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  • © 2014 IBM Corporation

    Enabling Foundational Self-Service with

    Cognos Business Intelligence V10.2.2

    Stefan Constantinides, sconstan@us.ibm.com

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation2

    IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.2.2 Enabling Foundational Self-Service

     Speed deployment to enable foundational self-service

     Streamline the report creation process to save time and make

    authors more efficient

     Empower more users with increased personalization and more

    targeted capabilities

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation3

    Speed deployment to enable

    Foundational self-service

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation4

    Targeted profiles will engage even more users and

    make them more self-sufficient

    Views based on skill

    and required


    Enables more users to

    be Self-Sufficient

    Customize profiles in

    Report Studio &

    Workspace Advanced

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation5

    Use ‗quick set-up‘ to easily install & configure all

    Cognos BI components for testing and prototyping

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation6

    Increase confidence by managing security at the individual

    user level in multi-tenant deployments

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation7

    Leverage high performing Dynamic Cubes by quickly

    migrating existing Framework Manager models

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation8

    Proactively plan your upgrade using the

    Cube Designer Hardware Sizing Guide

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation9

    Support users with a broad range of disabilities with broadened


    US Section 508 Compliant,

    from modeling through to


    Produce fully accessible,

    compliant reports.

    Supports assistive


  • © 2014 IBM Corporation10

    Conformance Updates

    Application Server

     SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.4

    Content Store

     DB2 for z/OS 11

     Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2

     Microsoft SQL Server 2014

    Portal Servers

     WebSphere Portal 8.5

     Liferay Portal

    Security Libraries

     GSKit

    Web Servers

     Apache HTTP Server 2.4

     Microsoft Internet Information Services 8.5


     Cloudera Impala 1.3

     Netezza 7.1, 7.2

     DB2 for i5/OS 7.2

     TM1 10.2.2

     InfoSphere BigInsights 2.1, 3

     Apache Hive 0.11, 0.12

     Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2, 2014

     Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 R2,


     MySQL 5.7

     PostgreSQL 9.3, 9.4

     Teradata 15


     JT400 JDBC driver (DB2 iSeries)


     iOS8

     Android 4.4

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation11

    Streamline the report creation

    process to save time and make

    authors more efficient

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation12

    Build a report once and create a consistent corporate

    identity with reusable style templates

    Define Styles for

    standardized reporting

    Simplify Report

    Maintenance by

    Updating Styles Once

    Create Templates for

    groups to provide a

    starting point

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation13

    Leverage the new visualization capabilities and customize

    them directly in Report Studio

     Extensible visualization properties are exposed in Report Studio & Workspace Advanced

     Extensible visualization data slots are now flexible, use only those that you need.

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation14

    See changes to your reports in real-time and speed

    authoring with Active Report Live Preview

    View Active Report

    Content in Report

    Studio Directly

    Change Layout to

    Match Device Output

    or Custom

    Make Formatting

    Changes Directly in

    Preview Mode

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation15

    Empower more users with

    increased personalization

    and targeted capabilities

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation16

    Quickly upload and easily model personal data sources

    for end-to-end analysis with My Data Sets

     Upload CSV, XLS, XLSX, and create reports and dashboards

     Manage uploaded data files without IT

     Administrators can define who has privileges

    Data in a CSV or

    Excel File

    Upload to Cognos


    Simple Modeling

    Author Reports

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation17


    Filter related widgets

    by selecting values

    Create interactive

    dashboards for easy


    Define custom buttons

    that specify a filter


    Quickly focus your analysis by using Dynamic Filters in

    Cognos Workspace

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation18

    Learn more about these exciting innovations

    at www.AnalyticsZone.Com

    See the new features in action

    Read blogs on key topics from product experts

    Test drive a trial version of Cognos BI V10.2.2

    Let us know what you think!

    1. „Sign up‟ or „Sign in‟ to www.AnalyticsZone.Com

    2. Click on Downloads and Trials and select “Business Intelligence” on the menu

    http://www.analyticszone.com/ http://www.analyticszone.com/

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation19

    Foundational Business Intelligence

    for the Enterprise

    Support for multiple data sources

    and operating environments with

    customizable visualizations

    A known and trusted analytics


    Provides a baseline of information

    to feed Watson Analytics across

    one integrated and supported


    Value and Trust

    Cognos Business Intelligence Foundational Self-Service

    Cloud-based agile analytics for

    business users

    Guided flexible exploration with

    cognitive computing and

    automated visualization selection

    Automated discovery of


    and permutations of data providing

    new answers

    A standardized gateway to


    Business Intelligence value across

    the Enterprise

    Revolutionize how your business transforms data into meaningful insights

    IBM Watson Analytics & Cognos Business Intelligence

    Exploration and Innovation

    Watson Analytics Individual Self-Sufficiency

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation

    Demonstrations Cognos 10.2.2

    Stefan Constantinides


  • © 2014 IBM Corporation

    Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) Introduction

    Stefan Constantinides


  • © 2014 IBM Corporation

    CDM Deployed at Amazon

    HUGE time saver!!! – Now with using CDM it takes 5 minutes to generate the monthly executive level report

    that used to take a minimum of 3 hours to cobble together.

     CDM is rapidly becoming irreplaceable at Amazon.

    – One of the Amazon team described it to me as something as essential as turning the

    lights on.

     How?

  • © 2014 IBM Corporation










    Data Warehouse


    • The template forms

    are replicated across

    many solo and group


    • Complicated /

    extensive XBRL

    requires forensic

    review and validation.

    • Data sources may not

    be synchronised but

    all templates need to

    tie out with one


    • Every instance must

    change when the

    source changes.


    Data Sources

    Specific and underlying reporting problems

    Modelling Engine

    Risk Management

    The Collaborative Problem • Documents and information are shared on a

    network drive or passed around via email, text

    messages, notes or yellow sticky pads

    • No version control to coordinate contributions to

    the report

    • No approval process or audit trail to ensure

    consensus of one version of the truth

    • No visibility or control over the process or

    sources of information

    The Cut and Paste Problem • Reports are disconnected from their sources

    • Last minute changes to actual results, budgets or

    forecasts drive extensive rework

    • Data integrity can be compromised

    • Iterative change and control process complex to

    coordinate and time consuming

    The ―What Changed‖ Problem •Executives want to understand the updates from

    the previous presentation.

    •FP&A wants control over the reporting process.

    •What happens if a change was made incorrectly?

    •Who made what changes and why?

    The ―Do it Again‖ Problem •Every month means all reports need to be

    updated to reflect the current p