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APAN-Taiwan Status Report. Yu-lin Chang, ylchang@ascc.net APAN-TW NOC @ APAN 2003 Academia Sinica Computing Centre, Taiwan. Three Major R&E Networks. TANet The first and largest high speed IP network in Taiwan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of APAN-Taiwan Status Report

  • APAN-TaiwanStatus ReportYu-lin Chang, ylchang@ascc.netAPAN-TW NOC @ APAN 2003Academia Sinica Computing Centre, Taiwan

  • Three Major R&E NetworksTANetThe first and largest high speed IP network in TaiwanEvery schools, colleges, universities, and research institutes are connect to TANetHighly coverage of connections to domestic ISPs.Limited bandwidth of Internet connection to U.S.Held and Operated by MOECC (Computer Center of Ministry of Education)Now, TANet is already moved to the new Gigabit Ethernet MAN structure (TANet Giga MAN, based on the experience of Taipei GigaPoP)

  • Logical Topology of TANet Giga MAN

  • Three Major R&E Networks (cont.)TANet-2Provide reserved bandwidth between major universities and research institutesConnect to U.S.A. for Internet-2 trafficsInitiated by ASCC 1997, operated by NCHCPhysical circuits will merged back to TANet in Q2, 2003NCHC will build the next generation backbone for R&E users called TWARENNote: ASCC = Academia Sinica Computing Centre NCHC = National Center of High-performance Computing

  • Three Major R&E Networks (cont.)ASNet (APAN-TW)Operated by Academia Sinica Computing CentreInitiate International T3 Project to connect Taiwan R&E Network to the U.S.A.Build up the Taipei GigaPoP infrastructure to promote and provide IP over dark fiber service for research and educational network since 1997Provide Research Network Connectivity since 1997. To provide high bandwidth and managed connection service between Taiwan and Japan; Hong Kong; StarLight; EuropeBiomedical and Scientific High Speed Network to provide /4 or interconnection between some universities for specific research projects

  • Carrier Class Spec in ASCCEnvironment24x7 Operators standbyAir Conditioning, UPS, Power GeneratorsFire detection and suppressing systemHigh Speed, Low Latency ConnectionsFast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10GEOC-3, OC-12, OC-48, OC-192Multiple Fiber-Ring ProvidersTaipei GigaPoP, CHT, TFN, EBT, KBT, Sparq

  • APAN-TW Connectivity (Dec,2002)

  • Biomedical & Scientific High Speed Network

  • Major servicesCircuit Status MonitoringMRTG based semi-real time throughput monitoringDaily, weekly, and monthly traffic volume statistics reportsSelf-developed IDS based on flow analysis techniqueLarge Scale Video Conference ServiceH.320 and H.323 conference systemConference scheduling and controlling24 or more conferences can be holed at the same timeAutonomic scheduler is under developing by ASCC software teamFree of charge for R&E user groupsADSL subscription serviceCooperated with CHT and TFN to cover the entire Taiwan inlandProvide ADSL subscription to fellows and connectors fellowsIPv6 is a new service that we strongly promote

  • IPv6 DeploymentAddress space delegation6Bone pTLA: 3FFE:4001::/32APNIC sTLA : 2001:0C08::/32IPv6 connectionsOver 15 native connected networksOver 20 tunnel mode networks320Mbps for pure IPv6 networks120Mbps domestic bandwidth100Mbps to APAN-TokyoXP100Mbps to NSPIXP-6

  • IPv6 OperationsLooking glassHelps to check the prefix advertisementTunnel brokerHelps to setup IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel6to4 relayProvide automatically mechanism to relaying packets without artificial helpingAS-path tree viewerHelps to recognize the network topology

  • IPv6 Digital Content for User

  • International Project SupportingCDF Run II Production Farm (TW, U.S., Slovak)Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF)APAN-TW NOC supports USD 700K/yearhttp://alloc.apan.net/status/cdfr2.htmlIRCache; National Cache Network (TW, U.S.)APAN-TW NOC supports USD 100K/yearhttp://alloc.apan.net/status/ircache.htmlISEE Project (TW, U.S.)Internet-based Simulations on Earthquake Engineering APAN-TW NOC supports USD 200K/yearhttp://alloc.apan.net/status/isee.html

  • Challenge of OperationFiber-RingsROW for public conduitUnexpected fiber-cutsInter-connections of multiple Fiber-RingsFacilitiesVersion control of operation systemsFeature-sets selectionShould we use the beta code or non-wildly deployed OS to provide new feature?

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