s' Field Manual Captain Tillery: and other 8&1\5..~ . : . " '1 f O . '. '. ' . . . .rkw1tOjungle timber and. when finished ers ashore remembering what bad.' .n-w a s strong enoUh to support a freight eO. to the ~-lO .gathered on the b . .':tocar. The logs for theflooriI1g were watch, and at ~:30 p.m.. the little~~:"hewed flat, and in accomplishing this la1Ulch with the barge snubbedclo8e'r~-fea't the native cont~ent showed a con.- hind, pcinted her nole in the brea 1 c e t.. . ;fi.fide~Oe in the handling of axes that was At the first one she hit. the sixtY;;.tOnblood-ehill1ng to observe. .' barge came alive. The tiny CECEIiU'~""J

    "How wide to cut?" asked one, and when most disappeared into the trough O f ~eSergeant Luc)" answered "as wide as your wave, and the barge, poised on its:crlist,foot

    i"the dUs]q Indian placed his bare leaned backward and lUnged like a de.~..'l1

    pede. extremity on a l~ and proceeded struck tarpon. As the line snapped",to hack away the wood to i t8 exact width. taut its huge bulk plowed' forward' andl--f his toes had had whiskers they would the ~ECELU was. forced to Ml ,thro~~1eI.1avebeen shaved as closely as with a . to avoid being ram:ned. For a b(\tc:::t1(S',cfreshly stropped razor. . five minutes a dramatic dnel ft8. tQ~t

    , ~!heP-10. crash boat!. accompanied by between scow and launch, the bai'ge~ft1st~"'!l.O Navy ljCHUMMttowing the 1lJg f1rst si.ds-wqs, then plUDg.11~....11.d-Ju'II\V's sixty-ton barge, 81T1ved off- on, and stlapping the stern of tbeOJQ1i;LUshore at Jaque. However. the SCHtnA4 about until), ts sldpperwa.s hard.wt'to..proved to have too much draft to negot1- avoid being rammed and ~ec1. -: Th. ,..:ate the shallow river mouth channel, and little craft wallowed d.11DN 1nthe'~l-

    1.t.. was. not feas. ible for the light P-IO lers ....shipping wat.e.r over. DCOth.... ~ .........~..; . b u .to tow the barge close-hauled thro'llgh fin~4r slid into the emooth flo '.c .. :the hea:v7 surf. AccordilJgly. the P.:..IO r1 ver With the heavy load and'. "':.,came aBhore alone, took aboard one end her aoor bits were pUlled. fr'c:uzL. ",~/:of, a 3500-foot li.n.el.and attempted t.o strain and t1).erudd~. cableJ': ." "1fi1....haul this end back ~ the barge. lJb.e.. a.ged to tie u;p at the. . ..'" pi,


    plenwa. tor tG.':P-~O. t.o pull the 'baree The 19ad1z.!Cof ~~"MJ.. ' ' .i 9 'l li iM ' ~ ' . ~ "at the eucl of theloItC lfu in eucb : a part ..... aceODpU . . . . . tbat'J1gli - 010

    . -12- " '-7779, A. C.

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    , .s.". : ..~

    New.Officer' fOt the Air O}ae(Continae! rr6m Page 1 1



    :rrt~~: ~!tI.~~ ~ ~ ~ $ . " 1 Q e d to~~~" . ~ . . o ; .~~~. ' : r..r. =:'.., a : . : ' : T . .b.=' . d T a r d . and DQW:ba.8 .co~leted flvemoreyear,..: . o t '

    ... ;',,e :.~at'g.lco.l~liI.~,S;AitJi'wDentland rvice. aa an ~nstructor... He bas b.~n'l'ther u-.ble:.partl.ere :~d. and' at Ollie! of the Attack Section since Octo-'~lIe"end ot';tOUl", hour. th.. load wal .lath-ber, 1931.' . '.< .

    ......tld 4.0.'IU l.' andrea~..Jlar. 17 the :p,aptaln Jamison was first aS8igne4to..'~'Yr. Libonati 1lft1Dg'theCEC:m.IA.' th. 43rd School squadron, with whtehhe

    '~Jht()ugh:,t1) calm palsage and reached Hr,Ved for one year. In October, l~"':8&1bo'a:tw o 'dqa later with 'the cargo..1n- he' ....s placed on detached service .....~et .,.. .', Roclarell J'ield, Ooronado, C'a111\, for' ..: . . . . .F : ' c i t .a:lve.!e operation's in such a. local. the purpose of conduct1ngtests' Oll-J'l&-~~~agteatdeal of prior planning had v1gation instruments tQ De used in navi-

    .ll)::~:emacle.. Mento supervl.e the bu1ld- gat10n training. Upon.the comple-t1,on..of, '..:~';o.f, the pier, di~tlil)l; the a1r- theBe"teste,he was placed on tempo~

    :p1'aneSt eng8;i~ of nat'ivalabor. and duty at La.r.l&leyField, Va" for a pw-io.d.'.ecuring mate,rials", had to be sent to of three montheto help organize and 'JMue,two weeks bel..orethe arrival of conduct a schooi in AdvancedNavigat.ion

    . the. boat, and thete menhad to be k~pt Training. After,.organizing and: eon4 ae an 1nlltructor fo~ four aes1gnment'.... Com>aJ>dan t of ;he Al.r Corps

    ,.,~,.h~'~92a he transferred to Tactical School, ~ell Field. ~ 1.. ,:16ere ',b,eeerveduntil June,1930. a.e1ped to the commandof tbe 23rd J3ri--'1./,) t';, s : ; c.:;'.' -, ....~a4. inille Ph1l1pp1n:eDepartment.

    ~.,,!::~,:;.. -13- V-7779, A.C.

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    The crash of a BT-9 airplane on .~. mO.#ngof June 7th, one-half mile llOutheast. of' -vation Seotion of the Air Corps A d 'V S O D C e d nyi:ngSChool. Kelly Field,T.zas ..... re kUled instant-ly in an aircraft .accident which occurred about

    10; 30 a.m. Thurs~, ~26th, some two .m U e 8west of Leon Spri:ngs Station .. Texas. Cad.tSbamou .. pilot and Cadet Brown. observe;r. inthe (). .25 airpla:oe in which they engaged ina 1'Outim student recoxmaisB8ZlCemission look-1M over the area in which. their section w aseo1iedulEtd. to cooperate with grown amlS thatDight. AooordiDg to witnesses of the crash,the inVlhichthey were flyi:ng ~aredto be having e:ngine trouble when it went 1nto aspin and orashed. Both occup.ents O.f.the planewere dead when reached by witnesses. and thebodies were reIIX>vedto the Fort Sam HoustonStation Hospital in a Cezq:,StaDley ambu1anoe.T h e ai~::a wa s Comple.tetely d 8 llX ) .. lished.

    Both nam Brown repe;ted at KellyField fran the Primary Flyi!2g School on Febru-ary23. 1938. and would have graduated fran theA4~d Flying School on Jlm8 16, 1938.

    Cadet Shannon wa s born on October 9.. 1913. atParaoDS, Kansas. where. he resided when he re-c.ived his appointment as a Flying Cadet. Hegraduated from Parsons Junior College in 1933,and attended the Universi ty of Minnesota fran1935 to 1937. His father, Mr. G.A. Sba:rmon.isalso a resid~nt of Parsons. Cadet Sbazmonhelda comnission as secoIld lieutexant in the Medi-cal Administrative Beserve.

    Cadet Brownw as born on .August 29. 1913. at

    North Platte. Nebraska. end reslcfent ofBrady. Nebra~ . when he received his appoint-ment as a Flying Cadet. He graduated fromNeb:raska State College in 1936 with a degree ofBachelor of Science in MeohanioeJ. Engi%l8eri:ng.l IZ 1d held a comnission as a second lieutenant inthe'Infantry Reserve. Both of CBdetBrown' s~. :bs are deceased. and his brother. Mr.JiUold L. Brown, of Brady. Nebraska. is hisO % 2 1 y survivor.

    , . J . Board of Officers met to investigate aDddetezmlne. if possible. the ezact cause of the Flyi!2g Cadet Coneby wa s born at Indie.Il8pQl,.()l'ash which deprived the Air Corps and the A mv I Ildiana. March 21. 1913. After' grad;;1gof two very promising young pilots. from high school in WashiDgton, D. C. .h~7~

    DoUble funeral services were held for these teneted the University of l4a.ryleD4 fort;,o>~'cadets at the Funeral :Parlors. San years and the George WashJ.ngtonLaw$ch061 "torAntonio. at 1:30 p.m.. on May27th. Lieut. Col. two years. For over a year. tJ 'am JtiIl;l.9.$,.Ednx>ndJ. Griffin. chaplain of Kelly Field, of- to October. 1935. he~~loyed in:th$'::';~'~'ficiated at the services. which were attended Office of the Hcme OWnersLOan Q)iopO$t~;." by the Commndant. members of his staff a:ad WashiDgton. D. C.. as ge%l8ra.lassistant. -t()'~school faculty. as well as the Flying Cadet De- Senior Administrative Assbtant. He was' 'taohmentend other personnel of the post. The appointed a Flying Cadet in the 4ir Co~s ~remins of Cadet Brown. under escort of Flying entered the October 15 . . 1937. olass a . ~ '': i i 4 ! { 'h " : 'Cadet William F. Stnart. were sent to North PriDary Flying School. Bendolph Fie1~ T~Platte. Neb.; while the r8U8ins of Cadet He -.s Zl8a.ring the COIq)letion of his ei'Jt'tif,".~Sbazmon, escorted by Flying Cadet Earle L. 1IX)nths' course at this school at the t~OfHcn-mel1.were sent to :Parsons, ltanIJu, on the the fatal accident. ' '_ "Jmorning of May 28th. for interment. _____, ,: i~

    , . ----- second Lieut. Joseph C. Marc;)" 1.i1' '~'

    Funeral services _re held at the He:oaVUl stationed a~ J4arch n.eld. C&lU:.: l'Osf,~~.t.~a1P~. lors. San J.:Qtonio.,Te:zas. a. : t 1=30 life on ~ 9th ... the A-lfA ai1jJ.~~p.m. ..~ aJ,st . o J : ' the late J'1yiDg' Cedet ri Z lC h . was pUott. Ol 'aShed . . t9f40i J ~ . ' .tNit i f~~;hum Brister. Jr Air Co., who lost b1s,l1fe miles south8u.t of lt~,~ Calif. "9ls (~-

    " , i . " ' , " ,-I4.. ;",:';.,J.~,'O '" :,V-11?9"A..c.

