Commercial in confidence • - Copybook of Def Stan 59-411. ... 2210, AQAP 2105 Def Stan 05-61), documentation and ILS. Production and factory acceptance testing have been

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    l in confiden


  • Analox has been an active supplier to the submarineescape and rescue community since 1997. Oursuccess in this market stems from our innovativedevelopment of miniaturised, low power infra redsensors capable of performing accurately athyperbaric pressures. Our portable multigas monitoris the market leading analyser for operation in adistressed submarine (DISSUB). Our fixedanalysers are the decentralised system ofchoice for Submarine Rescue Vessels anddecompression chambers.

    Analox has been a leading international supplierto the commercial diving market since 1981, inwhich divers are confined to saturation divecomplexes for 30 to 45 day periods. Analoxequipment is used to monitor and control thechamber atmosphere to ensure it can sustainlife, and is not polluted with contaminants.

    Key Analox projects include;

    Decentralised hyperbaric monitoring systemsfor NSRS SRV & TUP

    Bespoke hyperbaric monitoring system withbuilt in redundancy for the Astute class

    Hyperbaric monitoring systems for a numberof internationally operated SRVs

    Key Analox products;

    Sub MkIIP - the only NATO compliant multigasanalyser for submarine escape

    Sub MkIIIF - the fixed hyperbaric system ofchoice of SRV manufacturers

    Submarine Escape & Rescue

    1. The design, manufacture and supply of AnaloxSub E-IR15P, the first hyperbaric continuousreal time analyser for Submarine Escape &Rescue. This unit provides critical informationon the state of the DISSUB atmosphere to thesenior survivor and crew. This unit was suppliedto the Royal Navy for use in all British submarineescape compartments. The Sub E-IR15P is nowmore than 15 years old, and in 2000 wasreplaced by the Sub MkIIP.

    The Sub MkIIP is currently the only continuousanalyser capable of meeting the requirementsof NATO STANAG 1320 Ed 4; Minimumrequirements for atmospheric monitoringequipment located in submarines with escapecapability. The Sub MkIIP has been put throughextensive testing, DISSUB & Survivex exerciseswith favourable outcomes. Over 500 units arein active service with more than 14 nationsincluding the UK, Canada, USA, Norway,Australia, France, Brazil, Italy and theNetherlands. The unit has been supplied directlyand through submarine builders like HDW andDCNS.

    The Sub MkIIP is designed to operate over a0.8 to 10 Bar pressure range, 0 to 40C temperature range and at humiditys over 95% RH. It is compliant with EMC requirements of Def Stan 59-411.

    Commercial in confidence

  • AnaloxsSub MkIIIF

    hyperbaric systemrecently selected forthe Swedish Navy


    In 2008-2009Analox supplied

    Sub MkIIF, Hyper-GasMkII, 1000 and 5001

    series to Draeger for usein 12 &19 man single

    bell divingsystems.

    In 2010, Analox approached the UK Royal Navyto seek permission to film on board one of theirsubmarines. During service of the Sub E-IR15Pfor the Royal Navy, Analox had concerns aboutthe unnecessary damage being caused to someunits. Analox wanted to prevent this on the newSub MkIIP units being deployed to the fleet,and felt the best way to achieve this was toprovide the crew with a familiarisation DVD thatthey could watch at their leisure.

    The Royal Navy supported our request andarranged for filming to take place on a Trafalgarclass boat. Analox scripted the DVD, contractedthe videographer and production companyand produced a DVD at Analoxs expense. Eachnew Sub MkIIP is now supplied with a familiar-isation DVD, which can also be down-loadedfrom our website. Damage to units in servicewith the Royal Navy has reduced from 31% to2%.

    Analox is actively engaged in service supportfor the Sub MkIIP, with established servicecontracts in place for several customers.

    2. Analox have extensive experience in designingand manufacturing bespoke atmospheremonitoring systems for Submarine RescueVehicles, and have supplied the followingsystems over the last 20 years;

    US Navy

    a. The design and manufacture of a partialpressure carbon dioxide sensor module forDSRV Mystic. Obsolesence of theirexisting CO2 sensorforced the redesignin which Analoxhad to work withinthe constraintsof the existingvehiclearchitecturein terms of size,weight, power andcommunicationsinterfaces.

