Cellular Respiration Harvesting Chemical Energy

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Cellular Respiration Harvesting Chemical Energy. ATP. Energy needs of life. Animals are energy consumers What do we need energy for? ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Cellular Respiration Harvesting Chemical Energy

2007-2008Cellular RespirationHarvesting Chemical Energy

ATP1Energy needs of lifeAnimals are energy consumersWhat do we need energy for?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2Which is to say if you dont eat, you die because you run out of energy.The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics takes over!Where do we get energy?Energy is stored in organic molecules_______________________________________Animals eat these organic molecules digest food to get_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3We eat to take in the fuels to make ATP which will then be used to help us build biomolecules and grow and move and live!

heterotrophs = fed by others vs.autotrophs = self-feeders2007-2008ATPWhat is energy in biology?

Whoa! HOT stuff! Adenosine TriPhosphate4Harvesting energy stored in food____________________________________________________________________________________________________________aerobic respirationusually digesting glucosebut could be other sugars, fats, or proteins

C6H12O66O2ATP6CO26H2O+++_______ + _______ _______ + _______ + _______ _______O2foodATP5Movement of hydrogen atoms from glucose to waterWhat do we need to make energy?The Furnace for making energy___________________ Fuel______: carbohydrates, fats, proteinsHelpers______________________________________Product___________________Waste products___________________then used by plants___________________

O2foodATPMake ATP!Make ATP!All I do all dayAnd no oneeven notices!enzymesCO2H2OMitochondria are everywhere!!

animal cellsplant cellsCO2 + H2O + heatfuel(carbohydrates)O2Burn fuels to make energycombustionmaking heat energy by burning fuels in one stepATP

ATP + CO2 + H2O (+ heat)________________________making ATP energy (& some heat) by burning fuels in many small stepsfood(carbohydrates)O28Movement of hydrogen atoms from glucose to water

Using ATP to do work?A working muscle recycles over 10 million ATPs per second

Cant store ATPToo only used in

Only carbohydrates & fats are long term energy storageATP_________workWhoa! Pass me theglucose & oxygen! Adenosine DiPhosphateAdenosine TriPhosphate9A Bodys Energy Budgeteatfood(building) energy needed even at rest activity temperature control{ growth reproduction repair{ glycogen(animal starch) fat{

123 ATPWhat if oxygen is missing?No oxygen available = cant complete aerobic respiration___________________________also known as ______________________________________________________________________no oxygen or no mitochondria (bacteria)can only make very large animals cannot O2



Anaerobic Respiration

_________________________________________________yeast_______________________________make beer, wine, bread________________________bacteria, animals_______________________________bacteria make yogurtanimals feel muscle fatigueO2

Tastes goodbut not enoughenergy for me!

Light EnergyLight travels in _____________________ is the distance from 1 crest to another crest13Visible Light SpectrumA small portion of all the possible wavelengthsSunlight is called _______ lightIf you put white light through a prism you get?All the colors of the rainbow, This is known as the________ ________


15Light Particles Each particle of light is called a _____The shorter the wavelength, the more energy it hasVioletRedENERGY16


PigmentA Substance that _________ lightYou only see the light waves that are _______ off a substanceAll the other light waves are absorbed by the substance

18Colorblindness Test

What color blind people see:


20Online Testhttp://colorvisiontesting.com/online%20test.htm


22ThinkWhy do leaves change color in the fall?

Photosynthetic PigmentsThere are photosynthetic pigments in each chloroplastChlorophyll aPrimary photosynthetic pigmentAbsorbs all light wavesChlorophyll b, Carotenes, & xanthophyllsAbsorbs all light waves but red, yellow, and orangeAbsorb light and 24




28Chromatography of Spinach

29So why are leaves green?There is A LOT more chlorophyll ____So it hides the other pigments and the leaf appears _______30So why do leaves change colors?In spring and summer timeLeaves have chlorophyll a & b, carotenes, & xanthophyllsAll colors except most green is absorbed But during the fallChlorophyll a _______ cellsOnly Chlorophyll b, carotene, & xanthophyll is leftLeaves __________ orange, yellow, or red31

322008-2009Photosynthesis:Life from Light and Air

33Plants are energy producersLike animals, plants need energy to liveUnlike animals, plants dont need to eat food to make that energy_______________________________________________________________________________________

How do plants make energy & food?Plants use the energy from the sun__________________________________________________________glucose, sucrose, cellulose, starch, & more

sunATPsugarsH2OBuilding plants from sunlight & airPhotosynthesis2 separate processes_______________________collect sun energyuse it to make ATP_______________________take the ATP energycollect CO2 from air & H2O from grounduse all to build sugarsATPsunsugars+carbon dioxideCO2sugarsC6H12O6CO2waterH2O+Using light & air to grow plants6CO26H2OC6H12O66O2sunenergy+++ glucose + oxygencarbondioxidesunenergy+ water +(ATP) = used to build the sugar__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What do plants need to grow?The factory for making energy & sugars__________________ Fuels______________________________________________________The Helpers__________________sugarsATPMake ATP!Make sugar!I can do it allAnd no oneeven notices!enzymessunH2OCO2H2O

Photosynthesis_______ _______ ______________ _______ _______ATPADPCO2sugarsunused immediatelyto synthesize sugarsChloroplasts are only in plants

animal cellsplant cells


Chloroplastsin cellLeafLeavesChloroplast____________________________________________________ChloroplastscontainChlorophyllCO2_______________sun

Bring In_________________________________Let Out___________Move Around___________So what does a plant need?6CO26H2OC6H12O66O2lightenergy+++rootsshootleaves42

Leaf Structure (sugar) (water)(vein)Leaf Structure


Water evaporates from the stomates in the leavespulls water up from rootswater molecules stick to each othermore water is pulled up tree from ground

TranspirationH2OCO2CO2O2H2Oxylem (water)stomateguardcellsO2CO2 in O2 outwater outso it gets to leaves from rootsFunction of Leaf StructuresCuticle________________________________________Epidermis________________________________________Palisades layer________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Spongy layer________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Stomates & Guard Cells

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________gets to leaves for photosynthesis________________________________________________________________guard cellstomate49Guard cells & HomeostasisHomeostasiskeeping the internal environment of the plant balanced________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Phloem: food-conducting cells____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________52How are they connected?glucose + oxygen carbon + water + energydioxideC6H12O66O26CO26H2OATP+++_________________________________6CO26H2OC6H12O66O2lightenergy+++ glucose + oxygencarbondioxidesunenergy+ water +53So, in effect, photosynthesis is respiration run backwards powered by light.

Cellular Respirationoxidize C6H12O6 CO2 & produce H2Ofall of electrons downhill to O2 exergonic

Photosynthesis reduce CO2 C6H12O6 & produce O2boost electrons uphill by splitting H2Oendergonic

H2OEnergy cycleCellular RespirationsunThe Great Circleof Life!Wheres Mufasa?O2CO2________________________________________ATPCellular Respiration54H2OEnergy cycle____________________ _______O2CO2synthesiscapturelight energydigestionreleasechemical energyATP_____________________Cellular Respiration________________________________________Cellular RespirationThe poetic perspectiveAll of the solid material of every plant was built out of thin airAll of the solid material of every animal was built from plant materialThen all the cats, dogs, mice, people & elephantsare really strands of air woven together by sunlight!sunair562008-2009

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