Development of Editing Our Digipak Pictures

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Development of editing our digipak pictures

Development of editing our digipak pictures

DevelopmentThis PowerPoint shows the progression we went through to edit our pictures for our digipak. We planned a shooting day and edited them using Photoshop. We used a green screen meaning we could erase the green background to replace it with something else by using the lasso tool. We downloaded unique background to give each picture a different look. We played with the blur tool to make the edges of the photo shopped images look more professional. We also added filters over some images by using the RGB curves and Tint. This allowed us to stick to the vintage theme that we have running through our artists star image.

We started the process by developing our own skills before making the perfect final product. As shown above, you can see how we have taken the background from the picture and replaced it with others. In my opinion, I do not feel that this image fits our star image due to the background. This picture was used for developing our own skills and to receive audience feedback.

In this picture you can see the clear development from start to finish. We used all of the tools described in the previous slides. We chose a forest background to link to her star image of loving nature.

When we became more comfortable with the Photoshop tools we were able to add different aspects to the picture. As you can see below, a lense light flare was added to create a unique cute effect for our artist. We chose to us a dark background to contrast the artists features and flowers. Filters were also used to make the black more subtle.

We used the same technique for this image but use a duplicating tool to add another image of her at both side of the forest.