Bare Trustee Agreements CGOV Pooled Funds (The) ... 164 Franklin Templeton Investment Corp. Canada Mutual Fund / Limited ... Bare Trustee Agreements INVESTMENT DEALERS A SSOCIATION OF

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  • Bare Trustee AgreementsApproved Fund Managers as of


    January 31, 2007

    Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreement

    Mutual FundCanada@rgentum Management & Research Corp.1

    Hedge FundCanadaAbria Alternative Investments Inc.2

    Hedge FundOverseasAbria Diversified Arbitrage Fund Ltd.3

    Hedge FundU.S.ABS Offshore Ltd.4

    Mutual FundCanadaAccumulus Investment Management Ltd.5

    Mutual FundCanadaAcker Finley Asset Management Inc.6QSATM Funds

    Mutual FundCanadaAcuity Investment Management Inc.7

    Mutual FundCanadaAderes Portfolio Management Limited8Aderes Mutual Funds

    Mutual FundCanadaAEGON Fund Management Inc.9

    Mutual FundCanadaAGF Funds Inc.10Enterprise mutual fundsAGF mutual funds20/20 Group Financial Inc.

    GIC'sCanadaAGF Trust Company11

    Mutual Fund / Segregated FundCanadaAIC Limited12

    Mutual FundU.S.AIM Distributors Inc.13

    Mutual FundCanadaAIM Funds Management Inc.14

    Mutual FundOverseasAIM Global Management Company Ltd.15

    GIC'sCanadaAldergrove Credit Union16

    Labor Sponsored FundCanadaAlgonquin Power Venture Management Inc.17

    Mutual FundCanadaAll-Canadian Management Inc.18

    Mutual FundCanadaAlpha Strategic Partners Ltd.19

    Mutual FundCanadaAltamira Investment Services Inc.20

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  • Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreement

    GIC'sCanadaAlternavest Capital Corp.21

    Labor Sponsored FundCanadaAltruista Fund Inc.22Labour Sponsored Investment Funds

    Labor Sponsored FundCanadaAltura Growth Fund (EVCC) Inc.23

    Mutual FundCanadaAMI Private Capital24

    Mutual FundCanadaAnchorage Management Ltd.25Abax Mutual Funds

    Limited PartnershipCanadaAquilon Capital Corp.26

    Hedge FundCanadaArrow Hedge Partners Inc.27

    Pooled FundCanadaASG Financial Corp.28

    Mutual FundCanadaAssante Asset Management Ltd.29Optima Strategy PoolsArtisan Portfolios

    Hedge FundCanadaAsset Logics Capital Management Inc.30

    Mutual FundCanadaAssociate Investors Limited / Leon Frazer & Assoc.31

    Mutual FundCanadaATB Investment Management Inc.32

    Mutual FundCanadaAugen Capital33Augen Resource Strategy Fund Inc.

    Hedge FundCanadaAurion Capital Management Inc.34Aurion II Equity Fund

    Mutual Fund / Labor Sponsored FundCanadaB.E.S.T. Capital Management Ltd.35Roynat Canadian Diversified Fund Inc.

    GIC'sCanadaB2B Trust36

    Hedge FundCanadaBalsam Capital Management Ltd.37

    GIC'sCanadaBank of America, National Association (Canada Branch)38

    OtherCanadaBank of Canada39

    GIC'sCanadaBank of Montreal40

    Mutual FundCanadaBank of Montreal Investment Management Ltd.41

    GIC'sCanadaBank of Montreal Mortgage Corp.42

    GIC'sCanadaBank of Nova Scotia43Montreal Trust Company of CanadaScotia Mortgage Corporation

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  • Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreementBank of Nova ScotiaNational Trust Company / Victoria&Grey MortgageCorp.

    Mutual FundOverseasBarclays International Funds Group Limited44

    Mutual FundU.S.Bartlett & Co.45

    Venture Capital FundCanadaBC Advantage Funds (VCC) Ltd.46

    Mutual FundCanadaBeutel Goodman Managed Funds Inc.47

    Venture Capital FundCanadaBio Future Capital Corp.48Bio FutureFund (VCC) Corp.

    Mutual FundCanadaBiocapital Mutual Fund Management Inc.49

    Mutual FundOverseasBISYS Funds Services (Ireland) Ltd.50Janus World Funds PLC

    Mutual FundCanadaBlack Investment Management Ltd.51Retrocom Growth Fund

    Hedge FundCanadaBlumont Capital Corp.52

    Mutual Fund / Linked NotesCanadaBMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.53BMO Nesbitt Burns Group of Funds

    GIC'sCanadaBMO Trust Company54Advisor's Advantage Trust

    Mutual FundCanadaBolton Tremblay Funds Inc.55

    Pooled FundCanadaBonavista Asset Management Ltd.56

    GIC'sCanadaBorder Credit Union57

    Mutual FundCanadaBPI Capital Management Corporation58

    Mutual FundOverseasBPI International Funds Management Inc.59

    Mutual FundCanadaBrandes Investment Partners & Co.60

    Venture Capital FundCanadaBritish Columbia Discovery Fund (VCC) Inc.61

    Income TrustCanadaBrookshire Raw Materials Group Inc.62Brokkshire Raw Materials (Canada) Fund

    Mutual FundCanadaBullion Management Services Inc.63

    Mutual FundCanadaBurgundy Asset Management Ltd.64

    Pooled FundCanadaC.F.G. Heward Investment Management Ltd.65

    Mutual Fund / Segregated FundCanadaC.I. Mutual Funds Inc.66Includes Synergy Asset Management

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  • Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreement