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  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


    ."'" .....,nth J ' a d c ( ~ _ . ,uas u4W l ~ " " dut;r.;:a ~.dVri-..~'.." ..~;);".. '. C w . 1 . '. . .' In\he t;t'ter ... t,011931' . ' ti ..4t:dl:r in the~UP'P t Ib e I l i t , he~ as 'Amemen1rOffl06~'ot the 3ri ?ursuit8lluabon at Cler1c:F1e14, JI. I. .

    ~ the coapletion of his tour. of foreign.emce, Lleut.Ives ... tJ'8DSferred toCb8uut.fteld~ 1lantoul, -m. ,where he ~l'ted on lIejy14, b36. Rerehe CCIlpleted. the. B lI! I lJ D lIA the Air' ~8 Tecbn10al Scbool'withhigh homr.. He Ii-UeC1 on duty at the Teob.-Ideal School, and in 1.bruar,y, 1938, ... vans-t_rea 1lo D im v'e.r , Colo., wheu the A.muant 8Dd:PhdtoF~c D epe.rtm em t. of this School ... re1IVWt to Lowry'field, Denver, Colo

    . Lleut.Ivas made a've:ry cla .. Bt~ of thesub~eot of aircraft &1III81I81t.J-. contributed.mral highl;r interesting ~ valuab],e ar.-Ucle. on that subject for ,ub11cation intheAi.. Corps Netrs Letter.

    ---.-Born in Torcnto,Censda,Sept-.r 6,.1909,

    a o aLieut. Thomas 1. Laag'bc ~ an American

    cUbea. attended gftzmar ecbool .nhigh .eC bO o1 'at Gelveston, Tezas, _ in1929 gradu-aWfrom the Virg1JSla 1I11itu,y Institute withaB. S. ~e in 01vii enstDMriUS. Prior tohJs qpolntment as a ll;ylngCa4et in the AirC O ~ , ~ lraS eDgagecl in the su:rveyizlg p:rofee-.1on., Atter eotql1etiDg a 1861' of tlyiD8~ra1n-iD s 'at the. .Air C01'psTft1DlDf Cent .. w'8'nd-_iblDg bOld the Advanced J '1~Ds School, 'Whereh. SPeolall.zed .1:11.Bouktdme.Xlt j; . :ri&tiO:l1, h.e w asCCIIIDiss1oDoedO A 'ebru8.17 24, 1933. as a secondlieutenant in the .Air Reserve .drated an".bpl8Z)8Jtilot. II .A.881~ to ~ed aotiveaut)', he served with 'th4il roth. ~t

    Sauad=n atLangle;y J'ield, Va." to October 10,1934, 'Im! with the 8th, .Attack Sq~n at :PortCftckett, ~veston, Tuaa, to Februa.:y 18,1936. Successful b his enmh:aatton for a com-mI. ion "!nthe RegUlar.!z:rrJ{f, he was. appo1nted aseccm4 lieutenant in the Air Col 'p8 oa~J u 1 .7 . 15,1935, Uld. was assigned to dut7 at Vltahe1",...~d,Jt.Y., where he, "S U 'baeg ,U IN ; l t1 .1 qUli1ifiea. ' as,,' .~14~rin ,the G H Q Air Force.

    '.Ncj'98mber, 1937, Lieut. Lengben w as ..'1Io4. as a student to p-u : rBue the oourse ofintt~'tlOQ,. in.Ai.rc:raft~t at the .Air.Co~,.tdm1o&l. Sobool at Chlmute neld, Ul.With blle tftnSfer of the ~t D~t of tl1i.s School to Denver; Colo.. his station waa~.d t o t h a t 0 1 t 7 .

    Ste.ff. Sergeant Edwuod 1. Munh,A11" 001'ps, a_tl'9'. of Princeton, WlS

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    '" ;' ~ L D n : :. r u n e ? lJ1 . .~ f> s.. q J ~OJ7 Co tI :I ." t~ M ~"~ iG wn . IU~.' ...."."..-/J~~~",:S5"~ ,~ . ~,~ ..f tbts ..., '.' .' . rt, '!IiDOe! F1y1~ oourse at lte11y 1'1814. q(l re- f L W yc :m 5 .u g. ' l~.r . i ; . '.. ,f~.'..' a..~e rating etA.1rp1ene Pilot on. October Fl'fmO s.. w a :r r o r , 'm wed. 7 " , )936_ Assi t of taln "'lB:n'otd4. Tcr.mer. of

    Gl;:',~1IL10rB1'01m w as n.m asalgnedto duty .at itohern~d. N. " for' duty as .tudent b th(. r. ~.~ield. end was 8u'btlequ.mt1;ytrensferred 1938-1939 COUl'se at the .Air Corp. Taot1ca1

    ~;~:~~':li1s.last statiOIl. )Ioffet.t Field. Cellf. Sohool~ JIaxwell F1eld. Ala.

    ~lJ:':';.t;;~"'b~rps 8XJ?~;;;slt. deep ~thy to .' Retl1't1D1nt,:u~1 ~er.-,ed familhs B .D d trlezds of the de- ' Master Sergeent C1~8DOe. Baird, Hqrs. and


    rC o :tp ." , a n d . . enlisted..

    m e nw ho Rqrs. SqUB4ron.. .2Q d Wing, G B Q Air Foroe. Langl,

    ~~icY'ii1',~e service othe1rcoUlltry'. Field, V~, JUDe 30. 1938.

    . -...~oOo-- -1 " V-7119, .,0.r _ ; ~ ; S i' . . 1 < : !*~.'-~~,',

    ') 10 .. ~ r -;':., , ,

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    4. . A . oontract aw~d to "'the Pltt.~.h Corporation, Hamilton Standard Prop~lerScrew & B o : J . t 02.rp..or$1i,1o.n, f..ltt'bm"i.'~.'.'.'.'.. ''Ot:l>,~.'.''e..1.r"b~.,.".a a , t a . , . m.'.nt'ot'.GOvernorA"8.1 i81Db . ' 11~" '....~i!p:r...'.O J......~1.ureQW.1'fed:tor . et"1mentat '~I.'.. control. " ,....'. "ntractaward ~o '!'he Corbitt ooa- Corpora~lon \~lton Standard Prop~l-' ; 1 16

    '"'Renderson, N.C.. in the sumof lers Divis1qn , Eallt Hartford. Conn inJ .: i 90 .11 COVI"1ng the chase of 5 the sumcrt:ji6 840.00 , covering the pur-. ". :"e~tl'actors fmotor) , ~ F-l futl :\ chase of propeller a.s8IJIblie8. toollLand

    ~'''I'''1.c1ng truck, ,4 truck-tractors. \motor/ data, reaUired for installation ln 26f'Or tyPe C-2 wreoking t~ and 4sem1- Observation-.Am;phiblanairplanes, 'Model

    I~'t1':aU;~sfor type 0-2 wre ng truck. OA-9.

    . : .11., Contract awarfl toSt&ndard Steel 24.' Contract award to Curtiss-Wrlgl:1t':"::'Ic\)rks... North Kansas City, Mo 1n the Corporation, CurtiSI! Propeller Diyl.ion!.,j"."'OI'$9~.l977 .5O,for. ten semi-tl'a1ler Buffalo, N.ewY.ork, in the BU m of ~72.96~t

    ':~8 (4, capaclty) for fuel coveriIlgthe purchase of controllable_.'~i"88r.'V!icingtruck. propeller assemblles, constant Eneed con-

    :>12" . COntract award to the Gar WoodIn- ~rols, coclg>it contro18, and serVicing..~strle.f' In.c.!. Detroitl Mich., in the tOOls.and .data, to be used as equ1:Pme.nt8'Wii..of ' 3. 044 t:>5,cover ng the P'U1.:chase .for Y4-l and Ynt-U a1rp~anes ..0 5 dO11e8 (traller converter) for 25. Contract award to the Eclipse AVia-

    fuel servioing truck. t10n Corporation, Ea,t Orange N.J., in13. 'Contract award to the Fruehauf the total amount of ~66,780.06. covering

    Trailer Co~~ Detroit. Mich., in the the purchase of additional type C-20 and.[i su m of $2 264.0u. covering the add1tional type C-21 starter assemblies

    .of 4 dollIes (trailer converter)for type required for 0-39, Y.1-19, and 04-9. &11' - ,0..2wrecking truck., planes nowunder const:ruct1on, and tor

    'ts 14...Contract award to Covered Wag9n repair of Model B-l8.A.airplanes now inComp~, Miunt Clemens, Mich., in the service. 'arilGUntof 68,425.00,covering the pur- 26. Contract award to Pltt.bur. Screw of ? portable photographic laOO- &Bolt CO~orat1on, ~ in:~.i.,:r.atories ('1'7PeA-U) \Trailer). the sumot $50 700.00. coveri~ the pur-

