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2. History 4
3. Governance 5
3.2 Governing Body Meetings 6
3.3 Governing Body Expenses 6
3.4 Executive Board 7
3.6 Heads of Function 10
3.7 Non-Academic Senior Management 10
4. Academic & Student Affairs 11
4.1 Academic Council Membership 11
4.2 Academic Council Meetings 11
4.3 Programme Validations 2015-2016 12
4.4 Enrolment Statistics 13
5.3 2015-2016 (Major Awards) – by School and Department 14-15
5.4 International Flows 16
5.4.2 DkIT Students Studying Abroad on Erasmus 17
5.4.3 DkIT Staff on Erasmus Mobility 17
5.4.4 Incoming Non-EU Students 18
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
9.2 School of Engineering 33
9.3 School of Health & Science 33-40
9.4 School of Informatics & Creative Arts 40-42
10. CELT Report 43-49
11. Research & Development 50-62
12. Campus Developments 63
13. Strategic Developments 64-65
14.1 New Staff 65
16. Audited Accounts 67
16.3 Consolidated Balance Sheet 70
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) provides learner-centred higher education dedicated to serving the needs of its learners and empowers its staff to deliver high quality learning and teaching, research and engagement to support the economic, social and cultural development of the region and beyond.
DkIT will be the Higher Education Institute of choice for learners, employers and the community in the North-East region.
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
2. History
Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) was founded in 1970 and has earned its reputation as the leading higher education provider in the North-East of Ireland through its first-class teaching and learning, research and enterprise engagement.
Set in an 87-acre campus in Dundalk, County Louth, DkIT provides quality educational and training opportunities to approximately 5,000 students across four Schools in Business and Humanities, Health and Science, Engineering and Informatics and Creative Arts from Undergraduate and Master’s degrees to PhD level as well as craft apprenticeships.
DkIT also offers a range of part-time academic and vocational programmes to the North-East community aimed at helping students to enhance career development and personal growth.
For more information on DkIT, please visit:
The Institute has also grown its research capabilities with programmes at postgraduate degree level now available in the following research centres:
• Smooth Muscle Research Centre;
• Music Research Centre;
• Netwell Research Centre.
Name Representing
Ms. Ann Campbell President (assumed role on the 22/02/2016)
Cllr. Cathy Bennett Cavan & Monaghan ETB
Cllr. Clifford Kelly Cavan & Monaghan ETB
Ms. Sadie Ward McDermott Louth & Meath ETB
Cllr. Tomás Sharkey Louth & Meath ETB
Mr. Bill Sweeney Louth & Meath ETB
Cllr. Oliver Tully Louth & Meath ETB
Mr. Brian Harten Arts Council
Ms. Kitty Warnock UNITE
Ms. Sile O’Connor Engineers Ireland
Ms. Margaret Swords HSE
Ms. Antoinette Rourke Academic Staff Member
Mr. Richard Crowley Academic Staff Member
Mr. Fergal Smyth Non-Academic Staff Member
Mr. Aaron Lawless Male Student Representative
Ms. Rebecca Somers Female Student Representative
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
01 September 2015
Non Taxable Travel Expense Taxable Travel Expenses Non Taxable Honorarium Taxable Honorarium Total Sile O'Connor 900.00 900.00
Andrew Griffith 1,652.79 2,100.00 3,752.79
Clifford Kelly 393.39 446.58 3,600.00 4,439.97
Martin O'Brien 281.17 281.17
Paddy Matthews 900.00 900.00 Tomas Sharkey 34.00 1,200.00 1,234.00
5,175.67 1,263.61 14,100.00 20,539.28
3.4 Executive Board
The President in conjunction with the Vice President for Academic Affairs & Registrar, Vice President for Finance & Corporate Affairs, Vice President of Strategic Planning, Communications & Development and the Heads of School are responsible for the management and the running of the Institute.
