BENGAL TIGER By Muizz Anchur BEHAVIORS o Tigers mark their territory aggressively. o Bengal tigers are nocturnal. o Bengal tigers mostly live alone.

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BENGAL TIGERBy Muizz AnchurBEHAVIORSTigers mark their territory aggressively.Bengal tigers are nocturnal.Bengal tigers mostly live alone.Tiger cubs are playful at birth and have a curious nature.

REPRODUCTIONThe Bengal tiger has five cubs a year.Bengal tigers mate in spring.A female Bengal tiger has her first cubs at about three to four yearsThere average litter size is 3.

DIETA hungry tiger can eat as much as 60 pounds.Bengal tigers rarely hunt baby elephants and rhinos.The Bengal tigers main prey are deer, cattle, wild boar, and goat.

SPECIESBengal tigers are the most common tiger.The white tiger is a Bengal tiger with mutated genes.The golden tabby is another type of Bengal tiger.

Physical DescriptionTheir size is 2.4m-3.3m.Their weight is 140kg-300kg.Their fur color is orange, black, white, brown, and golden.

INTERESTING FACTSTheir family name is Felidae.Their scientific is Panthera Tigris.Their top speed is 96 km.

MORE INTERESTING FACTSThere are about 2000 Bengal tigers left in the wild.Tigers are the largest member of the cat family.


Bengal tigers are found in Asia, dense forests, mangrove swamps, jungles through India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal

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