BGA Rework Station Tutorial

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Basic information about the BGA rework station and tells you how to utilize the machine and do the repair for SMD PCB.


<p>BGA Rework StationBGA (Ball Grid Array) rework station that is machine very much needed for removing the IC from the mother board of computer, laptop main board, cell phone mother board and all kinds of SMD boards.There are varieties of models which can support only laptop, only mobile phone, only PC main board and etc. BGA machine is not only for replacing the faulty chips in the board but also re-balling can be done in this. Structure of BAG machine looks like a base with a bed type heating blade, over that IR or coil type heater, a light, digital display and PCB holder. Heater adjustment knob is given with different temperatures, display to know the present temperature, white liquid paste to remove and fix the ICs and IPA solution to clean up the board.Operation: Use sharp blade to scratch the pins of the IC to remove the adhesive applied by the manufacturer. After adhesive has been removed completely apply the white liquid paste throughout the pins of the IC. Place the PCB on the bed and try to clamp it firmly without any shake or loose fitting. Leave 1cm gap between the bed and the PCB board. Get down the upper lid and kept 1cm away from the PCB so that it can getting heated faster. Power on the BGA machine, initially it shows 1200 in the display as its temperature and reset itself to 0. Once you start varying the temperature knob the display value starts changing its value linearly according to the change in temperature. For example if you set the temperature value at 250 then the display values rise up to 250 and it stop. Meanwhile the coil bed getting heated about 100C and the upper lid is getting heated due to the rise in temperature about 250C. Slowly vary the temperature up to 350C. Use Twisser to check the disconnectivity of the IC from the board. If done move the upper lid to the back side of the machine and remove the chip immediately.Clean the board using IPA solution and brush, blow hot air to dry the board. Later touch up the IC base on the PCB using soldering iron and the lead clearly without any short in between. Place new IC on the IC base of the PCB and redo the heating process until the IC fit on to the PCB. Again clean the PCB using IPA solution and make it dry using hot air blower. ByPrakash V</p>


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