    '.'::1.6. Contract award to 'SunCOOk M1lls, chase ot propeller blades and ~tai. 1'e-,'u-:fwiaook N.H., in the amount of qu1red in the fabricat10n otprope lar

    $116,777.25, for the purchase of mer- assemblies to be installed in Y:D14-1and- "''CRized cotton airplane fabric required YFM-lA..airplanes, nowunder const'.tact1on

    ~()r:ma.intena.nceand repa1r. . by the, Bell Aircraft Oorporation.:.':.16,. Contract nud to Rohmand Haas - _. Cqmpa.ny,Philadelphia. Pa., in the In maklng the announcement of these

    :>l:.:tmrnmtot $55,154.80, covering the pur- awards, the Acting Secretary explainedG ! of five items of plastic sheet that the plaoin& ot theee contre.cts, es-sa.' ~4U.3:rent, A.c171ate base), required 'pecial17 ot the add!tional 91 Bombari.-

    8 ot'.t. tenance and repair of airplanes ment end of the 7 new tlPe Attack: P1an.. es,."IIA the lenice. . marks the ou1m1nationo? a 'lear ot inten-

    " ~7. Contract award to Unlted .1ircraft lified .tfort toward the reach1n of the.oJ. , -1 - V-7779 . A . . C.

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    CJ.1J~.cU... let. bl_Rl.'~ ..'.'.'.'.'..'--. 4.~eh.*toPl'o~e 2320 IIO~ firtt 11h.aircratt by JulY 1, 1940.

    It is interestUC. to note 1tbat inthe eal YeN"endiDg June 30, 1 9 3 8 , een-tn.ets were p 1a ce C l for 588 airplane. at, total g~,t of a.P.Prox1mate~: j i29.000 ,OQO.00, dlvided a8 follow8:

    Pur IIl1 t........... 236Bombardment.. 1 1 8

    A t t a Ck . . . . . . . . . .. 3 5Obervation. . . . . .. 33Pr1mary Trainers . 20Car~~ . . . . . 51Bas c Combat.... ~

    Thee~ contracts were d.lv1ded among, tenaircrett manufacturers and were in themain awarded as a result of the competi-tive bidd1JJg qatemutilized b.y.the Air'CO~.. Da.rll'l&the ,ear contracts were

    ,. '. , I t . k 8 . . . . ,wile awar~d,..for 732 aer2Da.u.tical.fAlu.e at a to.l value of : j iG,OOO 000.

    "'_ .. iDe contract. were placed W 1 th: . I ! , : : . . .uJ>ODaUt!oal el'l&inemanufacturing'. . . .

    " nment furnished equipment pur-chued during the 18t1r, consisting of~o. armament, instruments and other~tical applianeee forinstalJ.e,t1on.~,~lanes pUrchased. amounted to ap-~~te17 $",500,000.

    ,;~1TZ1~ th, results of the contractstb~1 totaling ,42.500,00.00 in 1938,Colonel Johnson states: "These ships,purchased this year, type for type, 'are

    .' ,"

    t I 1 , ' . e . . . . ~.'.','l.,...i . f . , ' ,. _ . '', . t,h.'......,''.'.,,,,......'''' ,.,01..'..',,"u.tDe,'in 8 f r 'm ' t O,.:~ WOr1&',;'-,cl~qel"'b .. thefact tha*",:tbe ,UniteaSkt .. , not lacgingbeMn4 othernations in aercmautical development. but'Onthe other hand has assumed and willmaintain i t.pod tion in, tbe Jorefrontof av1ation.~ , ,


    A IR C O R P S Sm O N D L IE U T IN '.A m 'S P R O I4 O T J I)

    The following-namedeecond lie~tenantsof the Air Corps were promoted to therank of first lieutenant, ae of J,;m"3 0, 1 9 38 :

    B A r W. Clifton Lawrence S.FUlwider=~~~.Ljo:~:n f:::!i B : , ~,jJ_"'1n~. Stal~' if1! ,O,";;; ." '11Noel F. Pan-tab ' '._.,Jr.Dolf, lit Muehleiaen C.. , L.' WoodCarl Swyter' ~ ee B .., Ba:rv1nRichard C. 'eller George.H


    Edward M. Gavin Bob Arno dRobert E. Jarmon 3urton W..A.rmstroJJg,JB a r : r r Crutcher,Jr. Mel K.StepbenlCi)n.Jr.Jack.M. Malone liN"old L. NeelyFrank N. }foyers " 'o k l O . n S. ll1chollEdward~, Allee. J..-r..;,B. " 1 ! lHarry N. Renaha.w RHB'M.,L..' GronJoeeph :B . Stanley ...'.. . '.:~'" Jr.Clarenoe M.Sartal'f .', ourlVJames H. Price'v; . 81 E HookeJoseph C. Moore 'Ra1mond F . Todd


  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


    .J : r o v~_",c-, .. ~.",.",_,

    ~ : f ' ; " : ' , .a '!

    .s ,

    ~" :'~JI ',0'",:"

    , 1,'

    " >- ,

    \( . . " )

    -; {


    : . , ~} . : : . " #'''~-'.

    1 -" . .'

    ' . , - ~. . . . ","I . : . - '< . : : : . . . ; : "

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


    J u J ' 15. ' , :L 93 S:

    GOR)S NIW$g.,!

    , The ch1et ~HOf. this publ1catlon S8. to .Ultri-Wte iDforma.' t10n 'on' aero..naut1cI to tbe :Cl.l'iDC personnel 1n the RegUlar .A:rtq. Rei_rYe Corps. NationalGuard. and others connected w1th aviation. "

    # -~~~~

    ~ 1ilN 'C Y F U )'U '1 'IO N lO B W D .A .lR P W lllS:81 the Materiel Division Correspondent

    The des1rabillt1' of prov1d~ a means valves which could be operated eithercf keep1ng .. land a,1n)lane afloat in manual17 'or automaticallY. together withCalfSof a forced l and1Z16 on _t,r,., , a bag release opera.ted by C 02 presswe.early recognized. The lIlDgineer~ Dlvi- were developed. .A n experimental gea;rsion, .All' servioe! worked 0 1 '.\ this prob.. was purchased and installed on a survey-lsm at M cCo ok Fie dfollow1ng the World edO-17 airplane which was rolledin_oW a r . ~ first e~ertment. were conduct- H u f f m a n Lake near Patterson Field toed on a m.. airplane fitted with an check the automatic valves, time (If In-emergen~ tlotatlon C8&l' consietiDg of flat1on. and other characteristics.' Th1sinflitablt ru,'bberbM;s mountedunder, the type of flotation eau1~ent was install ..W111gB and air' bQ&81ii the tail. Wing ed on practical1 all airplanes inpontoons were installed near the wing foreign. service. 'tips and qch'ovane8 in front of the land '!'he maintenanoe c08t of this typeo!lng gear. '!he latter prevented nodD, e~pment ran high dne to funct10nal

    'over and ~Qrted th, we1e:htof the a1r tests required perlod1callYtoinsu:re l,t-plane 1n ~Cl1Dg until autl'iclen.t8P8ed beiM in workiDgorder. 'l'he rubber' flo-,had been lost to revent the bags from tation b~ dete~io~ated ra:>idl.v.~.....;,ae abeing torn off vane on the tail ikid reSUl.,t orbeing fOlded In tl1e~W1U690n-w as used to hoid the tail d own . The tainers. In one case accidental. releasetests ind1catedl howevert. that the l;wdro of 00 2 inflated the bags in the 8.11'\andvane infront ox the lancu138cear did caused the ,loss of the airplane. ' r-not ride the eurface of the nterand !'he advent of plYwood-covered~s',the tail skid vane did not- elJ&agethe and of ~ll... tal rings suggested *ewater durbg lsacUDg. There was no ten- possibility of using watert1ght. coll,Part..denq- to DOseover. ' ment, in the ~s. tail surl'ace , or

    There was n o fUrther development of fv.selagelJ for the desired flotation. Preemergencyflotation gear by the .Air l1m1~ studies ind~cated that theCorps until about the yeu 1930. At watertight compa1"tmentscould ,be builtthat time the 0-2B airplanes were into the wings and other unit, of the'equ1l'J)edwith emergencyflotation equip- airplene with less weight berease thanment Whichhad been developed by tlle by using gas-inflated oage. ,Navy. The Naval gear conslstedof flo- .A.ccor!ingq. tentative requirements'tat10n bag. foldea into a quick-opening were Bet up and the Glenn L. ' Mart1i1.00m-container installed inaide the upper pa.JJYwas contacted regarding the. poed-~ and a eyUncler of liquid oa.rboD. bill ty of incorporating watertight f1o-dioXide fitted with & release valve. '1'he tation in at least some of the :8-1001"gear wae operated by manual relea.s, B-l2 airplanes then under construotion. '

    cUscharPDC the carbon dioxide into the The stug.O~~~is prob~emindicated thatwet.. W b . 1 c h in turn released. and in- the bu1lt-~:,110'tatlon' could be install-flate4 the. flotation bage.' Since the ~edwith a .~~, increase. of app.rox1maM.'bees were oarried inside the wlags and 50 pounds pel" airplane. a. co~edtU8e;1.8g~L~er. was pract1calJ no drag the. probable wel~t of .105 to 1lq011 the auoplane. pounds for the CO 2 ' 8Q;1;lpment.Built-in

