Die Texte der Lieder von Robert Wiedermann

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  • Nacht der spirituellen Lieder, Wien, 10.1.2015


    Shalama Bayta Own shee mala heya ho

    Heya heya heya

    Sana Sana SanaSananina Sana Sana Sa (2x)

    Sana Sananina Sana Sana Sa (2x)

    Hu Hu meke alohaHu Hu meke aloha - ehalohaHu Hu meke aloha eh

    Sufi/Hawaii, Segenslied

    Open my window (2x)

    Open my heart (2x)

    I feel the wind blow (2x)

    The sun's shining in (2x)

    Sri Ram Jay Ram ...

    Da pacem cordium Tat Tvam Asi

    Aham Brahmasmi

    Ayam Atma Brahma

    Der Atem frei und tief in mir

    ffnet sich ganz sacht eine Tr

    Stille weitet Raum und Zeit

    Die Quelle der Kraft liegt hier bereit.

    Raimund Mauch

  • Nacht der spirituellen Lieder, Wien, 10.1.2015


    Thula thula mama

    Thula thula mama

    Thula mamathu

    Afrikanisches Lied

    We've all been together before,

    dancing in starlight upon the same shore

    Soul-weavers of sound and light

    gather together once more!

    Soul-weavers, Hawaii: Wood / Swetina

    Jubilate Deo, Alleluia!


    Toi tu nous aimes,

    Source de vie.


    E malama ika heiau

    E malama pono ika heiau, eh!

    Earth and sky, sea and stone

    hold this land in sacredness

    Hawaii: Kessler / Anderson

    Om Mani Padme Hum - Buddistisch

    La Illaha Illallahu - Islamisch

    Shanti - Hinduistisch

    Shalom - Jdisch

    Gloria in excelsis Deo - Christlich

    Oh Great Spirit - Ur-Religionen

    Sun, Earth Sky & Sea

    You are inside

    and all around me!

    Peace Prayer Mandala: Songweaver / Swetina

    1. und 3. Stimme

    H -i di, jo-e-ho, di-ri-di-j

    H-i-di-ri, h-i-di-ri

    2. Stimme

    (H i di, jo-e-ho, di-ri-di-j)

    Hi-i-i-di-ri, h-i-di-ri

    H-i-di-, jo-e-o, di-ri-di-j

    H-i-i-di-ri, h-i-di-ri

    Jodler: Langenwang

    1. Stimme

    Dio-i-ti (ri), dio-i-ri, dio-i-ri-ai-ho-i-ri

    Dio-i-ri, dio -i-ri, dio-i-ri-ai-ho-i-ri

    2. Stimme

    Ri-o-i, ri-o-i-ai-ho-i-ri

    Ri-o-i, ri-o-i, ri-o-i-ai-ho-i-ri

    Saalfeldner Verkehrte

    We are the one's we've been waiting for!

    1) We work for the Earth we work for each other,family all, sister and brother! For ...

    2) This is the time, and this is the hour,all together we have the power!For ...

    Hopi Prophezeiung / Swetina

  • Nacht der spirituellen Lieder, Wien, 10.1.2015


    He poroporoaki

    Hei konei e te iwi

    Ko muthu ratataua

    Noho tahi ee






    Im Namen Gottes, Dankbarkeit, Gte Gnade

    Close your eyes and be


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