Title Representing
Ms. Ann Campbell President (assumed role on the 18/01/2016)
Vice President for Academic Affairs & Registrar
Dr. Edel Healy Head of School Health & Science
Prof. Colette Henry Acting Head of School of Business & Humanities (commencing 04/2016)
Dr. Patricia Moriarty Head of School of Business & Humanities
Brendan Ryder Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs & Registrar (commencing 02/2016)
Ms. Irene McCausland Vice President of Strategic Planning, Communications & Development
Mr. Peter McGrath Vice President for Finance & Corporate Affairs
Dr. Gerard (Bob) Mc Kiernan Head of School Informatics & Creative Media
Mr. Eugene Roe Head of School Engineering
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
As at December 2016
Development Ms Irene McCausland
External Services Manager Vacant
Head of Lifelong Learning Mr Anton
Mr Peter McGrath
Accountant Ms Sandra Hanratty
Accountant Ms Odelle McGreal
Operations Manager
Schools Liaison Officer Mr Diarmuid Cahill
Head Librarian Ms Ann Cleary
Deputy Librarian Ms Lorna O'Connor
International Officers
Dr Patricia Moriarty
Head of Dept of Management & Financial Studies
Mr Shane Hill
Dr David Getty
Head of School of Informatics & Creative Arts
Dr Bob McKiernan
Dr Christian Horn
Media & Music Vacant
Mr Eugene Roe
Mr Pat McCormick
Mr Noel McKenna
Mr Simon O'Neill
Dr Edel Healy
Dr Breda Brennan
Health Studies Dr Myles Hackett
Head of Section of Midwifery
Ms Jill Atkinson
VP for Strategic Planning
Head of Lifelong Learning
Mr Peter McGrath
Accountant Ms Sandra Hanratty
Accountant Ms Odelle Coogan
Operations Manager
Dr Patricia Moriarty
Academic & Student Affairs
Schools Liaison Officer Mr Diarmuid Cahill
Head Librarian Ms Ann Cleary
Deputy Librarian Ms Lorna O'Connor
International Officers
Head of Dept of Business Studies Dr Colette Henry
Head of Dept of Management & Financial Studies
Mr Shane Hill
Dr David Getty
Ms Brianain Erraught
Dr Bob McKiernan
Dr Christian Horn
Media & Music
Centred Computing Dr Brendan Ryder
Head of School of Engineering Mr Eugene Roe
Head of Dept of Electronic & Mechanical Engineering
Mr Pat McCormick
Head of School of Health
& Science Dr Edel Healy
Applied Sciences
Dr Arjan van Rossum
Head of Dept of Nurisng Midwifery & Health Studies Dr Myles Hackett
Acting Head of Section of
Midwifery Dr Kathleen NAllen
Academic Council & Sub Committees
Estates Manager Conor Lait
External Services Manager Irene McCausland
IT Manager (seconded to special projects) James McCahill
IT Manager (from Feb 2013) Michael Denihan
Librarian Ann Cleary
Head of Teaching & Learning Dr Moira Maguire
Finance Manager Marie Madigan
3.7 Non-Academic Senior Management
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
Dr Ronan Bree Dr Peadar Grant Mr Noel McKenna
Dr Bernadette Brereton Mr Myles Hackett Dr Gerard (Bob) Mc Kiernan
Dr Breda Brennan Dr Edel Healy Mr Eamon McMahon
Ms Jean Carragher Prof Colette Henry Ms Mary McSkeane
Ms Ann Cleary Mr Shane Hill Mr Karl Mernagh
Dr Adele Commins Dr Christian Horn Dr Patricia Moriarty
Ms Jean Connolly Mr Gareth Kelly Mr Peter Morris
Mr Colin Cooney Mr Aaron Lawless Ms Paula Mullen
Dr Gerard Corkery Dr Sinead Loughran Mr Kieran Nolan
Dr Tom Dooley Dr Martin Maguire Mr Simon O’Neill
Ms Lorraine Dunne Dr Moira Maguire Mr Derek O’Reilly
Ms Sinead Dunne Dr Annaleigh Margey Mr Laurence Quigley
Mr Paddy Duffy Dr Valerie McCarthy Dr Brendan Ryder
Ms Brianain Erraught Ms Irene McCausland Cllr Tomás Sharkey
Dr Eibhlis Farrell Dr Tim McCormac Dr Arjan Van Rossum
Dr David Getty Mr Pat McCormick Mr Brendan Walsh
Mr Peter Gosling Mr Padraig McGuigan Ms Sadie Ward Mc Dermott
4.2 Academic Council Meetings
2015-2016 144 Friday, 25 September, 2016
144S Friday, 09 October, 2015
145 Friday, 11 December 2015
145S Wednesday, 20 January, 2016
146 Friday, 04 March, 2016
147 Friday, 06 May, 2016
148 Monday , 20 June, 2016
The minutes of Academic Council Meetings which took place in 2015-2016 are accessible at:
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
Award Type Award Class
Department of Visual & Human- Centred Computing
Master of Science in Computing in Medical Device Software
9 Masters Degree Major
8 Honours Bachelor Degree
Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing, Communications and PR
7 Bachelor Degree Major
New Programme Business & Humanities
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Global Marketing
8 Honours Bachelor Degree
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Public Relations
8 Honours Bachelor Degree
New Programme Engineering Built Environment Higher Cert in Property and Facilities Management
6 CERT Major
New Programme Engineering Built Environment Bachelor in Science (Honours) in Construction Project Management
8 Honours Bachelor Degree
Business Studies Bachelor of business Studies (Hons) in Digital and international Business
8 Honours Bachelor Degree
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Applied early Childhood Studies
8 Honours Bachelor Degree
Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) 8 Honours Bachelor Degree
Higher Diploma in Science in Computing 8 Diploma Major