    An Air OOrpl policy requiring emercen.- flotation wa.a inchded 1n the :8-i2A air ..tqflotation onal1 airpranea required planss. ..'1 ;0 fly over water became effective in., To~ all t1Pel of Air Corps oombat1932~ Specificationa were prepar..ed.. ail' except single-plaCe Pursu1t.'bued on the Navy r.~ementl. The.. and, basic combat a1~1aner' are required

    \[email protected]. 1required to operate auto... to have, & memsof fiotat on when :forcediIIlhlcalq upon lanU~ in the water. A c lown on wa~. , .manual relea.e ._a provlcled for ftm8l"gen.- :Bul1t4a flotation in acoordanoe withar Oone1clerable.e;per1men.tal .... U.S . ~. 'SPecitl.C6t10n 402.33 .18be.1 l1 C .~.-.rr. t.o .stab ..1 .! ib th.e,rat1o ..ot.tb,e 1tlOOrpo... ratea lIS allJ.1r 0 0 .rP. a J . rp . l . anu...C1ible&11d . of the b@ c eonta1nerl m "except .. :QOted above. ~sllPeolf1ca';'~UOa to the 'bee 11.... J.utOlllll..tlc" UO X1 l 'equ11 "ec l that flotat10A. bl .provided

    - .. V-7791, .A . C-

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938



    with 35 percent exces.~~ 1n thetorm of watertight c~tiIlil1t8 1J 1 thew1DI:s, tall surfaces or fuse~e; andthat a~quate vents 1>eprovided to pre-venta d1fferential presBUrein excessof 12 pounds per square foot in either aclimb or a dive from service ceiling.Provi dolls for using a bilge pumparealso required in order to overcome leak-

    age whiChmight develop from age orstresees in landing.The ~ecification also re~u1res that

    the compartments be watertiint and c a-pable of holding a test water or airpressure for one hour without signs ofleaks. Da.eto the tIPe of structureused in wings, considerable difficultywas eJl;Periencedby Ur Corps contractors1nmeetingthis requirement. In orderto Overcomethis, fest specimens in theformot a .ection of a two-~ wing were fabricated from heat-treated alloy,ul1Dg lea ling compoundsin the Beamslfor teat by the All.' Corps Materiel D vi-

    Bion.. '.the results of these tests indi-cat.,~t flotation compartments can bemade_tertight, provided the structureis a4*P~leto being sealed wi. thtape1D IPl"M Dated wi th sealirlg cOmpQund.. It' .ls 'being found practicaJ.q 1m pos.-libls 10 to locate bUilt-in c~artmentstbatthe airplane will float horizontal-1 7 . imd.r.1I:h.t side U P.& .. eeP 8ciall.Y in. the.-ller airplanes. 'J;n.ewatertiht com.-partments ~e in the wings and ~e, con-centrationof weight due to 1nstallationot the s1181nesand other equipment for-ward of the wings produces a tendencyfo%'the nose to submerge. Th1s can .uw".

    al~De corrected by 8b1fti~ the crewattWb.en the a1rple.Ue i8afloat. !.fterthe c%'ew1s remqved the tendency to D.osed O w n 18 not so important, since the air-plane can be salvaged inthis attitudesati.tactor1ly.

    Inrecent year. the Air Corps has hadV t ' 2 few la:riai~s in water with air-p~es equipped with built-in flotatio~bUt 1t1l&s proved sat18facto1'7 in thesefew 1nstances.

    -~ .o O o ---

    to be. coat1nued it time permits '. ."Our cooperative mission rith .t~

    'A., ' 15th COastArtillery, ot ) . 0 '5.tllLFgetator 16..inch gtl.Q.8 at.loJlg;". '."is progressi~ nicely,". report.'.sLetter Correspondent, and he adds: 11~.defin1 te proced1ire"has been worked ~~,and is nowbeing pe:rfected." ,,'

    -- -o Oo -~..

    A W E A T H E R M A N O F M A N Y DEGREES ...

    The promotion of captain Randolph(,p;.\Williams, weather otf1cer of the lJ.eti~alHead~ters .All.' Force at Langley 'l.e....~,Va., to the rank of MaJor was recel):1;~,:announoed. " .'." ,:';

    Under the newly in8talledSYlt'_ ..~, .'.A1rCorpl hasi ts ownweathe~ 9b~." ii..It ls. the job of MaJor W1111ame,~.. ...,.!. M.., . , L : i .that the six air bases of the G"~~,~~JOHeadquarters Air Force in Lou1.i~,California, Virginia . NewYork..d': ,.."iMichigan are supplied with theptop~;~):}

    weather information and ~tit:l~~~~rrjperly dissem1lU1otedat these bases. '.; , i ,J,.i :'Major Williams possesses tour aerQ~ e tC :

    nautical ratings, .thole of Airplane r If!&h I of fJoain,iM,1l~- wal 01 1 ilutl'r,a_. !' ~.,.tions 440 ; tra1ning in bomoillC&1ao tion' olth. 0111ett.' Ottice.

    - 2 - V - 7 7 9 1 , A . . C .

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938




    1JfIa.',~w1nc-named AirCorpa officersreceived promotion t o the pe~entraDkindicated, effective Ju~ l~ 1938~ ,

    Brigadier Generale Delo.v. IDIDonaand.Arnold N. Krogstad, Wing Commanders,andholding the permanent rink ofLieut~~Co10nel, ~o Colonel . '.'

    Ruti~8,,~tr::~~fr='~ ~c~~;~"Aaron E. Jones and Robin A. Ila, toMajor.

    ---o O o --~


    Advice received from the CommandingOfficer of the .A.1rCorpa Detachment,Mu.nicipalA1rport, Atlanta, Ga is tothe effect that duzoingthe fiscal Tear19,38, with a detailed emer~:~. crew oftwo enlisted men... except t. whentraffic was in flights ot more than twoairplanes the hangar crew _I calledout to assist ... tne following transientaircraft traffic was handled at thatItation: '

    Total airplanes handled thro~ut. the r -fiscal year numbered 2,051. 01 thiltotal, 1,356 were A.riJry aircraft and 695were aircraft of the U. S.Navy. '.l'heae

    figutel do not include airplanes usedby Reservs officers on inactive ltameand on 14-dIq active duty periods.

    --000 ..--

    were a.t tached to the 4th Piatoon of the10th Ordnance Service OO ~ ' I f l :P .ch ,~ stationed at March Field. - The tr_~was conducted b;ypersonnel of the; ;.,Pla toon, which 1s commandedby c&tialA,Philip Schwartl, Ordnance Departm8nti ..'Technical Sergeant W:l.1l1am Stelnbacltofthe 4th Platoon aceo~ied the off1c'dUriDg all of thelr instruction p81'1~_.

    It 1s underatoC)d ."being made to have :Reserve ofticerlofother branches beeidel Ordnanoe aS8~to the GHq Air Force

    t'rhe succe8sful ....

    aseignmen1;and of Ordnanceofficers has showntbat s1m1laraa~ ..mentl of officers of otherbranchel areboth pra.cticable and desirable.


    ,fl' \,. ... ~ , ,,",

    . . t I i" " '~ ,: J'

    , ,1 ' . Jn 'de i ! the direction of the Comr.oand1J;IC.:U~e.,r"l. .Of. t h , ' . e General Headquartel'S,'TOree,. there has been organlzed an Ord-

    nanQeService which is respusibleforf~n1eblDg bombs, pyrotechnics!. machine

    ~ aumunl tion,' ana. g'UpS of al ldnds toall organizations of the GHQ.Air Force.Due to shortage of per sonneIki tB..,:peacetime strength is approximate 2 0 1 > ofit. 8 .propoled war time s.tre~a. .Acoord-

    ,iJ?i1Y,authorization to ass'&n 25 Ord-'~ce Reserve Officers to t h e OrdnanceS~'v1ce of the GHO. .Air Force _s grantedearli this year. "The duV of obtaining~.~'.' these officere wal aSligned~: ch 11eld. ',Wit n two months atter the authoriza-

    , . . . ~ t .C J ~ ' . the full quota .of Ordnance Reserve, o'itt'earl bad been transferred to the GHQ

    Air Force' and aSligned to March Fieldfor.~r8JJ1i11g..A.ll of theee officerl nowre.,l:~e,ln Southern O&l~fornia, and forthis rea.on it waa Possible to a8'~all of them. to MarchField for training.On Jj(;,idlq thetr aBBigpmentBwill be IPreado~t ,8.'r'all of the bales of the GHQAirF6J!ce.

    to~c:~t~e~; ~~:l~:~tw:n:e~;to~~veduty training at March Field:

    1.t .Lieut. F . E . Whittenburg'2bdLieut. R.G. Goodall2rid Lieut. M. Hicks2nd' Lieut .4.. CurtislnJtme of this year, the followlJ3g

    fourll4d1 tiona1 officers received two'

    weekI' active d:u.tytraining at March'ield:, lIt Lieut. H.J. Galbraith.

