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    Clever mobility for specialised needs

    With instrument delivery on a mobile instrument cart, Planmeca Compact c dental unit offers a flexible and functional choice for specialised needs. Manoeuvring is easy, as the extremely stable mobile cart rolls smoothly on different surfaces. The mobile cart is also available independently without chair and cuspidor to fulfil the various needs of specialised users, such as dental hospitals and implantologist clinics.

    Throughout their 35-year history, Planmeca has worked in close cooperation with the dental professionals in developing innovative products. As a proof of the long design experience and close customer contacts, the Planmeca Compact dental unit range provides practical and user-friendly solutions that support the entire treatment workflow.

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    Planmeca Compact c dental unit delivers the instruments on a mobile instrument cart, creating an optimal side delivery concept for specialised environments such as hospitals and oral surgery clinics. The design concept with side lifting patient chair mechanism and thorough hygiene controls efficiently promotes ergonomic and safe working methods.

    To maximise stability and movability, the instrument cart has a low centre of gravity. The double wheel casters roll smoothly on various surfaces, making manoeuvring very easy. The telescopic column has a wide height adjustment range that makes the unit adaptable for different sized users. The user can freely adjust the angle of each instrument holder, so that they always have the best possible ergonomic access to each instrument.

    The instrument cart can be equipped with up to six instruments. The left-hand position is dedicated to the syringe that can be operated simultaneously with any other instrument. The four right-hand instrument positions are universal and interchangeable, so that they can adapt any instrument from Planmeca’s wide instrument range. All instrument hoses are equipped with intelligent Plug&Perform quick connectors.

    • The users can freely position the instruments on the console in the order that best suits them.

    • The users can benefit from operation with more than five instruments, since changing the instrument hose is extremely easy.

    • New instruments can easily be added.

    • The user-programmable settings are individually memorised for each hose.

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    The well-thought design of the Planmeca Compact c unit helps the dental team to follow rigorous infection control procedures. All parts exposed to contamination are removable for cleaning.

    The uniform and smooth surfaces are easy to clean. The unit is made of corrosion-free materials, and the metal body has a resistant and hygienic epoxy paint finish. As the cover of the instrument console is seamless and the control panel has a membrane keyboard, they are effortlessly kept clean. The instrument holders can be removed for cleaning. Moreover, the seamless design of the standard upholstery is easy to maintain aseptic, and the upholstery stands up to repeated use of recommended cleaning agents.

    The unit control panel includes intuitive, powerful controls of the unit functions. The multifunctional foot control provides easy-to-use and aseptic hands-free controls of the chair, unit, and instruments. The stable, reliable mechanical construction and logical functionality contribute to effortless and intuitive use.

    The advanced digital control system allows the foot control functions to be customised so that the user can create an operation logic that best suits them. The foot control is connected to the unit column or the cart base, depending on the user’s habits. These features make the foot control ideal for a diversity of user needs.

    An optional 6th instrument position for the Planmeca Intracam AF intraoral video camera can be added on the instrument cart.

    Combining dental team working ergonomics with patient comfort is an important design consideration for any patient chair. In Planmeca Compact c, the ultra-thin and anatomically correct patient chair backrest with narrow upper part ingeniously fulfils both aspects. Thanks to the side lifting mechanism, there is no chair base, thus the dental team can benefit from exceptional legroom and easy-to-maintain clear floor surface. The wide backrest features a compensating movement that provides support for the patient.

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    The independent cart is an ideal solution for oral surgeous and other specialists. In this fine design, the mobile instrument console is connected to a special junction box, which makes the unit highly attractive to hospitals, implantologist clinics, and other specialised users. The independent cart can be complemented with Planmeca Chair or any other stand-alone patient chair. When combined with Planmeca Chair, the chair positions can be controlled through the cart.

    • Independent mobile instrument cart when there is no need for a bowl.

    • Remote junction box with horizontal/vertical mounting possibilities.

    • Optional Multiquick connector available for removable cart connection; it provides further increased flexibility.

    • Optional Steripump system for sterile solution supply for a scaler with an external spray.

    The independent cart with Planmeca Chair provides the best possible set-up for specialised dental treatments. Planmeca Chair cleverly combines patient comfort and the dental team’s working ergonomics. With its slim backrest and intuitive controls, the chair provides good ergonomics and supports modern, efficient treatment methods.

    Planmeca Chair design allows for gracious free space under it, contributing to superior legroom and easy access. Thus it is easy to adopt correct working postures, which promotes optimised ergonomics.

    Planmeca Chair features an exclusive 180-degree swivel. This provides unique freedom in operatory design and is especially appreciated where space is limited and when access to an intraoral X-ray unit or other peripheral equipment is needed.

    The swivel is released with a foot-operated mechanism located on the chair base. The swivel foot switch allows easy and aseptic operation of swivel functions for both the doctor and the assistant.

    Optionally, Planmeca Chair can be equipped with a surgical intravenous armrest for immobilising the patient’s arm during sedation, for example.

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    Plus package

    The Plus package enables enhanced specific controls for the unit control panel. These controls further extend the unit versatility. The Plus package includes

    • individual chair position programming for six users

    • an advanced low-speed control for micromotor

    • instrument power/speed limitation and programming

    • six programmable timers.

    In case the unit is equipped with an optional assistant’s control panel, either control panel can be used to command these enhanced Plus package features.

    Brushless micromotor

    The Planmeca EA-50LT micromotor features small size, high torque, and quiet operation, making the motor highly attractive for a broad range of dental applications. It employs the latest technology of carbon-free brushless electric motors. This technology enables high performance, exceptional reliability, low operating costs, and a long lifespan.

    Planmeca Intracam AF

    The fully automatic, unit-integrated Planmeca Intracam AF intraoral video camera is a truly practical tool for modern dentistry. Incorporating an advanced auto focus system and a wide-ranging automatic brightness control, the camera provides sharp and bright images at first sight. In addition, the auto focus system enables viewing tooth surface details to dental arch and even to full face – with no manual controls. Image freezing, unfreezing, and saving are performed hygienically from the unit foot control, which eliminates all possible unclarity during freezing.

    LED polymerisation

    Planmeca adapts latest generation LED polymerisation lights that offer power, speed, and silent operation. The high intensity and the correct light emission spectrum of the LED guarantee fast polymerisation of light-cured dental materials. LED technology generates very little heat, so there is no need for a cooling fan. The absence of a fan makes the handpiece silent and lightweight.

    Ultra upholstery

    The optionally available viscoelastic Ultra upholstery adapts perfectly to follow the patient’s anatomy. It is filled with special viscoelastic foam that takes the patient’s body shape and restores its original shape after the treatment. The Ultra upholstery provides extra comfort that is especially appreciated in long treatment sessions.

    The Ultra upholstery is also available in a special fabric that simulates the supple and smooth surface of genuine leather. In addition, the upholstery can come with a metallic shade, which gives the chair a modern, extravagant, and shiny look shiny look the patients will notice.

    To see the complete upholstery colour chart, please go to page 11.


    The optionally available armrests provide firm support