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Chapter 8 Lessons 2 & 3 PEER RELATIONSHIPS Peer Pressure & Refusal Skills Dating Abstinence

Chapter 8 Lessons 2 & 3 PEER RELATIONSHIPS Peer Pressure & Refusal Skills Dating Abstinence

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Text of Chapter 8 Lessons 2 & 3 PEER RELATIONSHIPS Peer Pressure & Refusal Skills Dating Abstinence

Chapter 8 Lessons 2 & 3

Chapter 8Lessons 2 & 3PEER RELATIONSHIPSPeer Pressure & Refusal SkillsDatingAbstinenceWHAT DOES IT MEAN TO CONFORM?What were the examples of peer pressure and conformity in this experiment?

Peer pressure- influence people of your own age or status have on you (spoken vs. unspoken)

Positive - good influence

2) Negative negative consequences

- harassment persistently annoying others- manipulation indirect or dishonest way to control influence others

WAYS TO MANIPULATEResponses to Peer Pressure

Passive give in, avoiding- Aggressive overly forcefulAssertive- stand up for rights in firm but positive wayHOW TO BE ASSERTIVE1) I messages2) Respectful but firm voice3) Alternatives to actions4) Clear & simple statements5) Appropriate body language (no mixed messages)Refusal Skills skills help you say noState your positionSuggest AlternativesStand your ground

Make your decision knownAvoid tempting situationsChange the subjectSuggest an alternativeLeave the situationLifeboat ActivityYou have to decide the order in which you would save the people on the sinking ship. Place a number next to each description (1-8).Write on a separate sheet of paper why you would save each character in that particular order. Lifeboat Activity (cont)Get into groups with your rows. You must come up with an order of saving people as a group. Most likely, people are going to have differing opinions but you can only have one answer.Write this down on a separate sheet of paper and the reason why you chose each person in that order.Lifeboat Activity QuestionsPlease answer these questions in a paragraph:What did this activity have to do with the topic of peer pressure?Did your groups answer differ from your individual answer and Why?If you were actually on the lifeboat in real life, how would peer pressure effect your decision? Why?

Do Now - Answer the questionsWhich would be hardest to accept?- Husband or wife cheating- Husband or wife doing hard drugs- Finding out husband or wife was married before and never told you

What do you look for in a mate?- Good looking- lots of money- Fun to be with

What do you look at when you meet someone of opposite sex? - eyes- Overall figure- face

Which of these is most preferable to you?- Stay single- married no kids- married with kids

Do Now: Answer these Brainstorming ?s in your note packetWhat is your definition of dating?What age should you begin dating?Name some appropriate places where you could go on a date?Name negative and positive benefits of dating?5)List concerns your parents have about dating?Dating & Setting LimitsEstablishing Dating StandardsSafe transportationReasonable CurfewHave a code of contactAvoid Risk Situation

Dating Violence 22.4% of women and 15.0% of men first experienced some form of partner violence between 11 and 17 years of age

What are qualities found in both?

Feelings Health Relationship

HappyGrowthContentmentEnergizedOptimismSelf RespectEnhanced Self EsteemEncouragement

Feeling Unhealthy Relationship

FatigueNegativityDeclineIsolationSadnessDiminished SelfDesperationObsessive thoughts

AbstinenceHow can teen sexual activity have negative consequences on the following categories?


Physical healthEmotional HealthSocial HealthLegal Implications

Abstinence What are some reasons to practice abstinence until marriage?1) Physical Health- Sexual Transmitted Infections- unplanned pregnancy3) Emotional Health- hurt, self respect, guilt, regret

4) Social Health- reputation, family members

Committing to AbstinenceEstablish prioritiesSet personal limits on affectionShare your thoughtsAvoid high pressure situations

*Use refusal techniques