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  • 7/31/2019 Dora the explorer mouse


    GUYS! especially sa mga lines ninyo PLEASE ADD STUFF to explain your role -kellyI added Spanish words to make it more Dora-ish :D - bea

    Cast--Terrenz-- CactusJem-- Deathstalker ScorpionMichelle-- SidewinderKelly-- Dora the explorer mouseBea-- sun, moon, lahat nalang =))

    All- Dora Dora Dora the Explorer Mouse!

    Kelly- Hola soy Dora! Were in the Mexican desert! Its really hot in here, even though its November D: I need to findshelter from the hot sun! Albergue! Do you see a place where I can find shelter? **pause** Muy bien! It looks like abig green thing! Cosa verde! Lets go to the big green thing!Where are we going clap clap clap to the green thing!**Arrives at Terrenz**Kelly- Hola, soy Dora! Im a Spanish explorer mouse!

    Terrenz- Whats a Spanish mouse doing in a Mexican desert? 0.0

    Kelly- I hitch-hiked on a ship :D But now I need shelter from the hot sun! OUCH why are you so prickly! Espinoso!

    Terrenz- that is because I am a cactus. These prickly things are modified leaves that make unwanted creatures stayaway from me and help save water... Im even covered in this special wax that stops water from evaporating frommy body! Plus, i am big and tall because my stem keeps the extra water so i dont dry up here in the hot desert.Now go away **poke poke poke**

    Kelly-- ouch, Seor Cacto is really prickly. I should really find another place to stay for tonight. Do you see where I cfor the night?**pause** Si! Hay un agujero en la arena! Theres a hole in the sand! To the hole!

    Where are we going clap clap clap to the hole!

    **arrives at the hole, but it becomes night time**Kelly-- Brr.... its freezing cold in the desert at night! Lo que realmente es una tierra de extremos =[ It really is theland of extremes.**sees a moving object**Kelly-- Whats that moving thing?

    Jem-- Hello, I am a scorpion.

    Kelly-- Why are you still awake?

    Jem-- Scorpions like me are nocturnal. Plus, we live in holes, rocks, and cracks on the ground because its cooler

    here than in the open sand. But since you are threatening me and encroaching on my territory I'm gonna sting youwith my poisonous tail.

    Kelly-- Oh no! We have to stop the scorpion from stinging! Everyone, raise your hands and say Scorpion nostinging! (say it with me!) scorpion no stinging (louder!) SCORPION NO STINGING (2x) scorpion noooo stinging!

    Jem-- aawww man (SFX: that music thingo whenever swiper leaves, like, wank wank wank)

    **Kelly gets out of the hole**

  • 7/31/2019 Dora the explorer mouse


    Kelly-- Im sooo thirsty. Do you see a place where I can get water? **pause** Muy bien! That big blue lake thing!Gran lago azul! Lets go get some water.Where are we going clap clap clap to the lake!*arrives during noon time*Kelly-- Oh no! it disappeared! i mustve been hallucinating.Wait, whats that hissing noise?Oh, no!!! A snake is coming!! Serpiente!!! T_T

    Michelle-- *hisssssss* I am hungry. And I eat little mice.*chase scene*

    Kelly- AAH!! como se puede mover tan rapido!? How can you move so fast!? The sand is really hard to move in!

    Michelle- I move like this to gain traction on the sand and keep myself from touching too much of it because its sohot. And I am so HUNGRY!

    Kelly- NOOOOOO!!!!*Michelle eats kelly*Michelle- Yum yum yum yum yum! Delicioso!

    *All come on center stage*

    Kelly-- What was YOUR favorite part of the skit? *pause* Si, I liked that part too! I hope you alllearned something about the many wonders of the desert today! Adios a mis compaeros querido!

    *note to other readers: the setting is November (mentioned in first part) to make the sidewinder-in-the-day attack to work, while still retaining the mirage scene.Apparently sidewinders are nocturnal during hot months and diurnal during cooler months :D DONT ERASE please =]]