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CIN. Digital Journey. June

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Microsoft PowerPoint - CIN. Digital Journey. JuneTransformation
Improving Interactions - Agility – Innovation
• Reduced Process Costs: 10-15%
• Reduced process throughput times: 10-30%
• Reduced training time / expenses: 10-30%
• Reduced number of (internal) support requests: 15-30%
• Reduced number of customer complaints: 20-30%
• Increased forecast accuracy: 15-30%
Applied to improve existing “Business Process Management”
• Define – The problem, business case and process
• Measure – Identify baseline performance and metrics
• Analyse – Expose & verify the root cause(s) to problems
• Improve – Identify and implement solutions and confirm
• Control – Prevent the problem from recurring
Black belt taekwondo & LSS black belt Don’t mess with ICT and Council’s Business Analyst
LSS - Continuous Improvement
LSS - Continuous Improvement
Keep it Real
LSS - Continuous Improvement
Without “measurable” data you're just another person with an opinion (W. Edwards Deming)
• Business performance is evidence based
• Not based upon personal opinion or group sentiment
• Facts and opinions should not compete
They’re complementary functions in our decision-making
Measurable Performance Improvements - • Based upon fact • Repeatable • Independently verifiable
Digital Transformation
LSS - Continuous Improvement
What is Digital Transformation?? “Digital transformation is the reinvention of an organization through the use of digital technology to improve the way it performs and serves its constituents” (UTS 2018)
• Face to Face $16.90 • Telephone $ 6.60 • Postal $12.79 • Online $ 0.40
• Deloitte modelling combined saving of $25.27 per transaction (Deloitte Access Economics – “Digital government transformation” 2015)
• Digital Transformation returns four times than it costs
• MBDC has approx.+100 000 paper transactions p/a
• Transform processes by 20% = Saving $500K p/a
• Deliver more without increasing costs
LSS - Continuous Improvement
and processes
approach, lacking innovation and
MBDC positioned here
• ICT strategic positioning towards emerging technologies, IOT, Smart Cities etc..
• ICT positioning and organisational environment misalignment ??
• Legacy Systems – Medieval options available
• Low business maturity
LSS - Continuous Improvement
• Integration and Agility
• BPM combined with Low Code D.T “Drag and Drop Functionality”
LSS - Continuous Improvement
Where to Start?
LSS - Continuous Improvement
• Using BPM as the enabler (DMAIC)
“Define” the Problem
LSS - Continuous Improvement
The values we practice – rather than the statements we make is what drives an organisations culture and high
20% Transformation = $0.5 Million saving recurring P/A
• Understand the VOB, VOC and measurable CTQ
Stakeholder Engagement, Customer Survey, Audits, etc.
• Clear Objective and Purpose
• Understand the Processes – Promapp
LSS - Continuous Improvement
2. Community Facilities Bookings
4. Miscellaneous Forms and General Enquiries
5. Online Customer Self Service, CRM’s etc..
Development Applications - DPTI (July 2020)?
“Measure” Existing Processes
LSS - Continuous Improvement
The real work begins
• Determine Potential Root Causes
This where the fun begins
• Assess Potential Solutions
• Select/Test Preferred Solution
• Understand & Minimise Variation
• Develop Implementation Plan
• Verify effectiveness - Metrics
Solution only as good as ability to
execute and close off
Document project –
(some of the) Issues
• Bonding and Refunds
Quick Wins & Beyond
LSS - Continuous Improvement
• Miscellaneous Forms (3-4 Months)
• Development Engineering Tracking