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Amanwella Aman Resorts Sri Lanka Light Proposal. Sri Lanka

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Text of Amanwella Aman Resorts Sri Lanka Light Proposal. Sri Lanka

  • Amanwella Aman Resorts Sri LankaLight Proposal

  • Sri Lanka

  • The Aman Philosophysmall, intimate and involvingresponsive to contemporary life style and cultural surroundingsenvironmentally consciousless is moreindividually distinguishable

  • Resort Analysis:High standard of qualityComfort and convenienceBetter than homeEasy orientationSuitable for people of all agesRelaxing environmentRelationship to local cultureGenius lociFeeling of security/ privacyExemplary designAppropriate for long staysFunctionalExpectation of something special

  • The Room:

  • Materials:LinenMahoganyTeakPolished StoneExterior Wood

  • Lighting Concept:Our lighting concept strives to incorporate the Aman philosophy of integrating individuality, locale, culture and environment into their resorts. For us this means maximizing daylight potential, and a high comfort, quality indirect lighting scheme. Through daylight techniques and strategies we create a strong connection between the interior and outside landscape. Combined with contemporary style, subtle indirect lighting strives to capture the magical spirit of Sri Lanka. Accent lighting enhances the both the functional and ambient atmosphere in the room. Incorporation of traditional Sri Lankan lighting elements underlines Aman Resorts attitude, and creates romance.

  • Color Temperature Map:

  • Entrance/Wardrobe:WelcomingArrivalGood first impressionConvenientFeeling of securityTransition space from corridorStorageDressing areaLooking goodMirrorsColour differentiation

    Utilizing a suspended ceiling over the entry way, cool indirect lighting refreshes the guest as he or she enters the room. A back lit mirror and indirect lighting inside the storage areas aid the guests as they prepare for the day or their night out.

  • Bathroom:Relaxation and respiteGetting away from it allAnother worldLuxurious/better than homeHigh function/ make up, shaving Two options, function/ atmosphereConnection to natureColour differentiation

    Dimmable halogen side emitting fiber optic cove lighting along the side of the tub allows the guest to adjust ambient glow while bathing. A high color temperature, good color rendering fluorescent back lit mirror and an art object along the sink wall provide the perfect light for applying make up. To the left and the right of the bed are two tall windows looking into the bathroom. A louver system allows the guest direct the sunlight in the bathroom, enjoy the view to the outside from the deck while freshening up, as well as close them when privacy is needed. Finally a halogen down light in shower adds a bit of sparkle and brilliance.

  • Bed:RelaxationRomanceReading abilityHigh comfort/ softnessGlare control

    Cool color temperature cove lighting in the ceiling creates a soft light ceiling, providing general illumination to the room. A warm cozy glow coming under the bed provides a night light as well as a romantic surprise in the room. Bedside lamps give warm diffused light for night time reading.

  • Lounge: Relaxation Conversation Reading/playing games Feels like home A place to put your feet up Tea and cookies Entertaining guests

    A simple glowing orb like pendant over the lounge area, reminds guests of the sunset and creates the perfect atmosphere for putting your feet up, or sharing drinks with friends.

  • Desk: Tasks Technology Writing High Comfort Focus on working plane Concentration No distractions Daylight

    For working light a small brushed metal desk lamp blends well with the rooms dcor and spills a pool of light on to the surface for working. A dim back lit art object on the wall does not provide functional light, but instead adds a sense of balance to the room.

  • Balcony: Relaxation Romance Outdoors Peaceful

    A diffused material is placed underneath the boards of the deck, with a fiber optic system providing light to the diffuser. This creates a soft light coming from between the floor boards of the balcony. Placed in niche on the central wall is a traditional Sri Lankan prayer lamp. The view to the sea is not disrupted and one can enjoy beautiful evenings outside.

  • Bed Side (Fontana Arte)Task Lighting (Santa & Cole)Pendant (OTTO Fontana Arte)Luminaires vs. Materials:

  • Luminaire List:Side Emitting Fiber Optic (Roblon) 75W Halogen. Bathtub and balcony.Shower Downlight (ERCO- 81010.000) IP 65. 35W HalogenOTTO (Fontana Arte)100w E27Charms (Fontana Arte)22W FluorescentSuma Desk Lamp (Santa Cole) 20-50w Halogen

  • Concept team:

    Faith JewellVladan Paunovic Peter Schmidt Ngurah Clifton Pinatih

    Presentation by:

    Faith JewellHochschule WisamrMaster of Architectural Lighting Design2006