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Black history month interview

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  • 1. Black HistoryMonthInterviewBy MaameAntobre

2. Interviewingmy MotherJuliana Achiaa 3. Ghana is country in theWest Africa. I t is borderedby Cote Ivoire. 4. Sir Kobina Arku Korsah became thefirst Ghanaian Chief Justice. 5. Chief -means the ruler ofa tribe. 6. A Chief can have asmany Wives as they can. 7. From Primary tosecondary school Girls andboys are to have shorthair. 8. Adowa is a traditional Ashantidance and there areinstruments used as well likeapentemma (single drum) 9. Kente cloth is a type ofsilk and cotton fabricmade of interwovencloth strips. 10. Ghana Got thereindependence becauseKwame Nkrumah he was thepresident of Ghana in 1951. 11. Fufu is a common food eatenin Ghana and West Africa. Itcan be eaten with Light soup,Tomato soup and Palm nutsoup. 12. As growing up toWomanhood Girlsshould learn how tocook so they startaround the age of 12-15. 13. Ghana has never hadsnowNEVER. 14. AZONTO!

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