Ben Howard Digi Pack Analysis

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<ol><li> 1. Analysis of Ben Howards DigiPacks DigiPack Research </li><li> 2. Two different design styles to Ben HowardsEvery Kingdom DigiPack.Less authentic, stylish and appealing.The negative space of the surrounding blueColour, is very boring. This is becauseIt does not contrast with the whiteColours in the centre of the album.The image in the centre does notRelate to a Folk Genre theme, orhave any relevance to Ben Howard.The image consists of a ghostlySilhouette which appears to beIn some kind of moon. This conveysa different image to what I needAs I need an image which consistsOf a happy mood, and a layedback, relaxing lifestyle. In this caseThe silhouette image is more ofA horror genre for film than a FolkGenre Advertisement image for aDigiPack.Irrelevant Font Type Suggest the Font Type hasBeen in scripted into a horror bookRather than a CD DigiPack.The matte blue colourBackground has no signifiganceTo promote a Folk Theme. NorAre the colours masculine tosuit the strength and determinationOf Ben Howard in his song. </li><li> 3. The contrast of the combining dynamic white and blue coloursCreates a masculine theme to the DigiPack.The diver could replicateHow the performer is divingdeeper into his emotions.This relates well to thesingle Keep Your Head UpAs Ben Howard is trying torediscover himself again afteran ending with an relationship.The light at the top of the waterContrasting with the darkerGloomy water emphasise howthe performer is suffering fromSad emotions, and due to hislack of morale, he keeps gettingdown. This relates to the journeyOf the diver as he appears to besinking further and further helplesslyInto darkness.The effect of the diver is very good,as previously mentioned it can describethe strength of the character. He begins happyat the top (the light on the water surface) thenGradually becomes lost by falling(diver sinking) insad emotions.The Font is very Folk Genre related.This is because it has a distinctive,bold style. This is because it stands outfrom the water effect background, andillustrates a very powerful symbol on theAlbum, due to the overhead centre positionand large font size.</li></ol>