    Commercial in confidence

  • b. Atmosphere monitoring system for the USNavys new submarine rescue system SRDRS.Analox has supplied monitoring systems for usewithin the pilot and rescue compartments in thePressurised Rescue Module (PRM). The systemconsists of 2 main monitoringsystems and 2 independent back upsystems. The PRM was successfully used tomate with a Russian submarine (Alrosa) duringthe NATO BoldMonarch exercise in May 2011. As part of thethrough life support, Analox continue to exceedthe requirements of annual QA inspections fromPhoenix International, the US Navy primecontractor. View the exercise and

    c. The design, manufacture and supply of variousatmosphere monitoring systems for use by theJapanese Navy, for use on board their submarinerescue vessels Chihaya and Chiyoda, and theirresearch submarine Shinkai 6500.

    After approximately 10 years of service, Analoxare now upgrading these with Mk2 versions.The Mk2 versions are based on Analoxs latestintelligent hyperbaric sensors. Their use enablesa modular system design which can besupported and maintained in Japan, a first fora hyperbaric system! The Mk2 versions fit intothe same space envelope as the Mk1 systemand utilises the same mechanical and electricalinterfaces.

    d. In December 2011, Analox supplied its latesthyperbaric monitoring system, the Sub MkIIIF,to James Fisher Defence for use on theSingapore SRV DSAR-6 and the Swedish NavySRV URF, which is currently undergoingrefurbishment. The Sub MkIIIF uses Analoxslatest intelligent sensors which enable the systemto be entirely maintained and supported by thecustomer.

    e. NSRSIn 2005, Analox were subcontracted to RollsRoyce for the design, manufacture and supplyof IEC61508 SIL2 compliant atmospheremonitoring and control systems for use in the

    NATO SubmarineRescue System, inboth the SubmarineRescue Vehicle (SRV)and the Transfer UnderPressure (TUP) systems.The SRV system consisted of; 3 operator consoles connected to 6 remote

    sensor units within the pilot and rescuecompartments;

    1 control console connected to 3 remotesensor control units for the purpose of oxygencontrol within the vehicle;

    1 repeater unit, to repeat the conditions in thepilot compartment to the rescue chamber;and

    1 toxic gas monitor (TGM) designed to checkthe quality of the DISSUB atmosphere priorto the SRV mating with the submarine. Oncethe TGM is presented with a sample of theDISSUB atmosphere, it will measure oxygen,carbon dioxide, hydrogen and flammablegases, chlorine and carbon monoxide over a0.8 to 1.084Bar pressure range.

    The TUP system consisted of; 5 operator consoles connected to 15 remote

    sensor monitoring units; and 2 control consoles connected to 5 remote

    sensor control units

    The system is designed to operate over a 0.8to 6.5BarA pressure range, from -15C to +45Cin up to 100% relative humidity. It has beendesigned under the Lloyds Register Rulesand Regulations for the construction and

    Commercial in confidence

  • Fitted with anew state of the

    art Analoxmonitoring system,Seven Atlantic has

    achieved 1000 hoursdivingtime with no

    Lost TimeIncident (LTI)

    classification of submersibles parts 1-7 and toEMC requirements IEC 61000-6-2 andIEC61000-6-4, parts of the system had tocomply with BR1326 for materials toxicity.

    Analox used a modular design to ensure thecustomer is capable of maintaining the system.The system was delivered during 2006 and2007. As part of the contract Analox wasresponsible for the preparation and delivery ofoperator and maintainer level training courses,in addition to a comprehensive document packincluding engineering drawings, operator andservice manuals and ILS information.Analox were present to commission the equipment and we continue tooffer through life engineeringsupport when required.

    Submarine atmospheres

    a. The design, manufactureand supply of a uniquehyperbaric atmospheremonitoring system for the UKRoyal Navy, for use on boardthe Astute class of submarine.Analox designed andmanufactured a bespoke gasanalysis system to IEC61508 SIL 2.

    The system had to meet extremely demandingrequirements for shock and vibration, andmaterials had to comply with BR1326. Thesystem design was completed within 2 yearsof concept, boat units are provided on an as

    required basis. Under the project, Analox has carried out installation and commissioning work on board Astute, adhered to strict contractrequirements in terms of project

    management, quality (AQAP 2110, AQAP2210, AQAP 2105 & Def Stan 05- 61), documentation and ILS. Production and factory acceptance testing have been carried out, and Analox have been supporting the Sea Acceptance Trials process

    as and when required. Analox have delivered comprehensive

    training programmes at maintainer level, and continue to manage the engineering changes and obsolescence.

    Commercial in confidence

  • b. The design, manufacture and supply of dualrange carbon dioxide monitoring systems toDomnick Hunter for use by the Royal Navy andRNLN submarines. As a supplier to DomnickHunter, our key requirement was delivery of thesystem on time and on budget.

    c. Designed following discussions with RNLNand the Canadian Navy, the Sub Aspida is acompact, port