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CREATIVITY : VISUAL STRATEGIES TO ENGAGE LEARNERS. Learning Forward Annual Conference - December 2013  (Session:G15). Your Presenters. Mary W. Foreman – Principal Alexis M. White – Principal Marce L. Miller – Art Teacher Mary Ellen McCabe – 4 th Grade Teacher, History Lead Teacher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Learning Forward Annual Conference - December 2013(Session:G15)

  • Your PresentersMary W. Foreman PrincipalAlexis M. White PrincipalMarce L. Miller Art TeacherMary Ellen McCabe 4th Grade Teacher, History Lead TeacherAnne J. Mumpower 4th Grade Teacher

    Stafford County Public School, Stafford, Virginia

  • Welcome to Stafford County, VALocated forty miles south of Washington, D.C. and fifty-five miles north of Richmond, VA30 schools in the countyHigh Schools 5Middle Schools 8Elementary Schools 17District enrollment approximately 26,000 students

  • Stafford Elementary SchoolPopulation K through 5th grade approximately 70029 general education classrooms54 Licensed Staff members

  • IDEO Shopping Cart Video

  • IcebreakerLine-up in order of years of experience in educationPartner sharing

  • A recent survey of 1500 CEOs in 60 countries around the world pointed to creativity and innovation as the single most important quality necessary for a global economy...Leaders worry that the U.S. is losing its competitive edge in creativity and innovation, and that the call for ever more rigorous academic standards is insufficient without a concomitant focus on developing creativity and imagination - Presidents Committee on the Arts & Humanities, 2011

  • 21st Century SkillsCREATIVITY AND INNOVATIONThink creativelyWork creatively with others Implement innovations

    CRITICAL THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVINGReason effectivelyMake judgments and decisionsSolve problems

    COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATIONCommunicate clearlyCollaborate with others

  • Are your students being prepared adequately to compete in this new global economy?

  • What Research Says About Student Engagement William Glasser found we learn:10% of what we read20% of what we hear30% of what we see50% of what we both see and hear70% of what we discuss with others80% of what we experience personally90% of what we teach to someone else

  • STEM vs. STEAMA skills in the 21st century actually apply to a larger, broader segment of the workforce than STEM skills.

  • THE CREATIVE PROCESS:What does it look like? Left brainLogicalLinear thinking is essential for the world of business today

    In the box thinkingOut of the box thinkingRight brainCreativeBig picture thinking will be the competitive edge needed for 21st century business!The right and left brains are both an integral part of the creative process!

    Half a Mind is a Terrible Thing to WasteDr. Alan Brinkley

  • Objectives for our SessionParticipants will be able to:Learn ways to teach students in the most efficient methods to prepare them for jobs of the 21st century, incorporating visual literacyExplore the habits of mind (problem solving, critical & creative thinking) and their effect on student achievementParticipate in lessons that impact student achievement across all disciplinesGain resources for direct implementation of instructional strategies to promote visual literacy & arts integration

  • Break-out SessionsWe are going to break into 5 groupsYou will rotate through 5 different stations (15 minutes each) to learn varied instructional strategiesIntegrate TechnologyCommunicate IdeasIncorporate DramaAccess Prior KnowledgeDig Deeper

  • Integrate Technology

  • Communicate Ideas

  • Incorporate Drama

  • Access Prior Knowledge

  • Dig Deeper

  • ReflectionHow will these strategies be implemented in your setting?Give One, Get One!

  • Questions & Answers

  • ReferencesWebsitesCenter for Public Education www.centerforpubliceducation.orgHood Museum hoodmuseum.dartmouth.orgPresidents Committee on the Arts & Humanities www.pcah.govReady to Innovate www.artsusa.orgSTEAM www.steam-notstem.comSTEM to STEAM stemtosteam.org21st Century Skills www.p21.orgPomeroy, Steven Ross. From STEM to STEAM: Science and Art Go Hand-In-Hand. Scientific American. 22 August 2012.Tarnoff, Jonathan. STEM to STEAM -- Recognizing the Value of Creative Skills in the Competitiveness Debate. Huffington Post. 14 October 2010.

  • Contact InformationStafford Elementary School 1349 Courthouse Road, Stafford, VA 22554(540) 658-6340Mary W. Foreman mforeman@staffordschools.netAlexis M. White whiteam1@staffordschools.netMarce L. Miller millerml@staffordschools.netMary Ellen McCabe mccabem@staffordschools.netAnne J. Mumpower