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    Blanton 5th Grade December 12-14, 2016

  • What’s My Mission?

     To have a successful camp trip and come

    back with the best camp memories, new

    friends, new experiences and a necklace

    full of beads!

     So how do I do that? Read this guide and

    follow it carefully!

  • What’s the 411?

     When: December 12-114

     Leave Monday Morning Dec. 12th at 9:00am

     Return Wednesday Afternoon Dec. 14th at 3:00pm

     Where: Camp Grady Spruce Main Camp at Possum Kingdom Lake

     Map of our Route

  • What Do I Need To Bring?

     Everything you need to survive for 3 days- especially warm clothes! It’s a good idea to bring lots of layers because we never know what Texas weather will do!

     See “What to Bring” List (sent home and on website)

     All luggage needs to be labeled with student name.

     Sleeping bags or bedrolls should be inside a plastic garbage bag and labeled with masking tape and name.

     Students must be able to carry their luggage to the cabin.

     Students will need to bring a backpack to carry their water bottle, camp journal, pencil, flashlight and any other necessities while at camp.


  • What to Bring!!!


     Clothes- t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, or sweatshirts, jeans or long pants (must be worn on trails for safety) , socks, underwear, pajamas, etc.

     comfortable shoes (2 pair incase one gets wet), jacket, gloves, scarf, earmuffs, etc. for cold weather, raincoat

     Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc.), towels and washcloth

     Sleeping bag or sheets and blankets (bedroll), pillow and pillowcase

     flashlight and batteries, insect repellant , sunscreen, water bottle, backpack

     anything else you need to get your self ready and take care of yourself


     Sunglasses, Camera, Cap or hat, Shower shoes

     Fishing equipment, Board games, cards, sports equipment

  • What Can I Not Bring?

     You may think you can’t survive for 3 days without your cell phone but you can and you will and you’ll have the best time you won’t even miss it!

     Students are not allowed to bring any electronic items including cell phones, video games, ipods, e-readers, etc.

     New, nice, or expensive clothes and shoes and jewelry are not recommended.

     Students can not bring food. All meals and snacks are provided. No candy!

     Knives or other weapons.

  • Drop Off and Pick Up

     You will need to be dropped off at normal time at

    school on the morning of Monday, December 12th

     Drop off with your luggage will be in the front circle


     Also you will need to be picked you up at school on

    Wednesday, December 14th around 3:00pm

     Pick up will be in the front circle drive.

     We do not recommend riding the bus, due to limited

    space with luggage.

  • So When Are We Leaving?

     First, remain calm! We know you are excited but

    your teachers must be sure everything is ready to


     So you will go to your classroom as usual and head

    to specials while your teachers get the bus packed

    and loaded!

     After specials we will take a restroom break and

    load buses and head to camp!!!

  • Transportation

     Charter Buses with Restrooms and TV’s! So Cool!

     But what are the rules so I can enjoy the ride?

    1. The same school rules that always apply- be a

    safe, respectful, and caring.

    2. Don’t distract the bus driver.

    3. You will be able to choose your seat- 2 to a seat-

    but if you can’t behave you will lose the privilege

    to choose your seat.

  • Safety Comes First!

     Our job is to keep you safe while at camp! Your job is to help keep yourself and others safe!

     What if I get hurt?

     Never fear our wonderful Nurse Tracy will be with us!

     All medicine must be turned in to Nurse Tracy before we leave for the trip. Students may not carry their own medication while at camp.

     If you take medicine see Nurse Tracy at your time to take your medicine.

  • What About Shelter?

     Nice new updated cabins that have heat and air conditioning, hot and cold water, sinks, toilets and a shower.

     Boys and girls cabins are separated.

     There will be approximately 10 students per cabin with 2-3 parent chaperones.

     You filled out a form with 4 other students you’d like to be with and we guarantee you will be at least 1.

     When will I find out who’s in my cabin?

    When we get to camp and not a second before! You will survive!

  • But How Will I Get The Food I Need?

     Students will need to bring a sack lunch for Monday, December 12th and pack it in their backpack (not their luggage).

     All other meals are provided and served buffet style so everyone can eat as much as they want. In addition to the main course they also provide a salad bar/cereal bar at every meal.

     You will get snacks to keep with your for during the day when you just don’t know if you can make it until the next meal! When your snacks are gone they are gone so ration carefully!

  • So what about school?

     Camp journal is your school work for the week!

     We will be taking 4 grades from it:

    1 science, 1 math, 1 social studies, and one language arts.

     The day after we return from camp the students will have time in class to complete anything they did not finish.

     Camp journals are due no later than Friday, December 16th- no exceptions!

  • What’s Our Daily Schedule?

    7:00 Wake up and get Ready

    7:50 Flag

    8:00 Breakfast

    9:00-11:30 Trails/Activities

    12:00 Lunch

    1:00-2:00 Rest Hour

    2:00-5:00 Trails/Activities

    5:50 Flag

    6:00 Dinner

    7:00-9:00 Evening Activities

    9:00 Prepare for Bed

    10:00 Lights Out

  • Cabin and Activity Groups

     Your Cabin Group

     Cabin color

     Cabin Name

     Make Cabin Flag

     Activity Groups

     One boys cabin and one girls cabin paired for activity


  • Camp Store

     There is a store that you may purchase souvenirs and


     They have Soft Drinks, Sport Drinks, Bottled Water,

    Snacks, Postcards, T-shirts, Shorts, Hats, Visors,

    Cameras, Flashlights and Stuffed Animals.

     If you choose to bring money, please be sure it is in a

    ziplock or envelope labeled with your name.

  • How Will I Survive?

     In order to survive you will need to exhibit the traits

    of a noble knight and be a safe, respectful, and

    caring learner.

     Your chaperones (parents), teachers, and naturalists

    will be there to guide you to do just that!

     You must demonstrate the following traits to survive-

    responsibility, respect, trustworthiness, caring, fairness,

    and citizenship.

  • How Do I Know I Will Have Fun?

     Well we always have fun don’t we???

     No but really, it’s a simple math equation.

    Your choices= Your camp experience


    Good choices=  camp experience

    Poor choices=  camp experience

     It’s your choice, you have the power to determine your

    actions! So choose wisely!

  • What are the Rules?

     Only 4 Rules you need to know!

    Follow your cabin rules!

    Follow ALL school rules and expectations!

    Follow all CAMP rules!

    With an adult at all times!

     Your Camp Chaperone (Parent) is your leader!

  • What Can I Earn?

     Lots!!!!

     An awesome bead necklace to take home as a


     The opportunity to earn the Camper of the

    Week Award!

  • Do I Need a Ticket?

     Your fee is paid and your bags are packed.

     The only ticket you need is a commitment to do your

    part to make camp a success by pledging to be a

    safe, respectful, and caring learner!

     Complete your My Camp Goals Sheet and return to

    your homeroom teacher by Friday, December 2nd.

    That’s your Golden Ticket!

  • We Will Survive and are

    Gonna Have a Great Time!

     For more information visit the Website:

    Camp Grady Spruce Website