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  • 1. The BecomingofBlack History MonthByCatara CageMs.MocsaryEnglish 101-67

2. Every great dream begins with a dreamer.Always remember, you have within youthe strength, the patience, and the passion toreach for stars to change the world---Harriet Tubman 3. Introduction Black History Month is observed each February &celebrates achievements of African Americans. In February 1926, Dr. Carter G. Woodson proposedthe establishment of "Negro History Week" tohonor the history and contributions of AfricanAmericans to American life.Dr. Carter G.Woodson 4. The Year of 1976 Dr. Woodson, known as the "Father of BlackHistory", chose the second week of Februarybecause it commemorates the birthdays of two menwho greatly affected the African Americancommunity: Abraham Lincoln (February 12) andFrederick Douglass (February 14). Negro HistoryWeek became Black History Month in the early1970's. In 1976, the week-long observance wasexpanded to a month in honor of the nation'sbicentennial.Fredrick Douglas Abraham Lincoln 5. Cricitism Black History Month sparks an annual debate aboutthe continued usefulness and fairness of a designatedmonth dedicated to the history of one race. Manypeople hold concerns about black history beingdelegated to a single month and the "hero worship"of some of the historical figures often recognized Morgan Freeman, a critic of Black History Month,said: "I don't want a black history month. Blackhistory is American history." Freeman also arguedthat there was no White History Month becausewhite people did not want their history relegated tojust one month. 6. Abolitionists Frederick Douglass escapedfrom slavery and spokearound the country andEurope about the evils ofslavery. Harriet Tubman escapedslavery and then went backSouth to help many slavesescape to freedom on theUnderground Railroad.Harriet TubmanFrederick Douglass 7. Civil Rights Leaders Rosa Parks is called the Mother ofthe Civil Rights Movement. Oneday after working hard at her job,she was riding the bus home.There were laws that black peoplecould not sit where they wantedon the bus they had to sit in theback. The bus driver asked her togive up her seat so a white mancould sit down. Rosa said no andwas taken to jail. 8. Civil Rights Leaders Martin Luther King was a Baptistpreacher in Montgomery, Alabama.He led a boycott of the city bussystem and this led to the civil rightsmovement. He dedicated his life toachieving equality and justice for allAmericans of all colors. Kingbelieved that peaceful protest wasthe best way to bring about socialchange. Martin Luther King wasassassinated in 1968.Martin Luther King 9. Inventors Elijah McCoy invented a device for oilingsteam engines in 1872. The term thereal McCoy is believed to be a referenceabout the reliability of Elijah McCoysinvention.Elijah McCoy Garrett Augustus Morgan invented thefirst stop light. He sold his invention toGeneral Electric Company. He alsoinvented the gas mask that solders inWWI used.Garrett Morgan 10. Scientists Dr. Daniel Hale Williamsperformed the first open heartsurgery in 1893.Daniel Hale Williams Dr. Mae Jemison was the firstblack woman in space in 1992.She traveled in the spaceshipEndeavor.Mae Jemison 11. Athletes Hank Aaron is a famousbaseball player. In 1974,he beat Babe Ruths homerun record of 715 homeruns. Hank held therecord for 755 home runsfor over 30 years. 12. Athletes Jesse Owens was a track and fieldathlete. He represented the USA atthe 1936 Olympic Games held inNazi Germany. Owens won fourgold medals and set a world recordin the long jump. Hitler left thestadium to avoid having tocongratulate an African-American. Jesse Owens 13. Conclusion Black History Month is a time to remember our pastand celebrate the many achievements of African-Americans!