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    We are not in a submarine!

    If the submarine syndrome


    could appear as a omen in a team of about 25 people stuck together for two months, this threat

    is chased away by our environment in Plavec, and by the links and relationships we are now weaving with the village and

    its inhabitants.

    Every day brings proofs of this. There are magical moments which you cant predict. One of them occurred spon-

    taneously last Sunday evening, in the old cinema and by a strange but maybe inevitable coincidence, our usual

    archivists were not here to film it: Seydou was packing and Jarek was on stage.

    That evening, ukasz, Jarek, Tomas, Guillaume, Marek were quietly playing music after dinner, improvising,

    a few of us listening to them or checking our emails, when a dozen of inhabitants of Plavec joined us, also

    to listen. And not only listen. Three of them, who belong to the local choir and folk dance team Kalina,

    began to sing spontaneously. Our band adapted its rhythms and harmony to the their powerful voices

    and so particular way of singing it took a few time, and little adjustments. Just as it takes, between

    us, for the workshop.

    Well, the musical metaphor is maybe a too easy one. Which doesnt mean it is not meaningful

    and operative, when collective work is requested. And when we dont play under a conductor

    s baton this is not a symphonic orchestra. Neither in fact a rock band who would play

    the same standards in tune. Dissonances have their interestingpart in a process where

    everybody should be able to be soloist, conductor, musician and chorister alternately,

    and where guests are welcome.

    The question of the final composition and harmony in this improvisation process

    remains open. But in fact, does it have to be a final piece?

    1 The submarine syndrome appears when a group of people, forced to live together in an enclosed place, get more and more irritated at daily life details

    until they cant stand each other anymore.

    Nie sme v ponorke !Ak sme sa obvali, e dvadsap lenn skupina spolunavajca dva mesiace, podahne syndrmu ponorky, tento przrak sa rchle vzdialil vaka plaveskmu prostrediu a jeho obyvateom, s ktormi sa vytvraj srden vzahy.Kad de nm o tom prina konkrtne dkazy, vznikaj arovn chvle, ktor sme nepredvdali. Jeden tak moment sa udial v nedeu veer v starom plaveskom kine. Samozrejme, ako by to bolo naschvl, nai dokumentaristi to nezachytili. Seydou sa balil a Jarek hral na scne.Teda v ten veer, Lukaz, Jarek, Marek, Tomas a Guillaume sa pomaly pustili do hudobnej improvizcie. Niektor z ns prili pova, t o tam procovali, zdvihli oi od potaov a tie sa zapovali do improvizcie. Zrazu volo do kina zo desa plavanov. Chvu povali, a traja z nich, lenovia folklrnej skupiny Kalina, sa dali do spevu. Chvu to trvalo, km sa hudobnci prispsobili ich rytmu, ich silnm hlasom a ich osobitnmu tlu spevu. Tak, ako to robme pravidelne v naom letnom workshope.Hudobn metafora je samozrejeme ahk. Ale predsa len je vznamn a d sa poui v pracovnom kole-ktve. Zvl vtedy, ke sa nehr pod taktovkou dirigenta - my nie sme predsa symfonick orchester, a ani rockov skupina opakujca stle rovnak tandardy, v stle rovnakej tonalite.Disonancie patria do tvorivho procesu, kde me by kad aj dirigentom, aj slistom, aj muz-ikantom alebo christom a kde kad nov astnk je vrelo vtan.Otzka, o zostane po tej improvizcii mimo harmnie a kompozcie, je otvoren. Mus tto skladba doznie ako koniec ?

    Valrie de Saint Do

    Valrie de Saint Do


  • 3Pour rorganiser la Cit il faut prendre les gens comme ils sont et non pas comme on voudrait quils soient.

    To reorganize the ideal State we must take people as they are and not as we would like them to be.

    Ke chceme zreorganizova mesto, musme bra ud ak s, a nie ako by sme chceli aby boli. Le collectif est comme un pique-nique. Ce serait embtant si tout le monde amenait des tomates. Do la ncessit de lautre diffrent.

    A collective is like a picnic. It would be annoying if everyone brings tomatoes. The different other is there-fore necessary.

