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  • Expanding versatility The upgraded Trilogy family of ventilators continues to meet the changing needs of your patients

  • DirectView Trilogy is fitted with a SD card that stores all ventilation data. DirectView software monitors this data and offers a complete set of customizable reports, allowing clinicians to identify when any adjustments are necessary to maintain an effective treatment.

    • 72 hours of raw data for breath-by- breath waveform monitoring

    • 30 days of therapy information available in Daily Details

    • 12 month trend overviews of pressure, breath rate, percentage of triggered breaths, peak inspiratory patient flow, estimated exhaled tidal volume, leak, Ti/Ttot and minute ventilation, plus AHI and SpO2 when the optional oximetry module is connected

    Trilogy Series is a family of remarkably versatile life support ventilators that simplifies the management of respiratory related diseases by combining unique levels of flexibility with ease of use and advanced technology.

    Meet the changing needs of your patients Trilogy’s ability to deliver both volume and pressure control ventilation with advanced leak compensation meets the needs of adult and pediatric patients (> 5kg) alike. Versatility is truly demonstrated with Trilogy’s support of active and passive breathing circuits for invasive and non-invasive ventilation.

    Whether used in a hospital or home environment, Trilogy has a customizable and intuitive interface that combines ease of use with access to high levels of performance.

    An internal battery plus detachable battery combine to provide up to 6 – 8 hours of freedom from mains power, making Trilogy a truly portable solution. Patients benefit from increased autonomy of care with the ability to hot swap the detachable batteries.

  • The Trilogy Series of mixed mode ventilators introduced exceptional advancements in form, function and performance.

    As a direct result of our Allies in Better Sleep and Breathing program, we’ve incorporated powerful new updates to provide even more functionality based on data gathered through our clinician and healthcare networks worldwide.

    Meaningful innovation

    Just one more way we are working with you as Allies in Better Sleep and Breathing

    Expanded ventilatory support with Mouthpiece Ventilation Patients can now experience greater freedom from the constraints of ventilatory support with the introduction of a dedicated mouthpiece ventilation (MPV) mode, available on both volume and pressure control ventilation options.

    Our unique ‘kiss’ trigger with signal flow technology detects when a patient engages and disengages from the mouthpiece to deliver on-demand ventilation.

    With no inspiratory effort required to trigger a breath, Trilogy is a viable option for a wide range of respiratory related disease patients – improving autonomy of care and enhancing quality of life.

    Mouthpiece ventilation can postpone the need for a tracheostomy1 by utilizing Trilogy Series’ dual prescription functionality, which gives the option of daytime mouthpiece ventilation and nocturnal non-invasive ventilation.

    MPV accessories We offer a true alternative to intimidating and complicated homemade circuits and mounts with a purpose- built support arm system that can be attached to both rounded and flat surfaces.

    A mouthpiece ventilation disposable patient breathing circuit containing a choice of mouthpieces is also available for convenience, comfort and accessibility.

    1 Bach et al. Chest. 1993; 103:174-82 Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation via the Mouth as an Alternative to Tracheostomy for 257 Ventilator Users

    Enhanced functionality

  • Sensitive Digital Auto-TRAK Enhanced trigger sensitivity for pediatric patients and those with minimal respiratory capacity

    Nebulizer feature Removal of nuisance alarms for easier inline nebulizer treatments

    Pressure support Increased limit to 40cmH2O for greater prescription flexibility

    Circuit type Identify the circuit type on screen at a glance to assist with troubleshooting

    Battery count Quickly review the number of battery charges/discharges to aid replacement scheduling

    Additional improvements inspired by you

    Expanded clinical control On-screen waveforms allow clinicians to review a patient’s treatment efficacy at a glance. By quickly identifying any changes to the respiratory rate, leaks and triggering, clinicians can adjust device settings to provide optimal patient-ventilator synchronization.

    Expanded volume targeting AVAPS estimates the patient’s tidal volume over several breaths and calculates the change in pressure support needed to achieve the target tidal volume. AVAPS reaches the required pressure support by automatically increasing or decreasing the IPAP accordingly.

    Leveraging on this clinically proven and patented technology, we’ve introduced adjustable AVAPS, which allows you to control the speed at which pressure support will change, and AVAPS-AE, which automatically adjusts the EPAP and backup rate. These technologies monitor and follow the changing needs of the patient.

