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DC Fundraising Summit

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  • 1. Luminate Online Marketing: An Integrated & Multi-Channel Approach

2. Todays Challenge & Why Multi-Channel approach is critical Our approach to this challenge How Blackbaud customers are achieving success Agenda 3. Your Challenge: Connect With Distracted People* *While lots of other organizations & companies compete for this same mind and wallet share 4. You. And your constituents. 5. Constituent Attention Is Increasingly Scarce & Distributed 6. 03/20/2014 6 Todays Imperative: Set Yourself Apart 7. Multi-Channel: online generates pipeline & engagement Focus on Relationships: Treat supporters as partners Technology empowers: integration & automation How do I cut through the noise? 8. What is Luminate Online Marketing?* *And how will it help me? 9. Luminate: Digital Engagement Platform 10. Blackbaud Confidential 10 These are your constituents 11. Blackbaud Confidential 11 Luminate: Pollinate & Cultivate Across Channels 12. 03/20/2014 12 The bounty: Greater lifetime value of engaged, multi-channel relationships 13. ActDonate VolunteerShare Engagement Comes In Many Forms 14. Integrate the Engagement Ladder Visit website Sign a petition Subscribe to eNewsletter/alerts Share on Facebook/email Send an eCard Make single donation Make a phone call Attend a "real world" event Write a letter to the editor Personalize an action alert Peer-to-peer fundraising Host a meet-up event Renew single donation Sign up for monthly giving Upgrade monthly donation Attend a lobby day Make a major gift Make a bequest Leverage a personal connection with an elected official 15. Approach to Constituent Engagement online Keys to Effective Execution: 1. Build on every conversation 2. Create a fully integrated constituent experience 3. Get the most from each channel 4. Data-driven strategies for treatment based on the audience 16. Getting Attention Get the right message in front of the right person at the right moment Key Strategies: Multiple Touch Points, Multi-channel Campaigns, Triggered Pathways, Analytics & Optimization 17. Getting Attention: Hook Em Get the right message in front of the right person at the right moment. Key Strategies: Web Content, Mobile Content, Social Hooks, SEO, Design 18. Driving Engagement Start the Relationship Right: Welcome Series Key Strategies: Multiple Touch Points, Multi-channel Campaigns, Triggered Pathways, Analytics & Optimization 19. Timely, relevant engagement 1 2 3 20. Blackbaud Confidential 20 Non-Monetary Support Opportunities Action Alerts drive engagement 21. Accessible wherever they go 22. Expanding the Relationship Strike while the iron is hot by promoting sharing and channel conversion Key Strategies: Next Steps, Cross Marketing, Social Sharing 23. Blackbaud Confidential 23 Participation = Affinity 24. Blackbaud Confidential 24 Define Your Support: DIY Fundraisers 25. Its a long-term partnership: Sustainers 26. Behind the Scenes* *This is how the magic happens Blackbaud Confidential 26 27. Blackbaud Confidential 27 Personalization Conditionalize based on queries Dynamic Ask from giving history Split A/B Testing 28. Actionable campaign analysis Targeted, Multi- part email campaigns Automation = set it & forget it 29. Collect constituent info throughout interactions Use data to segment, target & personalize (with automation!) 30. Show me the Money* *And emails, advocacy actions, etc Blackbaud Confidential 30 31. Luminate Clients Lead the Market More Fun Facts: TeamRaiser represents over half of the top 30 largest Run Walk Ride Events in the US 32. 2013 Luminate Online Benchmark Report: Email files grew 12.45%. All verticals saw growth. Fundraising continued double digit growth as sustainers and repeat donors grew 27% and 20%, respectively. First time gifts grew 3%. 20% 27% 11.6% Repeat Donors Sustainers Total Fundraising Luminate Delivers Growth Where it Counts 33. Visit our website Check out our Interactive Design Portfolio Subscribe to npEngage, our AWESOME blog Get Social: @Blackbaud @BBInteractive Or reach out directly wed love to have a more personalized discussion! Want to learn more?

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