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
4.4 Enrolment Statistics
Full-time Student Numbers
Schools Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Total
Business & Humanities 628 481 516 188 23 1836
Engineering 188 142 122 68 11 3 534
Informatics & Creative Arts 375 276 278 129 8 21 1087
Health & Science 298 302 288 209 3 10 1110
Overall Total 1489 1201 1204 594 45 34 4567
Part-time Student Numbers
Schools Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Total
Business & Humanities 138 1 1 6 146
Engineering 22 1 11 2 36
Informatics & Creative Arts 61 27 2 90
Lifelong Learning 127 12 14 153
Health & Science 158 40 6 204
Overall Total 506 13 41 53 8 8 629
GRAND TOTAL 1995 1214 1245 647 53 42 5196
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
School Number of Graduands
• 12 Postgraduate Research Degrees conferred;
• School of Health & Science (6) - Doctor of Philosophy: 5; Master of Science: 1
• Informatics & Creative Arts (6) – Master of Arts: 5; Master of Science: 1
5.3 2015-2016 (Major Awards) –by School and Department
H1 H2 21 22 DT M1 M2 PS Grand Total
Business & Humanities 48 8 144 71 39 99 65 65 539
Business Studies 18 8 25 12 17 35 29 23 167
Management &Financial Studies
Hospitality 4 7 9 17 39 23 13 112
Humanities 5 50 20 5 25 12 10 127
Engineering 23 1 14 15 12 22 18 28 133
Built Environment 13 6 9 6 6 7 9 56
Electronic & Mechanical Engineering
10 1 8 6 6 16 11 19 77
Informatics & Creative Arts 30 3 58 23 24 57 33 43 271
Computing Science & Mathematics
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
Visual & Human Centred Computing
Centre for Learning and Teaching
4 4 1 9
Health & Science 63 111 21 38 75 35 43 386
Applied Sciences 19 31 9 27 61 34 35 216
Nursing, Midwifery & Health Studies
44 80 12 11 14 1 8 170
Grand Total 168 16 327 130 113 253 151 180 1338
Award Classifications
Engineering Nursing Applied Sciences
Germany 28 8 7 5 12 60
Spain 2 1 3 6
Portugal 2 2
Denmark 1 1
UK 2 2
TOTALS: 60 5 17 11 13 15 3 3 127
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
DESTINATION Business Hospitality Humanities Creative Arts Engineering Nursing & Health Sciences TOTAL
Finland 1 1 2 4
France 3 5 8
Germany 1 1 2
Spain 3 2 5
Belgium 1 1
Estonia 1 1
Netherlands 1 1
Lithuania 1 1
5.4.3 DkIT Staff on Erasmus Mobility
DESTINATION Business Humanities Creative Arts Nursing TOTAL
France 1 1 2
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
Malaysia 28 25 8 21 10 33 29 154
China 53 18 25 25 5 5 16 147
Saudi Arabia 23 11 4 6 54 98
Nigeria 1 1 2
Vietnam 6 2 1 2 1 1 13
Indonesia 2 1 3 1 7
Oman 6 1 1 6 14
Brazil 1 9 10
Nepal 2 2 4
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
6. Library 6.1 Library Environment
The Library aims to manage its space in a way that meets people’s need. The space is limited, with a ratio of about forty students to one Library PC. There is a need for silent, quiet spaces as well as space to work in groups. So, in September, based on student feedback, and designed during the Summer of 2015, students were introduced to colour-coded study zones, where each zone represents a different type of study. The impact of these zones was reviewed throughout the year and is generally considered a success in reducing noise levels while facilitating a range of learning styles.
In November, the Library Training Room was made available for individual, silent study (from 9.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m.) when not booked for classes. As demand for access to PCs in the Library is very high, access to additional computers addressed some of the demand. Based on the success of the Whisper Library initiative in the previous academic year Floor 2 of the Library was designated as strictly for silent study for the January 5 to 18 examination period. All other open areas including the computer areas on Floor 1 were again designated as Whisper level only.
6.2 Information Skills
Information Literacy Programmes Information skills training for library users is one of the primary services offered by the library to support the DkIT academic community. A student-centred approach to Information Literacy (IL) continues to inform most areas of our work in the library and is continually evolving in conception and delivery mechanisms. Formally booked Information Skills training classes totalled 210 hours with 1,850 students participating, ranging across the college departments and modules.
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
• Bespoke class (tailored to a particular groups needs)
Referencing Clinic “Referencing Clinic” intervention was offered in the second semester where a librarian was available throughout the day specifically for Harvard referencing queries. The addition of a DkIT Harvard Referencing style to the available options in Mendeley software was also completed. IL has informed our mind-set towards library users and the Enquiry Desk is now considered one of our core services for users. In total more than 1,450 enquiries were recorded on a broad range of topics from subject related queries to information retrieval of specific resources.
