Cloud Computing for Business

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Cloud Computing for Business. By Matthew Bulat M.Eng.Tech MCSE MCDBA What is Cloud Computing?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Cloud Computing for BusinessBy Matthew BulatM.Eng.Tech MCSE



  • What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing can be described as a combination ofvirtualization servers providing scalable services, applications, storage and infrastructure for multiple clients over the Internet.

  • What can Cloud Computing Provide?Advanced computer infrastructure quickly with no capital costsData access from anywhere with an Internet connection for yourself and clientsScale support infrastructure with business changes quicklyFull time business presence for customers

  • Cloud Computing ExamplesGlobal e-TrainingGlobal e-CommerceSoftware as a serviceVirtual VOIP telephonyAnywhere Office applications and collaborationEmail from anywhereOnline backup servicesCreate a automated online service business

  • Your Server versus Cloud ServerHardware costsOperating System costsApplication costsServer setup timeServer spaceServer electricityServer UPS, generatorServer backupsReplacement cyclesBusiness can use virtual computing themselvesNo capital costsMonthly fees based on useApplications part of serviceSetup in 1 day possibleNo space neededNo electricity neededNo capital neededBackup systems are remoteScale up or down as neededBusiness broadband needed

  • Server cost sample comparisonServer $3500Installation including infrastructure $1500Electricity including cooling and UPS $1000/yr3 year total $8000

    Cloud Server for 3 years $3000

  • Business Building BlocksWeb Hosting ~$100 per yearCloud Server ~$500 - $1000 per year or $0.20 per hourContent Management System for Web freeWeb page editor free to $1000sOnline Office applications $50 per yearVOIP telephony from $15 unlimited national calls/month

  • Business OpportunitiesStart a new business with hosted virtual computers and VOIP telephony cheaplyControl a cloud server for your clients websitesUse web hosting to create an e-Commerce shopUse web hosting to create Information paid siteCreate a Software as a service applicationBuild your own cloud computing setup. A physical server can host up to 80 virtual PCs.Assist other businesses to operate onlineSearch Engine Optimization services

  • Worldwide Payment OptionsPayPal works in multiple currencies, instant verification, no merchant account needed. Users can use PayPal account or credit cardsAmazon Associates Web Service works with Amazon cloud protocols.Google Checkout Order authorised by Google and need to be processed within 7 days. Payment is completed when item shipped.

  • Software as a Service SAASNo software to buy, maintain and upgrade.Design an application using SAAS model. AppExchange provides an environment for SAAS delivery.Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 provides a SAAS storage, database, payment and programming environment.Google Gears allows online offline applications including Google Docs and Zoho applications.

  • SAAS Program for BusinessDesign an Industry applicationCharge $9 to $55 / user / month. Pay as you go.Users can have applications quickly operatingBusiness can rollout new projects fasterLess capital costs to businessNo depreciations costs on balance sheetsE.g. Customer Relationship ManagementShared Project Management across stakeholdersEmployee leave approval and processing Business energy use tracking and trending

  • Education Cloud Computing ExampleWeb Hosting - $100/yearJoomla Web Content Management FreeJoomla Education extension - $100Skills to set up Skills to make coursesPayPal for fee collection 3%, instant verification

    Google Searches for Education: 20 million/monthAutomatic paid education services to the world

  • Web sites on the CloudHelp business on to external hosted Web Sites using your created contentHelp business on to your cloud hosted Web Sites using your created content + monthly fees. One cloud server can host 100s of websites.Charge more for content management system and training for self maintenanceCharge more for Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimisation and website Analytic reports.Charge for content changes

  • References Virtual Computers, Web Hosting and Virtual VOIP Over 100,000 SAAS Applications Online and Off Line development platform Amazon cloud platform and development environment Worldwide payment system Worldwide payment system Develop and sell applications for Apple online Online Business Office Apps Microsoft Online Services Free Web Content Management Systems. Extra 4000 custom features available. Free Web page editor. Free web server development platform for PC.Web Traffic Accelerator Sample Search Engine Optimisation serviceMore Cloud Computing Possibilities Article Cloud Computing Efficiency Article