Erev Shabbos Parashas Bemidbar 38 May 27, 2011 5th Perek of 2011-05-29آ  Erev Shabbos Parashas Bemidbar

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Text of Erev Shabbos Parashas Bemidbar 38 May 27, 2011 5th Perek of 2011-05-29آ  Erev Shabbos Parashas...

  • Erev Shabbos Parashas Bemidbar 38th Day of Sefiras HaOmer 5th Perek of Pirkei Avos May 27, 2011 Licht Bentchen: 8:06 P.M. Volume XVII, Issue 34

    Dear Parents, We open by keeping last week’s promise to provide a recap of Friday’s third-in-TSGW-history Grandparent’s Day. From the welcoming reception, to the guided tours, to the classroom visits, to the art projects, to the family portraits, to the luncheon – everything went smoothly and was thoroughly enjoyed by our over 130 visitors. We’ve got lots of people to thank and, hopefully, no one will be left out. We first express HaKaras HaTov to Baruch and Rochelle Wertenteil for initiating this event. We are also greatly grateful to our planners, movers, and shakers, Zev Teichman, Julie Vogel, Julie Malka, and Aviva Rosen; our dedicated office staff, Marlene Teichman, Jodi Mailman and Abby Pines; and our cast of volunteers whose presence last week was critical, Esti Graham, Yael Azran, Deena Hadar, Rachie Reingold, Rachael Starkman, Shira Kavanagh, Sharon Shimoff, Galit Rutstein, Galit Kushnier, Sarit Kovacs, Sharon Graff, Becky Langer, Yocheved Sussman, and Adina Gayer. This long list of helpers was put together by Mrs. Miri Gottlieb, and her efforts are also greatly appreciated. Additionally, the Sixth Grade Boys were super-helpful in getting things together and taking it all apart. Special appreciation goes to Cory Myers for the fantastic, professional pictures and to Melissa Miller and Miri Gottlieb for coordinating this effort. The art projects the kids made with grandparents were very creatively planned and calmly guided by Mrs. Chaya Shinensky. Finally, any Jewish occasion/celebration needs outstanding food. In this case, it was catered by “Wrap 2 Go” whose proprietors are Azik Schwechter and Chaim Gabay. They also provided munchy chocolate chip cookies for all children in the school (besides the ice cream given to all who were in classrooms). Of course, above all, we thank the Ribbono Shel Olam who constantly graces us with his beneficence.

    On the Immediate Horizon Sunday, May 29 – No Classes – Erev Memorial Day. Monday, May 30 – No Classes – Memorial Day. Tuesday, May 31 – Last day of post-3:30 classes for 2010-2011. 5B after-school MTT trip. The boys amassed over

    18,000 minutes (300 hours) of voluntary Talmud Torah. Masmid Govoha banquet for qualifying 6B’ers.

    Boys should meet Rabbi Biberfeld at his house (10909 Oakwood St. in White Oak) at 6:00 P.M. Rabbi Biberfeld will drive them to and from Baltimore, and they can be picked up from the Biberfeld’s around 9:00 P.M.

    Tuesday, May 31 and Wednesday, June 1 – 3rd and 5th Grades will continue Standardized Achievement Testing. Wednesday, June 1 – Ben Yehuda Pizza. Todah to all of this week’s in-house helpers. Thursday, June 2 – Chemdas Jr. (1st and 2nd) Trip. Chemdas Sr. (3rd-6th) Trip.

    Chaperones and coolers are needed for both trips. Rosh Chodesh Sivan NOAM – Final Night Out at

    Max’s for 2010-2011. Monday, June 6 – 1B to Reston Zoo. 5G to Fort McHenry.

    Tuesday, June 7 – Erev Shavuos – No Classes.

    Wednesday and Thursday, June 8 and 9 – Shavuos. Friday, June 10 – Full, regular day of school. Monday, June 13 – 6th Grade Graduation practice at Kemp Mill Synagogue. We will leave school at 1:20 and return around 3:20. If you are available to drive going, returning, or both, please fill in the form below. Monday, June 13 – 1G to Reston Zoo. 2G to Sandy Spring Museum.

    $$””22"" TToorraahh SScchhooooll ooff GGrreeaatteerr WWaasshhiinnggttoonn

    EE..SS..TT..EE..RR.. EErreevv SShhaabbbbooss ““TToorraahh”” EEvveennttss RReeppoorrtt

  • Tuesday, June 14 – 2B to Sandy Spring Museum. 7:00 P.M. in school. End of year 6G/Girls’

    Choir music/poetry program.

    The Ecstasy and the Agony 2011 Last Days of 2010-2011

    For Kindergartners Tuesday, June 14 - after Graduation

    Times of Graduations: Morah Rochel’s AM Class – 11:15

    Morah Chani’s/Morah Ashley’s Class – 12:30 Morah Mack’s AM Class – 1:45

    A letter with details about the graduation formats was sent to you via USPS.

    For Sixth Graders Wednesday, June 15 at Noon

    Graduation will be that evening at 8:00 at Kemp Mill Synagogue.