    list:L1eu.t. K. J. Soderberglet Lieut. D . E . Willett a.1 :. . . .~,Ueut. G. S. JohnaonThe' training of theae officers _s 10'

    ur~ed .that they were able utually toasal.etin the pre~at1on of bombaandoth$l' ordnance e~pment wh11ethey wereat March F1e1d.'Th8;r accom.paniedthe17th Attack organization.a in aomeoftheir tactical trainiJ3g msdona; theyobaerved the 19th ~mb8rdment Group per-sonnel recei v!ng tra1ning in bomb dropa'p~,.~ f~ing W i th them in Bombe:rdment

    aJ.rplai1e.. When 'bombsw ere b .e .inc dr.opped.Twc1,:~.nre sPent at Maroc as.iatUigin tb,e., preparation of bombsand inspeot-ing'..I1lhelmi"oc.bomb storage and targetfacl11tiel. 'l!he~observed the method Major George"~,,;.ar . ran. A.i.r C o . rpa, WB.8uled inthe destruction of dud and ex- given the t~." a.ppoutment of Lieut.plosJ.;ve,bombsat Muroc. N'aturally,thq Colonel, with'om July 1, 1938.allo experienced the },(Urocclimate both ...---.. .dIq' ad night. The general opinion of Effective August 11. 1938. Colonel '.'the. ot~lcerl who received this tra1JU.J3g Pere:r)E. Van Nostrand, Air c o rp . e (Ge.nera1.'wal .~ it_. the moat valuable Qd Staff , is re1.1eved as a ~DlOSt eaJ07ableperlodo.f act1,v.e d U t7 . bel' of the ~eral Staff Corps, trom as;'wb1c h ~tIatfJ';hadever.~erienc.ed..All ot.1gnment to the Jar ~tmeDt GeneftJ..thea ..... ""ous to h&veuo~er to'\U"l~t. _4'~l".:~~r d'U,Q'1Xt*e :ot:..of ."BN~9atr':\1Il~~e ....,..'.. ', "C () . ' . ~tion.. t~oe. of~~Old. ...'1'.t aWl.:~'.8k..~~."L.-, ~oa:;-.cllve,d'tltt.'~.~tI:#.cer. D.C., e :c a a881gned to Marchll..ela. o..l.~... V-771l. A. c.

    I , ' ~

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


    26THJ.T'1' .10K SQJJAmoN FLIES TO K A u A I:B y 1st Lieut. It W. Suarez; Air Oorps

    Thct Island of KaUl.1. the olde.t oftbeHawaiian Gro~ and some 90 miles west-ward from Oahu, was the settil18 for oneof the D1Os.tpleasant field exercises

    ever conducted by the 26th Attack Squad-ron.Greeted by clear ,.U1es and warm semi-

    trop1calsunehine, nine A-l2a.irplaneereQentll rose from Wheeler Field andh.4ed westward to crOBS ninety miles ofopen.ea .. At e,OOOfeet, the nine air-planes leveled off and proceeded to en-Joy '8. fl1ght which for glassy-smoothnessIs, seldomex,periex:t.ced by air~' ..p1anel~ A small ~eCk same 7,000 feetbelowr_~!-ve assurance to all that the .0.A.-8 ~iblan plane was on the Job: tolnsurea safe crossing.

    In the. Hawaiian Island Gro'\1P, each

    i.l8Xl.d h a s Bomecharacteristic of h1sto-rical or natural interest different tromtbeothers. (l!heaerial view of thea8isla.nda gives the impression of BUg$1"cane and pineapples. ~o realize thehidden beauty 01' these lsland., :1 t isnecelArY to go by automobile to the outof the.' f tV.Y spots. The 26th AttackSq'liad-ron exceedingly fortunate to see~i from the ground. .

    !he h'Uge Waimea Oanyon, made whenYadam Pele was rampant centuries ago,can be compared only to the Grand 0a.D10nof .Arizona. Th.egrandeur of this canyoncannot be described in writiXlg. Look1~do~ bundr.eds of teet, one8ees a small .stl'e8.m C6~8ing 1.ts way to the oaean;then,aa his gale wanders to the precip-itous .ddes, ~$ ouerves a blending ofall the colors of ~e spectrum. A slightmist &fforde a rainbow. Surely, thissight will long be remembered 1 > 1 person-nel witnessing ,it.

    !arldngSande is a stretch of beachwhtre, lome of the oldtimers say, thecr11X1chiJWeonnd of the' strides of bare-fo.$.d JI$.1"J '.1Q rs, lo~ dead . can still beheard When the weather condi tions areright for the warriors to roam.

    !he stone wall built by the 8enehuneB,lecenda,rybrownies. sprang up over niRht,eaCh.tone almost the 8ize o? a brownIe.

    ~ie:B~ i8 truly the garden sPot ofall Kaua.i. A cove sheltered bl highcliffs on two sidel, white sands, tropic-al vegetation a stream emptying intothe ocean, ali combine to form a prettypicture. ..One can easily' 1ma.I!:inebeingtran~lanted in oldHaw$l,ilrI th gaytdancing natives making the skies ringwith their cs:refreelaughter ..

    '!he McBryde Estate is now open to thepublio, ~8 enabli~ everYone to enjoya.scEmEtof b.~ty, which was. once ,the,

    privllege ofol!l~ afe.. 1'&11 tl"Gplcaltrees, b:r11l1.. ~:t.10.....rat.Ni71;oamtng.....,peacoCk., al1(~ ~..& raresight. '.. '.'


    During the s aU. personnal .er.e ~forded the opportun1. t7 of viewing.,tb~d;I81and of Ni1hau from the a11" .i'b~ff'::lsland, about twenty miles ,Off the;:~!'t

    of Kaua.1, is owned by the Robinson" . . : : . vbrothers. The' Robinsons and 150tu11-.blooded Hawaiians are .the Bole .1~Dtt ....ants of ~e island. It is one of. thefew remaining estates run on a feudalbasis.

    There are sections of White sandedbeach where one can find hundreo.e ofskulls and bones. It _s never'"def1nite-1y explained wl1etherthes8 aret;:,',&lleyards or old battlefields. On.. :~t~edpilot would like to believe ~i;t!ifXere old battlefield-e, for he .,~~..oii4li'..._. _ ~ } . . I "hibite 1n his office & 8k:u1l8lld~~~:";'bones as his trophy.. Eventho'U.di" ..~e

    skull is small enough, to be tijat'.6f awoman, let us ~, for his saketthatthe sands ere historic battlefields,,;

    And so when the 26th AttaCkS~Jlsaid "Aloha" to Kaua.i it wa.srlth t'1ii'::feeling that BODle~'it wouldagafn"'Dfits privilege to enJoy Ka.uai' B'garden,;-of rare beauty.. . , .,



    With greatly increased acti ..vtty:~.~):y-Hickam F18.ld, T.H. ,. more.and~~ ..I....' . ~ : . ! i. . ., - . -. .' : , :.partments of the 5Ul :Bombardtnent.:G;j .iare setting up offices there. In" ,d :4i t1 -tion. to the 23rd, 31st and 72nc1:\lomll-ment S~drons operatingthei~ J.~l~':a,_out of the new b.8.nars the 8quav:on'~1''1opera~ions. communIcations andmetedro~logical section are expected to Joln~~8Group Materiel Section in the new Op~-tiona :Bu11di.ngin the near future. fli.Group He&d~terB rema.ina atL'UkeF~e1d. sh1'ps\ weather reports as a ~ ~jo~~source ofiDformationon ve88el.~~~.vicinity-oftha Hawaiian lsland8:. 1l8:v1 . . .gatoril of the 5t h :BombardmentGr.GUP ._ ,~deVOt1~ large part of their ttme.i.1'f.;_

    conduct learcl;1 and int.rception~:siona. .th the large 8 lDOuu t

    o t . _traffic in and out of th1s,the ."'.~roads of the. Pacific," 'an unuaua1oPQr'"tun 1ty is provided for t1"a1ning;of W':j:type. . '.::~.;lU. . . .- 0 0 0 . . . . . . .

    Effect! ve on or about Augu.st15, ..1~~,Lieut. Colonel Ralph H i . Wooten" A.t": ' ' ' : iCorps, GEtneral Staff, B reli,eve.d' ,'~assIgnment to the W ar Department. (Io"~ -; l'

    . Staff and .from ass1gnmenlanddll, .:." .office of the Chief of .sta!t. ' I ' . .

    :D.C~.;.... $ . U . ' . . 4 , ' .18tb.en &'8~ed,...: .e~ ...salS. . .nth,tro:&S&nd to'

    ~ . . . . ~ .

    T h e eight pilots or. the Sq'.1&aon, ; ; - a ' t .Lieuts. 1 4 . H . Warren Command1, ' L ~ '" Kleinoedar. CoB. Col ier, 2nd'eu,t~ ...:,-T.K. Dorsett, P.So Blair, Mastel' 'S~:..,'-gean-t C.P.Sid th. Technical$ergean.t;."P.B. Jackson and Staff Sergeant F.~O~:; ,Tyler, have flown 5,511 hours wi~' :even a minor accident. Technical $ a r: . . . .geent Jackson. with a total of 785 hours,had the highest amount of f~1ngt1Jne"

    The NewsLetter 9orr.e,pondent nat ..& "prItThis is an except1onalJ.y well g~li+~4group, having an average of 3,070 ho\1.r41total. time per pilot. Since the f1rll~'"0-33 transport wal received 20 mon~"~."ago, theee airplanes have been f1o..m;:,,~~OVera half million. milee without. ~ y ~minor accident and with only one.fOfQ.nland1:ng, on which occa.ion the airPWt.fully loaded, was flown on one ~ine""-to Austin Texas, and landed withOutmishap. tie .forced lan~ .. a n!ta.e 'wa mate.ritl tail~'am4 _SDO:teaue84:.

    Continued onPat;e 12). '- "- 0- V-7791, A.C.

    Master Sergeant Charl. J. Osburn,Air Corps, stationed at the AdvancedJ1.7ing Scheol, Kelly J'ield, Texas 1splaced on the retired list, effecttveJuly 31. 1938. .


