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EXTENSION GRANTED TO 08/15/11 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax O1547 Form iJU Under section 501(c), 527, or 4947(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code (except black lung benefit trust or private foundation) Depertment of the Treasury Open to Public oternal Revenue Serv P' The organization may have to use a copy of this retum to satisfy state reporting requirements nspecton A Forthe2009calondaryear,ortaxyearbeginning OCT 1, 2009 andending SEP 30, 2010 B Check Pease C Name of organization 0 Employer identification number appkcabe: use IRS fl1Address Iabei or Ljchane punt or ATTELLE NmMORIAL INSTITUTE type. Doing Business As 31 4379427 Ll1 See Number and street (Or P.0. box if mail is not delivered to street address) Room/suite E Telephone number J 05 KING AVENUE (614)424-5853 rded noon City or town, state or country, and ZIP + 4 G Gross recmpts $ 5, 682, 210, 647. LI10 0LuMBUS, OH 432012693 H(a)lsthisagroupretum peodorg F Name and address of principal officer:DR. JEFFREY WADSWORTH for affiliates? LIII! Yes LI] No SAME AS C ABOVE H(b) Are all affiliates included? Eli Yes LIII] No I Tax-exempt status: LLJ 501(c) ( 3 )1 (insert no.) Li 4947(a)(1) or L 527 If No attach a list. (see instructions) J Website: P' WWW. BATTELLE .ORG H(c) Group exemption number P' K Form of organization: [J Corporation Li Trust L_J Association LII Other P' L Year of formation: 1925 I M State of leoal domicile: OH I Briefly describe the organizations mission or most significant activities: SEE MISSION STATEMENT ON SCHEDULE 0 E 2 Check this box P' U if the oraanization discontinued its onerations or disoosed of more thnrr 2°% of fe net assets 3 Number of voting members of the goveming body (Part VI, line 1 a) 3 9 4 Number of independent voting members of the goveming body (Part VI, line 1 b) 4 3 5 Total number of employees (Part V line 2a) 5 24201 6 Total number of volunteers (estimate if necessary) 6 0 7a Total gross unrelated business revenue from Part VIII, column (C), line 12 7a 2,200,867. - b Net unrelated business taxable income from Form 990-T, line 34 7b 0. _________________ Prior Year Current Year e 8 Contributionsandgrants(PartVlll,linelh) 3,954,051,722. 4,505,277,128. 9 Programservicerevenue(PartVIlI,line2g) 866,030,005. 1,010,272,669. 10 Investment income (Part VIII, column (A>, lines 3,4, and 7d) 4,881,189. 9,312,771. 11 Otherrevenue(PartVIIl,column(A),lines5,6d,8c,9c,lOc,andiie) 65,831,035, 20,475,132. - 12 Totalrevenue-addlines8throughii(mustequalPartVlll,column(A),Iinei2) 4,890,793,951. 5,545,337,700. 13 Grants and similar amounts paid (Part IX, column (A), lines 1-3) 21,079,523. 10,620,032. 14 Benefits paid to or for members (Part IX, column (A), line 4) ___________________ ____________________ 15 Salaries, other compensation, employee benefits (Part IX, column (A>, lines 5-10) 2,360,551,925. 2,524,748,990. 2 16a Professional fundraising fees (Part IX, column (A), line lie) ___________________ b Total fundraising experses (Part IX column (0) line 25) P' ___________________ ___________________ W 17 Otherexpenses(PartIX,column(A),Iineslia-lid,11f-24f) ___________________ 2,475,285,788. ___________________ 3,002,660,984. 18 TotalexpensesAddlinesl3-17(ustequalPartlX,column(A),line2s) 4,856,917,236. 5,538,030,006. 19 Revenuelessexpenses.Subtractlinel8fromlinel2 33,876,715. 7,307,694. Beginning of Current Year End of Year 20 Totalassets(PartX,linel6) 1,155,009,521. 1,183,968,052. 21 Totalliabilit)es(PartXline26) 560,978,343. 629,930,359. ' 22 Netassetsorfuadbalances.Subtract)ine2lfroml)ne2O ,,. 594,031,178. 554,037,693. f Part H J Stgnature Block Under penvihøn of perJry decisre that bane exemored thiS rerurn, ircudlrrg accornpvnying schedules and statements, and to the best of my knowledge and belief. 4 e true, oorrrrct. sod complete. Dec.isrstion of p,rmparem othvr thvn officer) is based on Si information of whic.tt preporer has any knowle dge, / sign k ) ° 1/ Here V Si/ature of officer u,-, Date - THOMAS K, SHARPE, ASST. TREASURER Date Check if Preparer's dentifydç1 number Paid , oyed see ostmoobons) Preparer Firm's nanre (or Use Only y.urs _________________________ _____________________ selt.emrlployv.d)l Sddress, sod zip 4 Phone no, YeSJNO 932001 02O41O LHA For Privacy Act and Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the separate instructions. Form 990(2009) SEE SCHEDULE 0 FOR ORGANIZATION MISSION STATEMENT CONTINUATION

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