    For 1st-5th Graders Thursday, June 16 at Noon First Day of 2011-2012

    Thursday, September 1, 2011 – only 104 days from today.

    A Few Other 2011-2012 Tidbits Tuesday, Sept. 6 – Meet the Teachers Evening

    Winter Vacation Friday, January 13 – Sunday January 22.


    Next Wednesday, June 1st, is the 28th of Iyar and is known as Yom Yerushalayim. This was the day in June, 1967 when Jerusalem was reunited, and its residents were able to safely emerge from their bomb shelters. (Editor’s Note: Being in a Miklat, a bomb shelter, is a frightening, sobering experience. My wife, my oldest daughter, and I had to be in one during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.) In addition, in Shulchan Oruch Orach Chaim 580:2, it says that this is the date of the Yahrzeit of Shmuel HaNavi.

    Up-to-Date Parshathon Update

    Parshathon collections have reached the astronomical heights of $18,020.27. Wow!

    Today’s Attachments Classroom Close-ups by Mrs.

    Karp Classroom Close-ups by Mrs.

    Sara Crane. SOVEYA newsletter. Chosen Words. Final Ooroo LaTefillah for 2010-2011.

    Chemdas Return Times Chemdas Jr. is expected back at school at

    7:00 P.M. Chemdas Sr. is scheduled to return between

    9:15-9:45. At 5:45, you can call our Info Hotline (301- 962-8003 x2) for up-to-the-minute information.

    APB We are on the hunt for sponsors for next Friday’s Rosh Chodesh Sivan treats (last Rosh Chodesh treats of 2010- 2011). We extend condolences to:

    Eli Rutstein, upon the passing of his father, Z’L. Becky Langer, upon the passing of her maternal

    grandfather (father of Mrs. Sue White), Z’L. May Hashem comfort their entire families among the mourners of Tziyon and Yerushalayim. We wish a Refuah Shelaimah to:

    Hirsh Komarow’s father. Leah Kott’s father. Marian Miller.

    We wish a heartfelt Mazel Tov to: ☺ Moshe Singer, his parents, Rabbi Yosef and Mrs. Miram Singer; his siblings, Batya, Aharon, Avrami, Akiva, Yaakov, and Chaim; and his entire family, upon his forthcoming marriage to Leora Horowitz. ☺ Asher Samberg, his parents, Rabbi Yosef and Mrs. Lisa Samberg; his siblings, Meir, Menachem, Yehuda, Zev, and Efraht; and his entire family, upon his becoming a Bar Mitzvah. ☺ Daniella Sugar, her parents, Ben and Yael; her siblings, Dalya and Mirel; and her entire family, upon her becoming a Bas Mitzvah. May they continue to blessed with Simachos.

  • Thursday’s learning was sponsored by Bracha Eizenstat’s grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gold, in honor of her 12th birthday!!

    Middah Alert The latest tips to help us judge others favorably are: Before passing judgement, remember: Maybe he/she is really right. Maybe he/she made a mistake. Maybe you made the mistake.

    Some of What’s

    Going On Actually, a lot of what’s going on is going out, as

    we’ve had some big trip doings this week. Our Lag B’Omer activities took place on Lad B’Omer and Laz B’Omer. 1st -6th did their “stuff” on Monday, and all Kindergartens visited Clark’s Elioak Farm yesterday. Monday’s hike had to be cancelled due to the Billy Goat Trail’s closure (because of rain). However, Mrs. Dunkin saved the day by suggesting we visit the National Zoo. All classes had wonderful times – even as the weather has gotten hotter and more humid.

    Our Sixth Graders went on their long-anticipated graduation excursions, the boys on Tuesday and Wednesday and the girls on Wednesday and Thursday. HaKaras HaTov goes to Rabbi Biberfeld, Mrs. Karp, Mrs. Mailman, Mrs. Biberfeld, Mrs. Bracha and Mr. Chaim Melman, Mrs. Kreiser, Miss Alana Mailman, Miss Devora Bressler, Mr. Eli Verschleisser, Mrs. Elaine Rubin, Mrs. Jessica and Mr. Jay Eizenstat for driving, chaperoning, housing, playing games, teaching Torah, singing, organizing, lifeguarding, navigating, providing a pool and a house, BBQing, and/or just being great sports. Special thanks also go to Rabbi Aharon Tendler and Rabbi Eli Greengart who gave of their time to meet and speak with our boys in Yeshivas Ner Yisrael. Both groups profusely thank Mrs. Mailman for all the time she spent making arrangements and putting together great packets of info and games. We are especially grateful to the Ribbono Shel Olam that everyone went and came back healthy and safe. The common threads running between all these events were the compliments our kids received

    for their wonderful Derech Eretz up and down and in and around the East Coast.

    Ezra Mond (of Third Grade fame) came to me twice this week with understandings that he gained from learning Unkelos, the classical Aramaic translation of the Torah.

    I received the following note from Esther Malka Lichtenstein (of Kindergarten fame):

    Dear Rabbi Charner and all of my Morahs, J”ung Thank you for arranging and taking me on the very fun trip to the park and farm! I had a VERY, VERY nice tim