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SOUND AND EDITING TECHNIQUE RESEARCHEleanor McKeownSPECTER TRAILERhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S62EAniXb4wAt the start of the trailer there is a series of short takes from a news reel to an advert to another commercial encouraging people to go to the town merryride. The transition of these inserts jitters as to resemble that of a TV when the channel is switched over. To start with the advert for the film appears happy, calm and bright but then the plot changes asTransitions between at the start is fade to black.In the middle of the trailer there is a long black take after the lights go out which lasts ten seconds with dialogue over the top. The darkness then fades into a close up of a scary face. A lot of inserts which are put into a night vision effect, which then jitter off screen similarly to that as when a TV loses signal and changes channel.7500 TRAILERhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn0JcGehyXkThe trailer begins with slow takes of shots of the airplane taking off. After take off the length of the shots dramatically decreases as a convention of speeding up tension and heightening the suspense. Throughout the majority of the clip, the rest of the takes are just a series of straight-cuts of the various workers and passengers becoming haunted on the plane. The inserts which describe the plot-line are also very well constructed as they text transitions are carefully made, as the effect of the text looking as though it has been wiped away is effective and looks mystical.

Insidious 2http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V2qNZsf8G4At the start of the Insidious 2 trailer some slow piano music is playing with a female vocalist and some dialogue from the family talking about a better life. After this point the music stops and a scary lullaby starts to play as the childs toy is moved into the hallway. This then follows with a strings score of a murmuring violin sound every few-seconds, which speeds up as the trailer intensifies. Throughout the trailer there are many shot-reverse shots as the ghost/demon looks at the mother, for her to look back and then the ghost to be gone a typical convention used in horror trailers yet it is still very effective. Throughout the trailer orchestral string sounds are used at a dramatic moment which then stops at the climax of the scene, which makes the viewer jump and anticipate the next burst of audio. The inserts used throughout the clip are effective as they are put against a black background and the font used is not too elaborate so is easy to read at a quick glance.