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    (January 11, 2018)

    Professional Preparation:

    Princeton Univ. A. B. 1977Univ. Cal. Berkeley Ph.D. 1980Univ. Colorado NSF Postdoc. 19801981M.I.T. C.L.E. Moore Inst. 19811983


    Brown Univ. Distinguished Visiting Prof. Sep.Dec. 2017M.S.R.I. Member Jan.May 2015Institute for Advanced Study Member Spring 2008Princeton University Visitor Spring 2008M.S.R.I. Member Nov.Dec. 2007Univ. Maryland Assoc. Chair for Grad. Studies 19951998Univ. Maryland Professor 1990presentOxford Univ. Visiting Professor Spring 1989Univ. Maryland Assoc. Professor 19861990M.I.T. Assoc. Professor 1986M.S.R.I. Member 19831984Univ. Maryland Visiting Asst. Professor Fall 1983M.I.T. Asst. Professor 1983 1986


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  • 2 W. GOLDMAN

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  • W. GOLDMAN 3

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  • 4 W. GOLDMAN

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  • W. GOLDMAN 5

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  • 6 W. GOLDMAN

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  • W. GOLDMAN 7

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  • 8 W. GOLDMAN

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