Breaking the Silence on Bullying

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Breaking the Silence on Bullying. Presented by: Respect Awareness Project of Servant Hearts. Respect Awareness Projects Vision . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Breaking the Silence on Bullying</p> <p>Breaking the Silence on BullyingPresented by: Respect Awareness Project of Servant HeartsRespect Awareness Projects Vision To build respectful, empathic inclusive communities, create safer school climates, and work to dispel homophobic fears through open, honest, and respectful conversationsThe Four Agreements 1. Be impeccable with your word2. Dont take anything personally3. Dont make assumptions 4. Always do your best</p> <p>Don Miguel Ruiz Comprehensive approach needed to curb bullying and harassment in ourFamiliesSchoolsFaith Communities Local Government WorkplacesSports Activities Parents and Community Members have the ability/responsibility to teachEmpathyRespectCompassionWhat are the consequences of bullying?For the victim?For the perpetrator?For the bystander?Parents and Community Members need to be positive role modelsTeen bullies and victims often grow up to be:Domestic AbusersCause Violent AssaultsHave Higher Rate of Depression, Substance UseOften Commit Suicide or HomicidesDo you think children go to school and feel safe every day?Do you think local school policies protect the rights, dignity and self-worth of every student?Why do you think kids/people bully and harassment one another?What words are most often used to bully, harass, control or hurt another person(s)?Why are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth (LGBTQ) or those perceived to be, more often bullied and harassed?What messages do rigid gender roles and stereotypes send?Do we allow for differences and teach healthy sexual development?How does living in a less diverse region limit the lens through which we see and experience life?What can you do to protect your child from Cyber bullying?Cyber Bullying = Bullying/Harassment through the internet, texting, twitter, Facebook, social networking on electronic devices of all types</p> <p>Respect Awareness Project Sponsors:Ecumenical Parents/Friends of LGBTQ Support GroupHigh School &amp; College Gay Straight AlliancesEducational WorkshopsCommunity ConversationsBemidji Pride PicnicBullying Presentation Workshops</p>