    Observance of the 211t ann1veraaryof the 11th BoinbardmeJ).tS~dron, .ta-tioned at Hamilton l1eld. Ca1if'l wascelebrated on June 25th wi th a p cn1c atMcNear's Beach. a few miles from SanRafael. All types of recreation were


    ai1able to the men.of the "Eleventh,"eir friends and guests. A public ad-8SS Byitemwas taken along ?or dancU1g

    in theevenlng after the soldiers.madethe most.of ,W 1 l!1 1 l1 n g and games in thefar f & m $ d California sun.

    .'rhe 11th Bombatdmentsquadron was or-gan1rtedat Kelly Field, 'fexas,on June26th. 1917, from personnel derived fromCo~ "B," Provisional Aviation School,Signal Corps. Uter intensive trainingbOth at Kelly Field and Scott Field. theS.a u a d r. : on< was.ordered".t.0 .. Englpd December

    1 M

    B.1917, onH.M.S. Ora.u.n.. Disembark

    . a tGre. $nbroclc. SCQ tland, December.31;9 7. '1ni.e...$.qt1a.. drlt.attlve ..d at ..W.. inchester,En&land.JtJmB:ry J~_1918... .At .M aUlari ; . eliOr q.$.iter leaving their

    ttr'tfront line Us. t10n ot sa:n~y,J u l y , 1918, the Squadron Insi w a sadfp.ed . Conceived in the mudof thef~~hlinel' "Jiggl" _s wpposed tot'.1 .. the long sufferl1lg and patientJtrl .f the Eleventh, as it met wi.thID&IlJ disappointments in its effort tocet into action.

    Private. Hal Green and LawrenceLarsonconceived the idea of "Jigg," for theSqUadronInsigniat, and it was drawnbysergeant Clement Jenkins. .

    ~e unofficial record Showsthat"JiMsII accompanied the S~dron on 32bombingraids, engaged in 17 combats andhas' Official confirmation Of 13 victo-ries. .

    . A . few years ago, Mr. George McManus,the tamous creator of the Me&gieandJtgg. cartoon, obliginglY drew the car-t'OOntor the Eleventh, thus perfectingand adding to the attractive insignia afeeUng t1iat fir. McManusalone can putinto his cartoons .

    .General Orders No.5, WarDepartment,1926, awarded four battle credits to theSquadron at Lorraine. St. 14thiel, and~e Meuse~rgonne. ~irteen vic~oriesof the Squadron received'oflcial con-firmation. During the 32 bombingraidsand 17 combats in which it participated,th.S~dron BUffered 20 casualties, cone i s t i n g of 10 killed, 8 taken prisoner,one woundedand one m1ss1Dgin action.

    - - - 0 0 0 - - -

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    , ~ ~ z : :.."


    ~e r1mpr~veclA.11'-!l'r~ 'tndrwnent ~d .. Th,eva;ri9u.smedals and~avede1ta-i~ stllt-. manufactured br the WashlDg- t~OXl'" once the treasured PO"i~8s~ons ,():/;

    'tO~ t , nlttltute-ot:.Te~().logy. 1was Insp.eet the lateueu t ...COl()ri.elWil.Ham 'l'haw.. "e~.and flight testediUP1't1isburgh. Pa., Air S~vlce, one of .America' s out8~~-b,Ya'rep~eBentat1ve of the .Air Co~s Ma- iDg heroes of the \7orld War, will be ~n

    , 'leriel Division, Wright. Field, Ohio. In display.' someti.m.e. in the future at the. \.'..'lUs' report. it was stated tha1i this land-.Arm:l Aeronautical Museumat Wright Fle.r.d

    ipg,- system as now installed at the Alle- nqton, Ohio. These mementoes were pre-;,.gb.8w County Airport,, Pa., sented to the Air Corps ,by Mrs. Be~8,m1.n.~8ent8 a vstem 1Du;)roveover '!'haw, of Washington, D.C., widow of the

    t;'tested by repres'enta"tiveB of the brother of Colonel Thaw. At their per-Mati.r~el Divisioa at College Park. Md., manentr,sting place at Wright Field,

    sin..June.and July, 1936, and provides In- they will .erve a8 a reminder to futuret~h8tlon which would :a.ndicate that the generations of .American youth of .the .stl"41ght .line glide path will be a desir- gallant aIrmen Whogave their all forable. &s well as an. essential feature of the defense of democracy during the

    .~ future instrument landing, system. World War. '~i8 straight line glide path iI, of At the age of 40, Colonel Thaw died

    , ':O(lQ,rs ..e, under development by several in Pitt.sburgh, Pal on APril 22.1.934.agencies, including lbe A : r r r r : f , at the The airman, whose ~eats in aerial com-J2resent time. The glide path of the Air- bat as cODlllBnderof the Lafayette

    , Instrument Landing System had .only Escadrille made illuininating chaptezra

    a slight curvature, and the Itralghten- in the history of. war-time aviation.'&ng O'l1tof this path made it po8sible far BUccumbedto pneumonia.It::to be followed much more accurate1.l' As an early aviation enthusiast,and with greater ease than any previous- Colonel Thaw devoted much of his time toly.tested. it, l i e . velopment before the

    . --000--- tbe war. During that great conflict heOnIemS ASSIGNEDT O RANDOLPHFIELD came to be recognized as one ,of the out-

    standing figurel in the air operationsn n. . " fo11o i d A1 C ffl in the war-tor:Q, area, and he beoame the

    ..a;u.e .' w ,-name A r orps ocers leader of the heroi.c little band of-,1e re+teved rom further assignment American f~ers who pl~ed into the~dUtl' at thestat10tts indicated and conflict aliIlOst at its beginning a8 101. ,kned to duty at. the Co:rps Train- diers of France, and who.later became .1:'~enter at Randolph Field, Texas: identified by the now famous name of the

    aptain James F. Phillips, from !

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    COLONELCLARK(From Page 9 ).

    In June. 1931. Colonel Clark a r r i v e d :in the Hawaiian Department and a.ss_dcOIllD&1ldof the 18th PurBU1 t Gro~ at:; .~Wheeler F1eld,Schof1l1d Barracks,~.'H,.He wal repeate~ conmended by his: SU-'perior officers for the excellent m am ~nBr in which he administered h1e,coiiDand

    .After over four years of serv1eei~jHawaii . Colonel Clark, 1n November,,: '

    1935, reported for duty with the la1;;,~.:Purau1t Group at Selfrl~e Field .14t'~.Clemens, Mich. On March 19t 193~'. he::began h:u dutiee as .Air Off1cer oftlie3rd Corps Area at Baltimore. Md. ' J .

    CoUlD1ss1oneda Captain inthe.Alr xCo;ps. Regular .ArD\Y, on September' 23', ;31920 he was promoted to Major 9n March1 . 1~3l, and t o Li8Ut. Colonel \teBpO~i-ry), March 12. 1935. "


    painted in ap.propr~te eoloTI,: .... ".elns1P1a o t ' the 8qUa

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    WORLDFLIGHTA MA.T'lEROF,HOUB.S t1reworld the prijem:Lnenceof the Un!tedS,tates:i~aeronantics."

    ';,~ar8ago, whenJulHYjJRe,tbe 'f..... . ':S:HgadierGeneralH&n17 U. Mnold,'novel1.t. Wl"OMh1S book'" j" 'low' ,.of , Chief of the AlrCorps.w1r.edthe World in Eighty DE'qs," it is aa:t'e,to M J : . Hughes, as follows:assume that lit~le did he dream thathi;8'''Congratulations on successful comple~;fUc1f'ul vision of fast travel around .tion of your epocll maldng .world fl1gb.t.tlie. .globe would actually be reduced to. a Y,ouand your crew have certainly shOwn

    ''IJ8;.'tter of hours. that the UrUted States ,lea,ds the way inThrough his remarkable aeh1evement ,of aeronautics."

    ~uclIDg the globe and covering a d1s- .As one around-the-world flyer to ane-'bBnce of '14~824 mileB:in~li hours, ther MaJor Lowell H. Smith, Air Co~s,BOward ~es America' sNo. 1, Spor.t~ Cliie! of the Inspection Division. OfficePilot.demonstr;:ted once more the supre- of the Chief of theA1rCorps. who was_cy.,'ofthe United States ina~iation. the leader of the Air Corps Around-the-.' aon~ evening, July lOth. at 6:20 World Fl1ghtin 1924, wired M J;'. S. T., he took off from Floyd _ as fol19ws:

    ..' Field, N.Y., and Thursda.v B.f'ter -ltPart1cip~ts in the~ .Air Corpsnoon. July 14th, the wheels of his spe- World Flight nineteen tweD.tyfour ex-~l>IJockheed monoplane rol.led toa stop te~d .their most hearty congra~tionsat,.tb.1ssame airPOrt at 1:34 0' clock, to you and each member of your flit:E..:$:.:,T.;, 10 55 for your splendid achievement and':',And'in the meantime!': remarkable record established."a~JL'.~E:~S.T., he arrived inParis, after .Associated with Mr. Hughes on this

    :er..ossing the turbulent Atlantic and cov- flight was 1st Lieut. ThOmas~. Thurlow,ering a distance of 3,641 miles in 16 .Air Corps, wh o is stationed at the J,,1rhours and 35 minutes. .At 7:24 p.Dl. that Corps Materiel Divi,sion at Wright Field,~, after ref'u.elingand rep~irB, .he to ",",,'

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


    ~81, crew, is aJll8,n; 'Ifbo." had ~.i&rable experl,,enc.e W1th~"a i o , . " " .Arml mech.a.n1creJened,staftSergeant JohQ J. (JOck, Air ~.wh9,1B,on .. ryice an pan:. andmechahic for tam Jo~M. Ster11 .Air ~ r p . .who-. 8 $be .A.I.istant M1litaI7.A.ite.eae for Air at 'be American nbas.yin Par1i~ SerBe&ntCook was formerqstationed-at lolling Field. D. C., andi. a ree1dentol Wa~ton.

