Children’s Authors of Traditional Black Tales In Celebration of Black History Month

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  • Childrens Authors of Traditional Black TalesIn Celebration of Black History Month

  • Stories shared aloud should paint pictures in the listeners mind and connect to the listeners soul. Traditional Tales require this connection with the audience. Folktales allow an author to capture a culture and create connections for those outside that culture.

  • Virginia Hamilton

  • Jerry Pinkney

  • Gerald McDermott

  • Verna Aardema

  • Julius Lester

  • Brian Pinkney

  • Patricia McKissack

  • Read any of these books out loud and you will hear the story in a different way. The language used in these books is magical and can be traced back to the days long ago when books and paper were not for all people all over the world.

    Celebrate all cultures through Traditional Fiction.

    *Black culture has given us so much in American culture. The tradition of oral storytelling is not just in Black culture, but it is so strong that these stories shared over generations are now so much a part of our literature and music in this country. Let us take a moment to celebrate through childrens books and their authors or illustrators. *These are my words, thus no quotation or author. *From Ohio, won many awards in her lifetime, family traced to the underground railroad, her novels of all different genres won many awards as did her traditional fiction books*From Pennsylvania, is dyslexic, reads slowly and prefers reading aloud so he can hear the illustrations he is to draw for the story*As a very young child, Gerald took art classes at the Detroit Institute of Art, received both honor and Caldecott medal awards; also writes films*Born in New Era, Michigan and graduate of Michigan State; avid reader as a child and as an adult*Musician from a young age he plays bangjo, guitar, clarinet, and piano; grew up in Kansas and Tennessee, now lives in Boston; Three of his great grandparents had been slaved, most known for book To Be a Slave-considered a literary classic-won a Newbery Honor*Son of Jerry Pinkney and husband to Andrea Davis Pinkney, also a author of childrens books; won many awards including the Caldecott Honor medal for his illustrations*Grew up in Tennessee, family loved to gather together to tell stories together, sometimes writes with her husband Fredrick, has over 50 books published in many genres