EU Cooperation: UXO sector and EIDHR in Lao PDR 22 November 2012 Vientiane, Lao PDR

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EU Cooperation: UXO sector and EIDHR in Lao PDR 22 November 2012 Vientiane, Lao PDR. Content. 1. EU cooperation and its instruments 2. Previous and current EU intervention in UXO sector in Laos. 3. Previous and current EU intervention under EIDHR in Laos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *EU Cooperation: UXO sector and EIDHRin Lao PDR

    22 November 2012Vientiane, Lao PDR

  • *1. EU cooperation and its instruments 2. Previous and current EU intervention in UXO sector in Laos.3. Previous and current EU intervention under EIDHR in Laos4. Pipeline and ongoing CfPs

  • 1. EU CooperationEU (EC+ its MS), as a group, are the 4th largest donor to Laos with USD 71 million (12.88%) of ODA disbursed in 2011. Note: There were in total 43 donors providing ODA to Laos in 2011, of which 12 are EU donors. Three EU partners are based in-country - the EU Delegation, France and Germany.

  • *Two main instruments through:Country Strategy Paper/MIP 2011-2013: in partnership with GOL, UN, IOsThematic Program: CfPs of Non State Actors Local Authorities, EIDHR, Investing in People, so on in partnership with INGOs, NPAs and LA.1. EU Cooperation Instruments

  • *Through the grants from thematic programs i.e. ex-NGO co-financing, ECHO, NSA-LA and EIDHR since 1995, by EU NGOs i.e. MAG, HI and national agencies.HI, for example:

    In total: more than 12 M in UXO sector 2012: 4 ongoing projects, implemented by HI, MAG, UXO Lao/NRA (through UNDP) = 2.4 m Euro 2. Previous and ongoing EU funded projects in Laos (UXO sector)

    Project Year Total EU contribution (Euro) UXO clearance, capacity buildings equipment, so on.1997-20126.7 million

  • EU co-funding with HI 1998-2012

    Project title (with HI)DurationEU contribution (Euro)Development support to UXO Lao Operations in Savannakhet Phase I and II 1/9/1998-31/8//20001/9/2000-28/2/2001 (extension)2,700,000 Consolidation phase Toward technical and management sustainability of UXO Lao Phase III1/3/2001- 28/2/2002775,000 Maintenance of HIB Capacity building to UXO Lao in Savannakhet 1/3/2002- 31/8/2002100,000 (ECHO) Transfer of knowledge, skills and capacities to UXO Lao Savannakhet leading to the complete withdrawal of HIB Technical assistance. Phase IV 1/9/2002- 31/8/04900,000 Integrated UXO Threat Reduction in Savannakhet province. UXO clearance and Risk Education program conducted by HIB as autonomous humanitarian operator 24/12/2004- 23/12/2006 (extended to 30/11/2007)1,000,000 Integrated Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Threat Reduction in Savannakhet Province of the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic1/1/2009 31/12/2010500,000 Strengthening the initiatives of government and others to respond to the UXO Threat DCI-NSAPVD/2010/256-467 1/1/2011-31/12/2012 692,557Total 6,667,557

  • 3. European Instrument for Democracy and Human RightsOne of thematic programs, launched through CfP:Global Human Rights Strategy 2011-2013Enhancing respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in countries where they are most at risk;Strengthening the role of civil society in promoting human rights and democratic reform, in supporting the peaceful conciliation of group interests and, in consolidating political participation and representation;

  • Human Rights Strategy 2011-2013 (Cont.)

    Supporting and strengthening the international and regional framework for the protection and promotion of human rights, justice, the rule of law and the promotion of democracy;Building confidence in and enhancing the reliability and transparency of democratic electoral processes, in particular through election observation. So on

  • EIDHR projects in LaosEIDHR projects from 2004 -2012:No. of projects:16 projects, of which 7 projects are on-goingTotal costs: 2,9 M

  • EIDHR projects in Laos (cont.)

  • EIDHR projects in Laos (cont.)

  • 4. Pipeline and ongoing Calls for Proposals In country Call for proposals: 2013EIDHR CfP: 1.2 M.NSA LA CfPs: 2.3 M. UXO CfPs: 2.6 M (deadline 4th Jan. 2013)

    Global CfPs 2012: Investing in People: Actions for child protection against violence against children (deadline 4 Dec. 12)

  • *

    Draft MIP 2011-2013 = 11 m Euro for Non focal area, including sustainable dev. in upland and policy dialogue on relocation, UXO clearance.*


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