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21st Century Disaster SOULLESS

:solution :LOVEArea-heart!

Marita MerkviladzeGeorgia

Every time people are afraid for disasters like tsunami, floods, earthquakes, bomb attacks. They are thinking how to avoid such things and protect themselves. But they do not think about the disasters main causes, such as Soulless. Some people would say, it is funny to consider soulless as a reason of such disasters but just follow me and read what would I tell you. Come on!1

Dont Think it is Simple!1. Loving Nature2. Loving Each Other3. Behavior of Human4. Peace!5. Think First6. Remember You Are Gods creature7. I LOVE you

Follow each paragraphDisasters make people, who do not love nature, who do not love each other, behavior incorrect, make others pain and do not think about it. Creating war, creating such things, that cause air pollution, water becomes black and unable to use. When people do something, they do not think about other people. Think first and then do it. Think about future results. Remember, we are Gods creature. We do not have right to make creatures, that damages Gods Creation. And at the end, The main thing. Feel that you love everyone and you will not be dangerous for the earth. I Love You- it is not threadbare phrase. It is important. Say it and feel it. It will occur soulless.2

1.Loving Nature

Main thing is think about each other. If the floods do not touched you, it doesnt mean, it is not your problem. We all know, that cutting off the trees makes underground water coming more and more. Every men should think first for results, of its behavior and then act.3

Act With Heart !

If every one will act with the heart, it would be funny to talk about war, floods, draught, economic collapses. Everything happens from us. From our incorrect acting, without heart. ACT WITH HEART!4

I Love You! Creating For you!

We shouldnt be selfish. Everything we do we should do for each other. Thats main, that is real living and real loving. We should love each other! 5