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Delano December 2011

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Delano magazine understanding luxembourg: current affairs, business, lifstyle, culture

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    December 2011 Issue 08 4

    Being human: Thierry LeTerre on The vaLue of peopLe aT MiaMi universiTys DifferDange caMpus

    Understanding LUxemboUrg: currenT affairs, business, LifesTyLe, cuLTure

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    impressumDecember 2011 - Issue 08

    Editor in chief: Duncan Roberts ([email protected]) Journalist: Aaron Grunwald ([email protected]) Contributors: Neel Chrillesen, Line Eskildsen, Natalie A. Gerhardstein, Tonya StonemanPhotography: Charles Caratini, Luc Deflorenne, David Laurent/Wide, Andrs Lejona, Olivier MinaireProofreading: Cynthia Schreiber, Cathy Weber

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    In accordance with article 66 of the law of 08.06.2004 on the freedom of expression in the media: the company that publishes Delano is indirectly held, by a stake exceeding 25%, by Mike Koedinger, an independent editor registered in Luxembourg. Mike Koedinger is chartered with daily management.

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    Black swan waitingText: Duncan Roberts Illustration: Quentin Vijoux

    When Delano launched in January we asked business leaders their prognosis for the year ahead. Uncertainty was a key word used by Alain Kinsch in his 2011 outlook. It is a mood that prevails as the year draws to a close. 2011 has been a year of unexpected events, none more surpris-ing than the shock resignation of minister of the economy Jeannot Kreck. Luckily, minister in waiting, Etienne Schneider, is well respected and has already said he expects to provide continuity.The decision by voters, and the Demo-cratic Party, to make Xavier Bettel mayor of Luxembourg City, after he finished 500 votes ahead of incumbent Paul Helminger, was maybe less unsettling for the Grand Duchy, but still took many people by surprise. It will be interesting to see how Bettel and Schneider--both around the same age, at 37 and 40 respectively--will meet the challenges of the year ahead. Both have acknowl-edged that their predecessors did an excellent job, but both are also men whose leadership style differs markedly from those they are replacing.

    It seems nobody was immune from uncertainty in 2011. Our first edition also featured another now departed fig-ure, Leopard Trek team manager Bryan Nygaard. He quit the cycling team--launched to great fanfare at the start of the year--almost simultaneously to the surprise announcement that it would be merging with US team RadioShack. And, of course, a further surprise lay in store for Leopard Treks financial backer, Flavio Becca, when his home and offices were raided by police as part of an investigation into alleged misappropri-ation of funds from one of his many companies. In our 2011 preview, Keith ODonnell said the risk of a large, painful event... is as high as ever. The past year was packed with surprises, but so far none that has had the shock impact of what could be called a Black Swan Event. With commentators predicting that 2012 will be tougher on the economy than the past 12 months, perhaps it is time to steel ourselves for just such an incident.

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  • Herms, artisan contemporain depuis 1837.

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  • Herms 13, rue Philippe I I

    LuxembourgTl. (352) 220 981

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  • December 2011 - DELANO - 7


    8 28 58

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    12 BAZAR INTERNATIONALA pre-Christmas tradition

    32 BEYOND BANKS AND CASTLESImproving Luxembourgs image abroad

    38 INTERNATIONAL CHAMBERSThe Crown Prince praises international business


    46 THINK LOCALLisbeth Kjellberg: the Danish change management consultant explains why she moved back to Luxem-bourg, why she pays more attention to communication here, and why Scandinavians seem so direct.

    74 MY OTHER LIFEHilary Fitzgibbon: the real estate investment profes-sional and organiser of the Irish Club ski trip talks about how she fell in love with the sport, why it is never too late to pick it up, and why you should join the fun.

    LIFESTYLENETWORKING Pirate Productions

    58 GOING NATIVEThree festive treats

    60 LOCAL FLAVORDelanos holiday gift guide

    66 THE MASTER AND MARGARITASimon McBurney does the unstagable

    68 MOVIE MILESTONEUtopolis marks its 15th anniversary

    28 BUSINESSFIRST MOVERIs Sparinvest the tip of the iceberg?

    34 ROBERT MANDELLThe new US ambassador on FATCA

    41 PROFIT FROM EXPERIENCEThe 2nd business mentoring cycle

    42 ANOTHER PERSPECTIVEDoes design help the bottom line?

    44 STARTING A FOUNDATIONAMCHAM philanthropy conference

    CURRENT AFFAIRSTHE BAN IS COMINGThe battle over smoking in bars

    14 SCHMIT RECRUITINGAttracting talent from abroad

    18 KRECK RETIRINGLast push for reform

    20 SCHLIM EDUCATINGCampaign to fi ght AIDS taboos

    26 GIULIANI BLASTINGFormer NYC mayor on the debt crisis

    50 COVER STORYTHIERRY LETERRENew adventuresThe Miami University Dolibois European Centre is already the schools most popular foreign studyprogramme. How is MUDECs new dean building on his predecessors legacy, and how did his ownpath wind its way to Differdange?

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  • Public health

    The banis coming An extension to the legislation prohibiting smoking in public places to include bars and clubs is now inevitable. But still the arguments on both sides of the battle rage on. Text: Aaron Grunwald & Duncan Roberts Illustration: Charlotte Wood

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  • current affairs

    Marie-Paule Prost-HeiniscH: the government needs to be consistent

    Marie-Paule Prost-Heinisch raises an eyebrow and gives an exasperated sigh when she hears that health minister Mars Di Bartolomeo says he plans to present legislation to extend the smok-ing ban to parliament by early January. Hes been saying that for three years now. But now the pressure is really on. If he waits any longer the problem will become diluted. Not that the president of the Fondation Cancer is blaming the min-ister. We dont really have to lobby him; he is on our side. But the government needs to be consistent. The ministry for small and medium-sized business, on the other hand, listens a bit too much to lobbyists, Prost-Heinisch says. She quotes from the Ombuds committee for the rights of children, which says that polit-ical power should be used to impose laws in the interests of citizens, not lobbyists. There is no doubt that the lobbyists are vociferous. Horesca, which represents the hotel, caf and restaurant trade, was originally opposed to the smoking ban in restaurants back in 2006, and is not going to allow the government to extend the ban to its other members without a fight. Franois Koepp, its secretary gen-eral, argues that more than 80 percent

    of non-smokers dont visit a bar and will never visit a bar. He is in favour of the minority making its own independent choices and not one dictated by the majority.Koepp feels the very livelihood of his members is under threat. He cites fig-ures from Ireland where pubs have seen a decline in income of some 18 percent since the smoking ban was introduced. One bar after another in Luxembourg will close, says Koepp. He argues that 87 percent of his members would pre-fer to be allowed to choose whether they are a smoking or non-smoking bar, and then clearly post their policy out front. You would see the non-smoking bars would slowly start switching over. Mars Di Bartolomeo says he plans to meet with representatives from Horesca. We will have discussions. I hope constructive discussions, and not, I hope, civil war. Whether that will appease anothe

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