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Electrothermal equipment QUALITY SCIENCE EXPERIENCE

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Text of Electrothermal equipment QUALITY SCIENCE EXPERIENCE

1Company designs, manufactures and delivers power converter equipment and power semiconductor devices for many industries, focusing on complex technical solutions and unique "turnkey" equipment supplement. experience science quality
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgy Energy
Due to it’s high scientific and technical potential and more than a century of experience, TET-ESTEL provides comprehensive solutions for the widest range of technological tasks experience science quality
ESTEL TODAY: Modern test station:
• 10kA test bench; • 6 kV test bench; • 35 kV test bench for high
voltage tests; • Test bench for Control
Modules; • Test bench for transformers
and inductions; • Operational test bench for
electric plates; • Climatic test bench for
Allows you to test the full range of products in terms of nominal or equivalent loads experience science quality
1976 Nuclear research Institute (Russia) Development and production of network-driven invertor for excess-energy regulation at plasma formation.
1985-1990 Research Centre CERN (Switzerland) Rectifier with special technical parameters for the Large Hadron Collider.
2000-2003 Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (Germany) Development and production of 25MW SMES-based long-pulse klystron modulator by specification of Forschungszentrum.
2013 Institute for Nuclear Research (Lund,Sweden) Direct current power supply for gas electric discharge formation.
1970 Lunar rover Power semiconductor devices for the first Lunar rover experience science quality
2001 sertificate ISO 9001:2000
2013 sertificate ISO 9001:2008
2013 sertificate ISO 14001:2004
2014 sertificate OHSAS 18001:2007
over 30 countires. We have launched
hundreds of projects for various
international Customers in experience science quality
Metallurgy projects by TET ESTEL AS Severstal Metiz (Russia) 2000 kW Induction Heater for grinding mill
Kuznia Sulkowice (Poland) 15 lines of billet heaters
«Technographite» (Russia) 1100 kW current balancing reactor for graphitation furnace
Vietnam Heating plant 1000 kW
Israel Rectifier transformer unit 1000 kVA experience science quality
Norilsk Nickel (Russia) Power source for DC arc furnace (1 t)/ for steel smelting
Sukholozhsky metal-processing plant (Russia) Power source for a 6-ton arc furnace
VSMPO Avisma (Russia) Power supply for vacuum arc furnace (titanium melting)
Ferroalloys plant (Kazakhstan) Open type arc furnace (3 t) for smelting ferroalloys
Metallurgy projects by TET ESTEL AS
Riga Electric Machine Building Plant (Latvia) Supply of a DC arc furnace with a capacity of 3 tons for steel, a rectifier with a capacity of 2200 kW and a cooling station. experience science quality
Induction heating generator (Kazakhstan) for KarSTU in Karaganda
Open-type DC arc furnace (Kazakhstan) for the ferroalloys plant in Aksu
Induction heating plant with a capacity of 800 kW (Kazakhstan) for the wedge rolling line at EVRAZ Metal
JSC "Chepetsky Mechanical Plant" (Russia) Supply of power sources 25kA and 12.5kA, 75V for vacuum arc furnaces DKV-5,0 / G3,5-I1 and DKV-3,2.
China Heating plant 1000 kW experience science quality
Metallurgy projects by TET ESTEL AS
Orsk Metallurgical Plant (Russia) Oven of electroslag remelting with the power of 3000 kW
JSC "Tyazhpressmash" - manufacture of presses (Russia) 20-ton melting complex for smelting special steels
Induction heating generator (Kazakhstan) for Ulba metallurgical complex in Ust-Kamenogorsk
Poland Two heating plants 90 and 210 kW experience science quality
TET ESTEL AS products
Induction melting units
Systems of equipment for foundries • Induction furnaces • DC arc furnaces • pouring ladles • water cooling system (possible complete with cooling towers) • ventilation, gas and dust-cleaning system from all melting units experience science quality
TET ESTEL AS products
Devices: • heating • melting • quenching
Machines for hardening, brazing
Forging billet heating units
6400 kW
• Shafts
• Gear-shafts
• Gears:
• The through-heating of cut-to-length sections with a cylindrical or rectangular cross-section before plastic deformation in the press- forging process (forging induction heater type installations, FIH);
• The through-heating of long bars before plastic deformation (induction heater type installations, IH);
• The heat treatment of hollow billets in pipe production (thyristor induction heater type installations, TIH). experience science quality
Bending of tubes
Automatic equipment for large diameter pipe heat treatment by the mathematical model experience science quality
DC power sources for electric arc furnace of vacuum and
open types Application
Production: • special alloy; • constructional special steel ; • high-grade cast iron; • ferroalloy; • non-ferrous metals and their alloys; • titanium.
Specifications: • Output current up to 50 000 • Output voltage up to 1000 • Kiln volume 0,5-30 tonn experience science quality
Operational frequency 0-10 Hz experience science quality
Produced more than 5000 TFC series.
The very first USSR thyristor frequency converter was designed at Estel in 1968.
Today we are producing the 5th generation of frequency converter TFC series with flexible digital control system.
• Output frequency 0,5-10,0 kHz
• Output power 250-6400 kVA experience science quality
Generators for induction heating equipment
Transistor frequency converters (TrFC series)
The converter is assembled on IGBT-devices what allows reduce the weight and size.
TrFC converter has a higher frequency output and compact size.
• Output frequency 0,1-66 kHz
• Output power 50-250 kVA experience science quality
Transformer-rectifier units are designed to supply electrolysis baths via a 12-pulse bridge rectification circuit.
• Transformer
• Rectifier