Dutch Baroque

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Dutch Baroque. Holland from 1610-1670 Style was very realistic Subjects were commonplace Portraits of merchant class rather than nobility Lots of Still life Lots of Landscapes Major artists: Hals - known for catching fleeting expression, such as laughing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Renaissance The Rebirth of Art and Science

Holland from 1610-1670Style was very realisticSubjects were commonplacePortraits of merchant class rather than nobilityLots of Still lifeLots of LandscapesMajor artists:Hals- known for catching fleeting expression, such as laughingRembrandt- one of most famous painters of all timeVermeer- known for his mastery of lightDutch Baroque

The natural expressions of Frans Hals (smiles, laughs, smirks)Rembrandt van RijnSelf-Portraits (over 100)Portraits of royalty and commoners alike.One of the most famous Western Painters

Rembrandts The Nightwatch

Vermeer: Master of Light

The Kitchenmaid

Camera ObscuraGirl with a Pearl Earring:1600s the Age of ShakespeareReligious paintings were banned because of Puritan religionMajor Artist:Hogarth- known for comedic social scenesEnglish Baroque