Class #1 Finding your road map

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Class #1 Finding your road map. What have I done.and what do I do next?!. 3 Secrets to Success. 1. There are no Secrets 2. Think Big! Dream Big! Magic Dream/Magic Numberwhat is your why? 3. Work the Numbers! The numbers are: 1 in 2 appts will hold/reschedule - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • What have I done.and what do I do next?!

  • 1. There are no Secrets2. Think Big! Dream Big!Magic Dream/Magic Numberwhat is your why?3. Work the Numbers!The numbers are:1 in 2 appts will hold/reschedule of guests confirmed will show1 in 5 will sign

  • 1. To help you see the big picture2. To help you set your goalsgive you a track to run on3. To teach you to book, coach, sell and recruitThese tools are ESSENTIAL to success in your business!4.To HELP keep you encouraged and motivated along the way5. To match my time with your efforts

  • 1. You must treat your business like a business2. You must invest in training3. Set up structure for your business: professional voicemail, check email regularly, set work hours for your business, communicate with your director regularly4. Practice a positive attitude and emotional management

  • 50% profit, 50% reinvestmentNo bankrupting or embezzling!40/60 splitOnly 5-10% on Section 2 demo with Sect 1 products!Debt vs. InvestmentUse profits from your sales to pay initial investment and to build inventory!Your goal is a full store and initial investment paid in first 6 months from the sales of your business!

  • A. What you think about you bring aboutB. Your have the ability to Control your situations1. Your Thoughts2. Your Circle of Influence3. What you Listen to what you read

  • Training password rabbid dog MeetingsAsk your director if you dont have oneEventsNSD, Director Debuts, Guest Incite CDs

  • Its not what you say, its how you say itDont get bogged down in the detailsSlow Down W.A.I.T (why am I talking)