    Mutual FundCanadaCaldwell Investment Management Ltd.67

    Segregated FundCanadaCanada Life Assurance Company (The)68

    Mutual FundCanadaCanadian Anaesthetists' Mutual Accumulating Fund Ltd.69

    GIC'sCanadaCanadian Western Bank70

    Mutual Fund / GIC'sCanadaCanadian Western Trust71

    Mutual FundCanadaCanso Fund Management Ltd.72

    Mutual FundCanadaCapital Alliance Ventures Inc.73

    Mutual FundCanadaCapital International Asset Management Inc. - Canada74

    Mutual FundCanadaCapstone Funds75Capstone Cash ManagementInternational Investment TrustInvestment Trust

    Mutual FundCanadaCartier Mutual Funds Inc.76

    Mutual FundCanadaCenterfire Capital Management Inc.77

    Mutual FundCanadaCentral Guaranty Property Fund78

    Pooled FundCanadaCGD Management Ltd.79Units of CGD Mortgage Fund (A QMFT)

    Pooled FundCanadaCGO&V Pooled Funds (The)80CGO&V Balanced FundCGO&V Hazleton FundCGO&V Cumberland FundCGO&V Fixed Income FundCGO&V Enhanced FundCGO&V Equity Income Fund

    Mutual FundCanadaChou Associates Management Inc.81Chou RRSP FundChou Associates Fund

    Mutual Fund / GIC'sCanadaCIBC82

    Mutual Fund / Segregated FundCanadaCIBC Asset Management Inc.83

    GIC'sCanadaCIBC Investor Network84CIBC Mortgages Inc. (FLT)CIBC Mortgages Inc.CIBC Trust CorporationCIBCServices Hypothecaires CIBC Inc.

    Mutual FundU.S.Citizen Funds85

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  • Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreement

    Mutual FundCanadaClarington Funds Inc.86

    Mutual FundCanadaClean Environment Mutual Funds Ltd.87

    GIC'sCanadaCoast Capital Savings Credit Union88

    GIC'sCanadaCoastal Community Credit Union89

    GIC'sCanadaCommunity Trust Company Ltd.90

    GIC'sCanadaConcentra Financial Services Association91

    Mutual FundCanadaConnor Clark & Lunn Investment Management Funds92

    Mutual FundCanadaConnor Clark & Lunn Managed Portfolios Inc.93

    Pooled FundCanadaCornerstone Investment Counsel Ltd.94Blueprint Global Strategies Pool

    Mutual FundCanadaCorporate Mortgage Fund Ltd.95

    Mutual FundCanadaCounsel Wealth Management96

    Labor Sponsored FundCanadaCovington Entrepreneur Fund Limited Partnership Inc.97

    Mutual FundCanadaCredit Suisse Inc.98GAF International Fund

    Mutual Fund / Limited PartnershipCanadaCreststreet Asset Management Ltd.99

    Hedge FundCanadaCreststreet Investment Management Ltd.100Creststreet Energy Hedge FundCreststreet RSP Energy Hedge Fund

    Mutual FundCanadaCrocus Investment Fund*101

    Hedge Fund / Principal Protected NoteCanadaCrown Hill Asset Management Inc.102

    Mutual Fund / Common SharesCanadaCrown Ventures Fund Inc.103

    Mutual FundCanadaCrystal Wealth Management System Ltd.104

    Hedge FundCanadaCrystalline Mgt Inc. / Gestion Cristallin Inc.105

    Mutual FundCanadaCT Fund Services Inc. (Canada Trust)106

    Mutual FundCanadaCTI Fonds Mutuels Inc.107

    Pooled FundCanadaCypress Capital Management Ltd.108

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  • Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreement

    Mutual FundCanadaDean Knight Bond Fund109

    Hedge FundCanadaDelta One Capital Partners Corp.110

    GIC'sCanadaDesjard. Cais. of Qubec & Fdr. des Cais. Desjard. du Qube111

    GIC'sCanadaDesjardins Credit Union Inc.112

    GIC's / OtherCanadaDesjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Co.113

    Limited PartnershipCanadaDesjardins Global Asset Management Inc.114

    Mutual FundCanadaDesjardins Trust Inc.115Maestral Funds

    Mutual FundCanadaDGC Entertainment Ventures Corp.116

    Mutual FundCanadaDimensional Fund Advisors Canada Inc.117

    Mutual FundCanadaDominion Equity Resource Fund Inc.118

    Mutual FundCanadaDuncan Ross Associates Ltd.119

    GIC'sCanadaDundee Bank of Canada120

    Mutual FundCanadaDynamic Ventures Opportunities Fund Ltd.121

    Mutual FundU.S.Eaton Vance Distributors122

    GIC'sCanadaEffort Trust Company (The)123

    Mutual FundCanadaEfunds Asset Management Ltd.124eFunds Bloomberg U.S. Internet Index Fund

    Mutual FundCanadaElliot & Page Ltd.125

    Mutual FundCanadaElysium Wealth Management Inc.126CEO Funds

    Mutual FundCanadaEmerging Inc.127EMF LifeScience Fund

    Segregated FundCanadaEmpire Life Insurance Company128

    Mutual FundCanadaEnervest Funds Management Inc.129

    Mutual FundCanadaEnsis Growth Fund Inc.130

    Pooled FundCanadaEpic Capital Management Inc.131Epic Tabacon North American Diversified Fund LPEpic Limited PartnershipEpic Limited Partnership II

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  • Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreementEpic RSP Trust

    Mutual FundCanadaEquilibrium Capital Management Inc.132

    GIC'sCanadaEquisure Trust Company133

    GIC'sCanadaEquitable Trust Company (The)134

    Mutual Fu