    . --000--


    The 19 newly appointed Air Corps offi-cers . who held coiDm1ssion8 in the A1rR.eerie. and who were cOlllD1ssioned underthe F9visions of the Acts of COngressof ~t 30, 1935, and .April 13, :t938,asa.cono. lieutenants inlheA.1r Corps ..R~ . l r r :a : i . ' .with rank from JulY 1,19....38., tq in the previouslU\l8 of the Air. Corps News Letter, haveb4.~.~,1ced to chlty at the Air Corpsstatt9na,Ind1oated: "'_'

    'Ho_d Konroe Meansito Fort Knox. Ky.Lel-'d Gordon 71e&e and MeOlellan

    :i'.rgulOJiSt1mkard. Jr.; to 1 4i .tchel Field.L . I ... N eW Y ot'k.. '

    ~JJaI Danville Brownio J'ori Lewil,Waabington. '

    Barry Phil1PLe~"~i' to Hickamfleld, ferri to 1 7_ of: . 1..

    J .a m e ... . . . 1 " 1 " 8 n PAelP..B, "': to Selfridgefte~4t.. 'ch. ". 7 & 1 : 1 # ' cbardaon .A.liillOn,Steele BOl:

    :ea~\etIOn. !11horn ton' n sellYer s and ;B :enry

    Gq)o~ett to Langley Field, Va.Mi .,- ,Joseph CoffIeld Wqmond

    : i i . ' , : . . . .:. .'~ . . ~ . . . '. .' . t. . .~ . \ , t . l l o l , . .l a c . J : h n a : ~ ~ .ald." ,0 4. . 8l>a1',~lt1ckerlng to

    a~lA . '&~t.,rnl'Jr.!. and RobertCaIr.. ot-\h to Soott.Fie 0., I 1. .'

    Fi~' ~~d !Judaon, Jr., to Moffettela. Oe.llf


    Incident to the examination of offi-cers bei~ conducted at Hamilton F1eld,Calif., for commissions in the AirCo~s, Regular J . . r D n r , . . the flight.~Ch took the memoers of the examiningbpa:ro. to Barksdale Field. Shreveport.La.

    '!'he Air Corps members of the board,.Lieut. Oolonel C.W. Russell, MaJOra ,C.P. Talbot and T. V. FosteJ"L~c!ild1n a Do~la8 twin.-motored B..18 '&U'blaDeto March Field, CaUf., and froID. tAerecont1uued on ,to Barksdale Fi.ld~ L i e u t .'.froy W . orawf~d'acted aa Db...... onthe flight. '!'he other mem~er. of'theboard ai'e!IBJor VI.,F.DeWitt and CaptainP. (h Gillllaild. Medical Cotpl.,

    Fortr;.one applicants, all ofwhOilJ ategtoa.duatea of the Air ConsTraining "Center, bave 'Deen . .lutervlewed by.t1\e' .beard at Ham111irm .fialA. )(aDy of ~young men areat',pre8eut on act.i.e '~t7either at B8m1~F1e1d' or other;t;1r'Corp. atatiou;wh1le others of t&. '.ee~.(\in coDlllere1al aviation and 641erbUltilan pur suiiB.

    . - - - 0 0 0 - - -

    WOB HARP. ro LEAVEC~ :rIl!1LDt'heChanu1ie Field CorreBP-O~dent r8-

    p'orti that o,n August 1st! MaJor Earle G.~r, Air Corps, will eave that. fieldfo~ a 8Q1th' 8 vacation inthe Sierra,-.ada w.mWus,upon the termination61 ~eh ~ will report for duty atMfffe1;t 11_, .'CalU". He then achls:

    "MaJor HarPer came to the Technical. Sgboolfrom;Jaroh Field in Jul7, 1932'.

    TiC years la,.r he .s appointed theAssi,.tant COiXlJlBndant. Air Corps '.Pseth..n1ctt.l Sobool,lUld served as sUch for 8.1-IDOS; four YON:'s.

    Since&joi' ~er' 8 arrival a~ear8

    ago. his,recQrd has of 1 ".aDd.CO%\"'8..tep,t1.v hard war.k wj, ~'aac,tJ ,P t Tiew "!" the1{rl>rovement of the achool.1ts 'courseB of. ,nstruction., 8.Ild plityoflt. gra~. On~ one wb4 tiMwatched th'~ Ii' of the B~;.iIlthe past si~ 7 e e . r . can fu.UY apprecla~the effect of MaJor Harper'. tffort

    ,.18 S~6n Oonaander of Headquarter ..and Headq~ter8 Squadron ... an ~ ... -tlon~8ed large~ of stude~t.-.4nUlDbering on an average of:f'iv~ h~dre.4

    me.n. -he. ha.. 8 kep.~ ip v..1 "7 o.10... toUCh1fj, th He1alew personally the'best 8tudents all! ..~ ..WOrat. the1r,~le. - . :n ,4 the'~i",bl... r.lead-ers l1av.~. abl~ . to.p.i..n

    t h .at....lect1oa. im d . . .r .... -.ot taeir aea_. ile, 1~ theli to .the. trict.8et , ...'1?9l. A.C.

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    :. ;

    " r.;,

    "} - ,I'. (" j

    ~, . ' i: :: ~ : . ..~"

    ~:. : r ,

    , - ;. : .



    ~ )~ ',:,




    AUGUST 1, 1938 NO. 15

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


    'ri" 1 " r.: - . : " , "

    t: T

    ... 1

    -,i _

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    Information DivisionAir Corps J.\1g\lst1 ., 1938

    Munitions :BuildingWaeh1ngton.D.C.

    The Chief purpose of this publication is to distribute information on aero-nautics to the I"111ngpersonnel in the Regular A 2 :'n \v , Reserve Corps, NationalGuard, and others connected with aviation.


    O P 1 il R A T IO N OFCARBURETORMIXTUREC O N T R O L SBy a Materiel Division Engineer

    the maximum engine r ,p. m, atthe leanest fuel flow; that is,further leaning of the mixturewould cause a decrease in, en-gine r.p.m.

    (1) "RIch Best Powerlt is thesetting of the mIxee controllever which, with a given fix-ed throttle setting, resultsin the maximumengine r. p. the richest fuel flow.

    ~. "Smooth~eration.n To obtain'tfie se ing tor "SmoothOpera-tionlt the setting for ItBestPower" is obtained and the mix-ture enricbedunt1l enginespeed drops from 20 to 30 r.p.a.

    S. It~imwn Iconom;" i, obtained byausting tOlJest Power'iandthen leaning to obtain. a de-

    . crease of 40 to 50 r.p.m~3. A'Q.tomat1cMixture Controls. :..The

    following t7,Pes ot automatic mixture ccn-

    trols are nowin service. Except asspecified in ~ine Operation Instruc-tions the man~~ adJustment ot carb'qre-tora eQ'U1ppedwith automatic mixturecontroIs Is not ~equ.1red. But when sore~u1red. a9JustDl!antwill be as .9utlinedin -Paragraph 2r above.

    i. OnePosltlon Jutomatic C B e ~ d 1 x ) . _This t.YPeof control automatically con-trols the mixture including ch.s.Dgeedueto various altitudes and temperatures!without r~d to throttle setting. tdoes not in e : tr 8 ~ control the p01f.routput of the engine. Within the etfec-ti ve operating r~e, and with the mix-

    ture control eet in the, ItAutomatic"posi-tion, the necessit,y for 'manual mixturecontrol 1s obviated. In the event theaU,tomaticmixture contl:ql is c)amagedorfor 8lll other reason do'is not perfo.rmproperly, the mixtwe control may beop-era ted manually as wi th a convent10naltype carburetor by Ihifting the oe.rbure..tor mixture control lever from ~e".,A.utomat1c"position 'to the desued man-ual position. This type of control isd~signed to function a l all power out-PUts up to a standard altitude of 25,000feet.

    b. T w o Position Automatic (Bendix).-

    This t1fle has the followi:ng control posi-tions: Manual," "AutomaticRich. It and-1- V-7807, A.C.

    ApparentlY no other one thing causeemore trouble in the mind':'of the averagepilot than the operation of the mixturecontrol. Probably no other thing socontributes to the high cost of mainten-ance at overhaul as t~ ~roper use ofthe mixture control, This is especiallytrue of air-cooled engines of high out-put. Every bit of distance stretched oncross-count%'7or every penny saved ongas is paid for by dollars inabuse tothe englne. And this engine, as a rs-sult,JU8\Vlet you down. before you get to~o~ destination pr let your fellow of-ficer down tomorrowor next week. It ishoped to ,have this control eventual17aut~tic and fool-proof; in the mean..t1methe Air CorpsN'eWBLetter is takenas a mediumto summarizeinformation nowbeing gathered for formal publication ata later date.

    1. J.e an introdu.ct1on, a thoroughstudy of all available information. O J 1

    "Operating and Flight Instructions" foryour particular airplane is always inorder. The engine you,fly today doesn'trespond as the engine you flew yesterday,a year ago, or certainly not ten yearsa g o . Be conservative. Stay on the richBide if )"OU are manually controlling theDJ1xtureor, if not, give the automal1ccontrol the opportunity to function pro-per~.