Library Guides The range of Library Guides was expanded with new titles on both subject areas and specific topics.
Information Skills Outreach programme (2nd Level Schools) This year the library continued its outreach programme offering IL introductory sessions to second level schools in the Dundalk area. The aim of this outreach was to help Transition Year (TY) students learn about information literacy in preparation for their third level experience. Two sessions were conducted on site in O’Fiaich College, based on both student and teacher feedback, were very successful. The Information Literacy programme is offered to all schools in the local community.
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
Student Success Toolbox DkIT Library partnered with DCU (Lead partner), NUIM and IT Sligo in working on the Student Success Toolbox project which was funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning. The particular focus of the project was on supporting flexible learners through key transitions in the early stages of their studies: from thinking about study, making choices and registering for college, through to the first few weeks in a higher education academic environment. A suite of eight digital tools was developed. DkIT Library contributed the content for the My First Assignment section which helps the prospective learner navigate through information slides relating to doing a 3rd Level assignment. Advice on how to start an assignment and develop a plan in breaking down a research question is also provided, with the key elements within a plan being specifically highlighted. Additionally a series of student orientated quotes and videos are accessible throughout the tool in order to give users a further sense of what it is like to undertake the first assignment in higher education.
Information Literacy Prize (Year 1 Feedback) The 2016 Information Literacy Prize was run in collaboration with the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CELT) as part of a nationally funded Year 1 Feedback Project. First year students were invited to submit a piece of writing for formative feedback on the use of information and aspects of writing (not on subject content). They then had the opportunity to draw on the feedback to improve the piece and resubmit to be considered for a prize. Prizes (i-Pads) were awarded for the best use of feedback and most improved work, rather than for the most information literate piece.
The Information Literacy Prize (Y1 Feedback) for First Years – Prize Giving Ceremony)
Pictured: (from left to right) Ann Cleary – Institute Librarian; Moira Maguire – Head of CELT;
Patricia Moriarty - Vice President for Academic Affairs and Registrar – launching the Information Literacy Prize.
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) In support of the Library’s Information Literacy programme, in collaboration with lecturers and students, we produced a collection of video interviews on topics such as:
• Academic integrity
• Case studies
• Using Feedback
Designed to be watched individually or together, the videos explain important information skills concepts from both a student’s and lecturer’s points of view. These RLOs, which were launched in January 2016, are available on the You Tube DkIT Library Channel.
6.3 Collection Management
Books A total of 288 titles were purchased accounting for 9.81% of the library materials spend. A total of 305 items were deleted while 2,328 items were added to the catalogue. The library also received two large donations which are in the process of being added to stock; subjects covered in the donations include: religion, alternative medicine, philosophy, literature and history.
Periodicals The periodical spend accounted for 7.72% of the library materials spend. 21 journal titles were cancelled. Reasons cancellations included; budget restrictions, low usage and duplication of titles already available via our library online databases.
Online Subscriptions The online subscription accounted for 82.45% of the library materials spend. Three databases were cancelled due to budget restrictions; Web of Science, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses and WebDewey.
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
6.4 Engagement
The Library collaborated on a variety of activities and projects during the 2015/2016 academic year, working with students, Institute and sectoral colleagues and the local community in extending services and organising outreach events.
During the year The Library Film Club screened an eclectic mix of World Cinema.
6.5 Events In addition to the one-off events listed below DkIT Library Film Club screenings and Reading Group discussions took place regularly throughout the year.
September 2015 The new colour-coded noise management zones were launched
October 2015 The Library Customer Care Charter was launched. “The Great Divide – Sustainable Development and the Global Research Agenda” – we celebrated Open Access Week by hosting a panel discussion on international development issues in the context of open access to information.
Halloween Pumpkin Carving Competition – with a first prize of free tickets to the Halloween Ball (donated by DkIT SU)
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
November “Pop-up Library” – we took the library out to students and staff around the campus with our pop-up stands and on-the-spot enquiry services
Fines Amnesty with students encouraged to donate the waived fine or part of it to the Student Assistance Fund.
December Christmas Craft workshop - making items from recycled materials
February 2016 Valentine’s craft workshop
April At a time of year when students may struggle with finishing off their assignments including making sure they have referenced them correctly we held a “Referencing Blitz”.
Library staff were on call for any and all Harvard Referencing queries for two weeks from April 18th.
World Book Night on April 21st by having a free book giveaway.
DkIT Annual Report 2015 - 2016
7. Student Services
Student Services play an integral role in the student educational experience from admissions and extending beyond graduation. Student Services, which operates under the umbrella of the Vice President…