Descriptive Writing. Don’t tell me SHOW me Describe this Picture

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  • Descriptive Writing
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  • Dont tell me SHOW me
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  • Describe this Picture
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  • Nouns/Verbs/Adjectives/Adverbs/ Standing Overlooking Peering Growing Concrete Darkness Grey Black Dead Eerie-eerily Silent-silently Isolated Desolate Scary- scarily Uninviting Hauntingly seductive Creepy-creepily Rotting wood
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  • Start your description The house stood on concrete steps. When I looked at it I felt scared OR Standing on a mass of cold, concrete steps, the sight of the deserted mansion sent chills through my spine Which example is more interesting?
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  • Personification The wind stood up and gave a shout (James Stephens, The Wind) Grafton Street is yawning, waking limb by limb (Michael O Siadhail, Morning on Grafton Street)
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  • Personify it: Give it human persona: Windows are dark, staring black eyes The door, large and wide, a preying mouth waiting in silence to gobble you up
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  • Similes Her eyes were like beaming lights His eyes were as black as coal Life is like an onion: You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep As blind as a bat They fought like cats and dogs
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  • Describe the inside of the house: flickering lights murky darkness decaying plaster rust and rot aged crates and chains dark shadows cold brick and cobblestones dim graveyard old and creepy sensory overload Creepy eyes Thick cobwebs Imagine you are entering the house: Describe the inside of the house Write 10 sentences about it Remember your senses! Dont tell me SHOW me
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  • Write your own Story Include a scary house. First person narrativeYou are a character in the story Try to begin sentences with active verbs (e.g standing, looking etc). Avoid constantly using I. Plan your work: Plot (main points of what will happen in the story-beginning, middle and end). Verbs/Adjectives/ Adverbs. Describe the scene. How did it make you feel? Dont forget the senses- Sight/Smell/Sound/Taste/Touch. Be imaginative!
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  • Bibliography Images used from: Clipart via powerpoint +faces +faces Poetry examples: James Stephens, The Wind Michael O Siadhail, Morning on Grafton Street)