[Challenge:Future] Make it Fun to Learn!

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  • 1. by DreaMiNaMakers 29.03.2011


  • Benefits
  • Satisfied and smiling students enjoying instudying process!
  • Deeper understanding of students what they want to do in the future and faster self-development!
  • Positive impact on the psychological and physical development of young people!
  • Technology
  • A system that would allow students to choose what they want to study, will give them more freedom and teach them to be more sustainable.
  • Schools equipped with the latest technology.
  • Features
  • Opportunity to choose subjects that interest students;
  • Further development of creative and unique skills in students;
  • Freedom in research and self-improvement, access toinformation and newest technologies;
  • Mentoring;
  • Teachers as facilitators

3. Dimitris, Engineer from AustraliaStudentshave different education needs and possess various strengths, weaknesses, learning styles and habits.More emphasis should be added on that.Kiril, Greece student of economics If I had an opportunity at school to feel how history can be interesting, I would not study economics for 5 years at the university. And after school I would choose historymajor immediately. Lasaros, future rider I dont like school! Its so boring and the teachers do not know anything about real life!I want to become a rider!Wedonthave any class related with riding. 4. Mateu, Doctor, Thessaloniki, Greece Traditional classes are too theoretical and boring. Many pupils have problems withtheir health, because most of the time during the classes they are sitting, are bored and unsatisfied. When you are satisfied and smiling, your brain and memory work better! The classes should be different, active and inspiring! Oksana, student of Medicine from Kyiv, Ukraine . and 2 more 5.

  • Active philanthropist since 1970s, when he began providing fund to help black students attend universityin South Africa .
  • As of 2010 he had given away a total of $8 billion throughout universities in the whole world.
  • We would like to askMr. Soros :
  • How can peoplebenefitwith a new educational system?
  • How can this improvement befinanced ?
  • Are yousatisfiedwith the existing educational methods?
  • Tell us about your schoolexperience ? Did you enjoy the time spend there as you could with our system?
  • How these changes will contribute to the amelioration in the life offuture generations ?