    AVAPS-AE In AVAPS-AE mode, the device monitors the patient’s upper airway resistance and automatically adjusts the delivered EPAP required to maintain an airway.

    Simultaneously, Trilogy Series automatically adjusts pressure support to maintain a target tidal volume and when the breath rate is set to Auto, the device will adjust the back-up breath rate based on the patient’s spontaneous respiratory rate.

    Purpose-built support arm system

    Unique ‘kiss’ trigger with signal flow technology

    Disposable patient breathing circuits available

  • Simple ventilation, sophisticated technology

    Attractive, compact design weighing less than 5kg

    Comprehensive alarms with audible and visual feedback

    Large, color screen

    Digital Auto-TRAK and Advanced leak compensation algorithms optimize patient- ventilator synchronization and ventilation efficacy

    AVAPS hybrid ventilation automatically adjusts pressure to compensate for changing workloads of patient ventilation and an average tidal volume

    Exceptional monitoring for immediate feedback on therapy

  • Monitoring Tidal volume 0 – 2000 ml Minute ventilation 0 – 99 l/min Leak rate 0 – 200 l/min Respiratory rate 0 – 80 BPM Peak inspiratory flow 0 – 200 l/min Peak inspiratory pressure 0 – 99 cm H2O Mean airway pressure 0 – 99 cm H2O % patient triggered breaths 0 – 100% I:E ratio 9.9:1 to 1:9.9

    Controls Circuit types Passive, active PAP, active flow* Volume modes AC, SIMV (w/PS), CV, MPV Pressure modes CPAP, S, S/T, T, PC, PC-SIMV (w/PS), MPV Hybrid ventilation AVAPS, AVAPS-AE IPAP 4 – 50 cm H2O EPAP 0 – 25 cm H2O for active circuits,

    4 – 25 cm H2O for passive circuits CPAP 4 – 20 cm H2O for passive circuits PEEP 0 – 25 cm H2O for active circuits,

    4 – 25 cm H2O for passive circuits Pressure support 0 – 40 cm H2O Tidal volume 50 – 2000 ml Breath rate 0 – 60 for AC mode,

    1 – 60 for all other modes Inspiratory time 0.3 – 5.0 secs Rise time 1 – 6 (100 – 600 ms) Ramp start pressure 0 – 25 cm H2O for active circuits,

    4 – 25 cm H2O for passive circuits, 4 – 19 cm H2O in CPAP mode

    Ramp length Off, 5 – 45 minutes Flex Off, 1 – 3 Trigger type Auto-TRAK, Sensitive Auto-TRAK,

    Flow trigger Flow trigger sensitivity 1 – 9 l/min Flow cycle 10% – 90%


    Refer to the Trilogy100 and Trilogy200 clinical manuals for complete product information.

    Ordering information

    Description Part number Trilogy100 ventilator, International 1054096 Trilogy100 ventilator, Germany 1054097 Trilogy200 ventilator, International 1032800 Trilogy200 ventilator, Germany 1032802 MPV support arm system 1102862 MPV disposable circuit (box/10) 1102866

    Trilogy100, Trilogy200, Auto-TRAK, AVAPS, AVAPS-AE and DirectView are trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V. All rights are reserved.

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    Broudy RP 7/3/14 MCI 4106313 PN 1113756

    Please visit www.philips.com/respironics

    * Trilogy200 only

    Environmental Temperature 5°C – 40°C Relative humidity 15% – 95% Atmospheric pressure 110 kPa to 60 kPa

    Physical Weight 11 lbs, 5 kgs Size 16.7 x 28.5 x 23.5 cm Noise level 35 dBA at 10 cmH2O

    Alarms Circuit disconnect / Apnoea Off, 10 – 60 secs Circuit disconnect (MPV) Off, 1 – 15 mins High / Low tidal volume Off, 50 – 2000 ml High / Low minute ventilation Off, 1 – 99 l/min High / Low respiratory rate Off, 4 – 80 BPM High / Low inspiratory pressure 1 – 80 cmH2O

    AVAPS-AE Maximum pressure 6 – 50 cmH2O Pressure support 2 – 40 cmH2O EPAP 4 – 25 cmH2O Breath rate 0 – 60 BPM, Auto

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