    2. ManualSettings. - The followingexpressions are applicable to manual ad-

    justment of mixture control with a pro-peller installed that can be locked in aI"ixed-pltch position. Given a constant

    speed propeller of the tYlle that cannotbe locked 1n a fixed-pi tch pos1t1on, andthe extreme pitch posltions of whloh re-sult inengine speeds outside the normalOperating range In flight, and the use,of an instrument measuring the fuel-airl'ati~,.., for manual adJustment ot the IDix-ture control is necessitated.

    a. "'ittl Rich" i8 the setting of the- Xture control lever in the

    position giVing maximumfuelflow.

    ~.- "13eli)owerlt (sometimes termed" iiIiiim power") is the setti,pgof the mixture control lever

    which, with a given fixed~ottle Betting, results in

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


    "Automatic Lean." In the HManual"posi- with the mixture control in the 1D8n'O&1tion the mixture is adJusted manua1l1 as leanpositlon at high altitudes, it iswith a conventional we carburetor. In extremely important that the mixture -the "Automatic Rich" position, the m1x- setting be enriched during descent. AS,,,,ture is automatically adJusted for ufe the normal change in mixture .due to'., :'./~."engine operation up to normal rated challge in altitude onq ~ provediln ..-::..flower. manifold pressure, and speed. The ge1'Ous to the proper fUnctl.oning of t l i . ~ .n

    Automatic. Lean" pod tion will be used engine. Whenthe airplane is leveled ....,"

    only for manifold pressures and speeds off at lower altitudes, the mixture ~~J?;~below those specified for "Maximum Cru1s- trol should be readJuned for the p1'op~l'ing ..". and onlY with the specified grade operati~ conditions then in .effect -:of ruel. For 0 er tion at "5. .A . ustment for High A1t1tudeTak~,.

    ruisi " owl' n a OV B e1'a- Off. W h le present instructions ge~el~l.-v e mx ure con 1'0 e ace 11' specify "Full Rich" adJustm.en.t of w .r.. . . . . ~

    n om a c . 0 on or a - mixture control for take-off .theope~~-8 :ua 0 ve er x- tion' of someengines not e~pped.l,ta1 ~

    ~ :ure 0 comp s pro- automatic mixture controls iSun.8a1i~lfti9=ce~e isapt to result in serious dsm- tory if thetake-off is atmore.~'a~age to the engine. With this type of feet above sealevel with them1.~cfl" : . J : c -control, take-off will normally be made control in the "Fu.ll Rich" posit~oIi

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


    o:asmV",!IOH8~Q 1 tIIA .'E IO . IN C A V A LR Y DIVIstOlt IWU11UlRS__ Brooktt. field Oorrespondent .

    f l a e .221l4 ObI.~tioD Squadroa (09I'PS t10n 8auaelron. An acc~ car ....and J:btty) _.taUou4 at .BroOk . J'ie14-i. .. Cl \be ').econna1sBance s~n. fr.~Q1.!e~sl. 1ODe orpn1zat1on which 1,we)l !hi.arrancement b.tween the two m:'"hci-P~..p a r . ed to cooperate wiih c.,md fO~.' Ralllecomli1aeance forces r\,su:l_t8ctm.In w ar This 0...g-- 1..... - 1 . . . . . . *";'.1'1-- .... ..........- i - . and -smu.tual't ...A i1 "..:.. Ob.-ser..'9at1on~f~~. :

    propoledTdanadYtmt:Ceo,;:u ....,fl', ..go ..,

    Df.vieloD Maneuver., (80~llef. "Str....In the Propo a . lId'ant17 Division.-.lIan_II . .n..8.d . .1

    D 1....viaion Maneuvers" -. tallO.... eu'f'ers the OoJJID8Dderueea aircraft for4e-tai ed to furni8h the .ObaervaUon controlling marche. on parallel roads .r o : r . : - t ;b8 recent Pl 'Q PC a.d ft!rYJ)inslorl; 01't8n the columna were as much all S O~. EJq."rer8... The a2nd S~on.. ne. ov~ milss apa:r.t.'lQCLa1rpla.nehourlon be PO D Maneuv- 1)Qr1ng the Pr~8.o. ~tl7 D1-vil1oner.~n a month' 8 t1me. .. and Propolled Oav8JJ.7 Divlalon Maneuvers,

    The work with thete modern mecb.an1ae4 off1cera f'rom Brooke field eerved nth-1 0r-ced revealed leveral pointe that had the ground forcel. Ever7 effort _e~not:bee.n noted in the type. 810wer- ma4e not onlY toglve the ground forcelJJlO,v1ngD1v18iona.. . 1he obaerft1;lon they wanted. but to en-~.~Ei f1r.8tP01nt noted._' that lt i8. t1clpStte their needs and to learn from,

    -b' .. 1y ~actical tor the Engineer, to them. and with ihem, what the future~ld l!J .1 1 ' fleld8 clole belUnd a movi.Dg needs "lll be.

    D 1 .v le1on . 'l!hia often. relSl11ta 1n the In both of thele ),lanetLvGrs, ttle ag:g.adronbe~ baled at a for longer-range aircraft was forc1b1l'd.1s~. f)f lOOmi1 or more beh1Ad the brol,1ght to the attentlon of the a1r of-frlen~d17 forcee. .. .. flcer8 partlclpat1Dg. Coume.n~rs we:r:e

    I t . l>eQaIDe . a~ent that OblerVation calling for longer r~e Reconnalssanee'~dr. Qnaoperat1Dg with forcee baving in the face of mechanized threat...eJJPC)8edf'laDks m a .a t be baaed tar to tlie The modern Tank and Combat Car8 arel'~. ... toa. :vold a.tkckb1 ~ mechau1zed likened to rabbi t8 br the 22nd Ob8erv-f'or~e~-,In tact. In one tree JD8,l18U?er~ era. The7 81t qu1etJ.y1n full view U!1-th(( Au Officer of the White forceB re- til the Observer 18 looking at aome - behind the frleu4q Advance wi ih other part of the terrain. then theythe' Air Groun.d Se.t. rece1ViD.r and tl"anB- disappear. 'l'hey ere very difflcult tomitting to G-2 on anothereet. He be- keep-located.l1evad"Ae w as lI&te from .attack.dUe to. Another ~lnt observed ln both thehighJJlOUnta1n.between him and an. attack Proposed Infantry Division Maneuvers in.

    t~()Dl flank on rear. !o his surprlse. he the Camp:Bullls area, and the Proposeddi~ver.d an enemr coJDbatcarc~ Cavalry D1visionManeuvera in tP,eO~-~ DIOUDta1n. aDd.bare1.v e~ea. to Toyahvale area. (north of Marfa). wasa,~.j,.tion of safet7. In at\eDIl'tiDg to the readiness with which the presentre ... etabl~al\ cODlllnmlcatlon8 with G-2. he sand-tan-eolored khaki showed up fromc~u14 g-et no respon8e. Later, 1t _I the alr. They were eaaily seen 111bothl~ed that the 1h1te 0 P bad been sur.. inataooes. 1rh1le the woolen O.D.. shirtp~cland captured. oould not b.e leen. Rlflemen inflrlng

    __. maJority of the pilots end obaerv- posit1ons on the ground appeared to the. eJ:!'' w1th the 22nd S~dron. are 8ye 'a8 "frog 8&ddlel" strewn. along the

    recent graCluatel of the .Air Corps Tra1n- ground.lngCenter. 1Ibelr c1eJlon8trated ability The mechanics of the 22nd SquadrohIn. ..toC&.-. t1zlg. po. 81..tiona. .ere ke'Pt busy on these Maneuvers. Thq.~tivl,t1ee when the en8Jq,y is a .. 181;On- said 20" s and 40' 8 came so faIt that if1z~ represented orc_. epeaks .. ll for they had b&en picket", they would have

    the type _of traininc they bave received. been. picket fence.,In add1 tlon to norlllal daYlight OOeerva- ,--000--- .ti~ and .Artl11e17 Mis,loal, ~ nightmi8s10nlwere p,rformed. It was found G U N N E R Y TRA IN IN G roR 4T H B E C O N .. S Q .U A IR O Nthat ,,

  • 8/3/2019 Air Force News ~ Jul-Dec 1938


    rie(1 coupleC)n. the trailer. the long p1"Oee8sion bega:na noi*1' tour of the. P9st,ending up at the Club. where :tefr......!Dentsand introductions were ino:r;"ier-.

    :8eforeher marriage in Sa D An totil~,'ppJune 10th. Mrs. Jones was 14188 ~';I:;meanor Cutrer. She is the daughter.~1Lieut. Colonsl Victor Cutrer, U.S.A--..';,.Retired. and Mrs. Cutrer. .,

    -~o~- -J~. .~- '",



    The officera and ladies of AlbrookField, PanamaCanal Zone. welcomedLieut.William W. Jones and his bride in trueAir Corps fash1on. Whenthey attemptedto enter UDamlOUDced.Lieut. and Mrs.Jones were held at the gate by the guardtID-tll the alarm could be given. PhOneIbuzzed, horns honked and plane, landed.

    A epeou,lq decorated tog~and trailerwere produCed. and with the newly 1D8l'-

    Lieut. Kenneth B. Hobson,.Air co:s:.s,and his three enlisted c~an10nSL ... t.Barl'7 BaYes Privates Richard E .tI.8llanel UnoGustafson, na:rro~e8caped se-rious in~ when their B- was forceddown in water off Po Mariato 150miles from PanamaCity on the PacificCoast.

    Lieut. Hobson took off from AlbrookField at 8:30 a.m., Saturdq, JuJ.y2ndt T W O BOMBERSF L O W N T O COSTA.R IC A '.:acc0!DP8Diedby Lieut. St~en B. Iiack :LD "another B-1