    Kolektv je ako piknik. Bolo by vemi neprjemn, keby kad doniesol len paradajky. Z toho vyplva nutnos rozmanitosti osb.

    notes by Tomas Matauko

    I am hungry : a perform

    ance with pat and knife at breakfast,

    mixed m

    edia : supposed cat food, tomato, plate, knife.

    Judit Kurtag

    photo Julie Chovin

  • 4Ahoj Bea - Hello Bea [aa-hoy Be-a]

    Ahoj Lujza - Hello Lujza [aa-hoy Luy-za]

    Ako sa m? - How are you? [ako sa mash?]

    Dobre - good [do-bre]

    Kam ide? - where are you going? [kam e-desh?]

    Idem nakupova - I am going to do shopping [idem na-ku-po-vath]

    A o ti treba? - And what do you need? [a cho thi tre-ba?]

    Potraviny - Groceries [po-tra-ve-nee]

    Toto je chleba - This is bread [to-to ye hhhle-ba]

    Aha, syr! - Look, cheese! [a-ha seer]

    Vezmem si aj mlieko - I will also take milk [vez-mam se ay mlea-


    Cho s tm do riti! - Go to ass with this [hhhoth s theem do re-


    Prepte teta - Sorry maam [pre-paa-chthe the-ta]

    Dky teta - thanks maam [dhee-ke the-ta]

    Dovidenia - goodbye [do-ve-dhe-nhy-a]

    video tutorial

    by Beta Kolbaovsk, Lujza Magov

    Slovak touristic dictionary : lesson 2 - shopping

  • 5Near the village named Orlov, up in the mountains, there is ahunting cottage. At first look the cottage looks like normal wooden cottage. But just afew people know that it is 70 years old and was built by Gejza Alapi Salamon, who was the last owner of the Castle of Plave. Gejza Alapi Salamon was abaron and great landowner of the Magura region. In the period of socialism, the baron was forced to sell all his estate to the state. After he moved to Koice, where he worked as ateacher of drawing. He died in 1980 in Koice.Near to the hunting cottage, up to the mountains, there is another old treasure. The cave of bandits called Dubn kame. The curiosity is that, in past times, horses were illegaly transported from Poland to Slovakia through the cave. The cave is located near the Polish border, in mountain range called Kurnska Magura. The altitude of Kurnska Magura is 894 MAMSL and the cave is 18,5 metres long.


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    Hungarian joke

    Mirt nagy,szrke s rncos az elefnt? Mert ha kicsi,fehr s sima lenne, akkor aszpirin volna.

    by Lujza Magova

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    List of participants of the project: Agata Dutkowska Alexis Emery-Dufoug Beta Kolbaovsk Cristina David Desmesure collective / Agathe & FredEdyta Masior Filip Przybyko Guillaume du BoisbaudryJan Sowa Jarosaw WjtowiczJoanna BednarczykJudit KurtgJulie Chovin Kubo Pisek Lszl MilutinovitsLujza Magov ukasz JastrubczakMagorzata M. DudekMarek MardosewiczMarta Jonville Mathieu Lericq Nils Clouzeau Palce Lizac Dominika & BarbaraPaul Maquaire Roman DziadkiewiczSeydou Grpinet Simon Quheillard Thomas DesmaisonTomas Matauko Valrie de Saint-Do special guests : Gaston & Leon Desmesure, Dymitr Sowa-Bojadzijew, Bruno Dziadkiewicz, Florian Patiny edition of 150 copies / August 02nd 2013 Plavec printed in Copyvait by Boris Vaitovic


    The main issue of Mechanisms For An Entente is the production of a multiform collective artwork, to promote a deep aesthetic, philosophical and political reasoning about the becoming of Central European countries in relation to the idea of the European Union.We want to work the nature of the European condition.

    Mechanisms For An Entente

    Deadline staff:

    Valrie de Saint-Do = editor Tomas Matauko = co-editor ukasz Jastrubczak = design & layout Edyta Masior = corrector



    special thanks to Sylvia Jonville, Beta Kolbaovsk & Robert Farka