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Barry M. Goldwater Range

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Barry M. Goldwater Range. Enhanced Use Lease Site Visit BMGR-E Compatibility Brief. 56 RMO. I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e. Purpose. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Barry M. Goldwater RangeI n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e56 RMOEnhanced Use Lease Site Visit

    BMGR-E Compatibility Brief

  • PurposeProvide information to industry on BMGR user scope, potential energy source compatibility, and operational implications in support of HQ USAF enhanced use lease program

    Mission of parent wing and range Range/land location User scope Type of operations supported Scope of daily operations Case study areas of interest / operational implications Proposed Site Close Up

  • Our Mission56th Fighter Wing MissionTrain the Worlds Greatest F-16 Pilots and Maintainers, While Deploying Mission Ready Warfighters

    56 RMOProvide superior range operations which enhance the training and testing of assets that protect American interests

    Responsible for 56 FW airspace and the Barry M. Goldwater Range East (BMGR-E) to include Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field (GBAFAF)

    Provide a positive balance between the munitions employment areas and the environment surrounding them

    Protect the natural & cultural resources entrusted to our care Balance requirements with responsibilities to the public, tribes, and the environment

  • BMGR LocationBMGR-E USAF Managed Land(1.05 M Acres)Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife RefugeTohono OOdham ReservationGila Bend AFAF Border of Arizona and Mexico BMGR land jointly managed by Marine Corps, MCAS Yuma (BMGR-W) and USAF, Luke AFB (BMGR-E)

  • BMGR Complex User Scope Irreplaceable National Training Asset ExercisesWTI, JAGCE, Angel Thunder, Crimson Eagle, 12 AF OTHER USERS:JTACs, Navy, USMC, Army, other USAF, FMSRegular Users 23 Flying Squadrons 56 FW (Luke) 8 x F-16 Sq 162 FW (Tucson)4 x F-16 Sq SnowbirdsGuard / FMS 355 WG (DM)3 x A-10 Sq 563 RQG (CSAR)MC-130 / HH-60 / SERE 305 RQS (AFRC)HH-60 WAATS (Silverbell)2 x AH-64 Co Peace VanguardFMS AH-64 1 285th BN AH-64 Co 2 285th BNHH-60

  • Strategic Importance Davis Monthan: Only A-10 Training Unit 150 Students per year (3 yr avg)

    Tucson: Largest ANG F-16 Training Unit 180 Students per year (3 yr avg) Luke: Only Active USAF F-16 Training Unit 450+ Students per year (3 yr avg)

  • TrainingTest Support / UsePrimary mission of the range:Air-to-Air & Air-to-Ground Employment

    Inert and live weapons employment Precision guidedNon eye safe laser ops Altitudes: Surface to 50K MSL

  • BMGR-E Operating AreasRange 4Range 3Range 2Range 1North TacticalSouth TacticalEast TacticalAir-to-AirSELLS Military Operating AreaR-2301ER-2305R-2304Gila Bend AFAFDZDZDZLZLZDZ:Drop ZoneLZ:Landing ZoneMultiple sub-ranges in use simultaneously supporting multiple missions

  • GBAFAF and VicinityGila Bend AFAF is not your typical aux field

    Base for airfield and downrange operations and maintenance (contract)\

    Primary use: Pattern Practice / Diverts

    Pays for itself every week as an emergency field but also has training significancePattern operations, random SFO exposure invaluableUSAFA jump ops A-10 turns for missions into YPG, ChocolatesHelo staging to include coalition forcesWildland fire response (air attack) baseCSAR infil/exfil trainingUSMC Weapons Tactics Instructor Course employment

    Night operationsRun lights on/off operations in support of aircraft ops

    Jump operations occur on the airfield and within the Class D airspace ~ 4NM southwest

    Assault landing operations at Aux-6 located 5NM west of the field

  • BMGR-EEUL CompatibilityCompatible sources of energy on the BMGR-E based on competing military operations:

    WIND - Windmill farms incompatible with low level flying operations - Potential for electro magnetic interference WATER (hydroelectric) - Extremely limited natural resource in the desert southwest SOLAR - Most viable source of alternative energy - Can be configured to be compatible with military operationsNote. photovoltaic deemed compatible with military operationstowered heat/wind generating structures non-compatible

  • BMGR-E Renewable Energy Case StudyBMGR-E and GBAFAF assessment

    Air Force Real Property Agency sponsored study concluded in June 07

    Conclusion:Large scale solar plant feasible based on natural resource (solar) and availability of under utilized/developed tracks of land

  • Mil OperationsEUL CompatibilityLimited area for consideration based on current target and maneuver areasGila Bend AFAF

  • Mil Operations vs Areas of InterestGila Bend AFAFCompatible? Yes but with sighting and design de-confliction required

  • Proposed Site Close Up

  • Assessment EUL for alternate energy sourcing is a positive and offers a viable buffer to boundary encroachment

    Proposed areas leverage access and infrastructureLand sites encompass acreage desired for viable investmentAccessible from highway yet restricted public access69 kV transmission line travels Hwy 85 right-of-way

    Proposed land parcel within BMGR is part of withdrawn public land (DoD and USAF manage land under 1999 Lands Withdrawal Act for extended military use) and its use for other than military requires consultation with DOI

    Operational considerations / access must be further addressed

  • Questions

    33The significance of the BMGR is that it has contributed immeasurably to the military preparedness of the US for decades. - In the Persian Gulf War. (click) and more recently in the war with Yugoslavia..