Facebook as a Successful Business Tool

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Facebook as a Successful Business Tool. Presented by Leila Bagundol, Glen Morrow, Henrietta Suen and Angeline Woo. Aim. Discover Facebooks successfulness for both business and media industries Explore the potential of Facebook Examine the strengths and possible risks of Facebook. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Facebook As A Successful Business Tool</p> <p>Facebook as a Successful Business ToolPresented byLeila Bagundol, Glen Morrow,Henrietta Suen and Angeline Woo</p> <p>Before we start , I wanna ask everyone here a question : iplease rise your hands if you already have a facebook account . Good ~ now , who dun have a facebook account, or dun use it , please rise your hands then.ObviouslyWe can see as most people have a facebook account, we cannt deniy the power of facebook, thre are two kinds of ppl who dun have , one is outstanding ones, so congratulations , tat means u are unique, but the other one who dun have fb account , are .freak ? Out of date ? Who said tat ? ! I dun knowbecause our topic is already here----facebook as a sucessful business tool , here is my group mates; this topic was started when we talked abt the ads on fb , like fan page , and I believe u have done this ---() before is so that is why facebook interested our attention, . So sometimes u did this for fun , but for another hand, it is a big inssue it is not for sharing your drunk photo in the club, it is about sth serious but it represents in a tfun. way</p> <p>2AimDiscover Facebooks successfulness for both business and media industries</p> <p>Explore the potential of Facebook</p> <p>Examine the strengths and possible risks of Facebook</p> <p>Here is the aim :Actually facebook do make business, and people sell products on facebook, coz some ppl dun go to ebay to search everyday, but they do update news feed every mins . and now dress -up party , social life events , someones 21 st, anniversary . you can also get the invitations from facebook, 2. ..what else can facebook do ? </p> <p>3. at the same time by showing you the positive sides of facebook , we also found the negative ones. which we didnt plan to cover these before, but during the research , we have found it I s critical and practical to talk abt the risks.</p> <p>3ScopeBusinesses: socialising; advertising, promotional, marketing and communication functions</p> <p>Whether or not Facebook is successful:disseminating information to better various businessesThis study investigated the ways in which all sorts of businesses use Facebook to socialise with their audiences; advertising, promotional, marketing and communication tools</p> <p>The second part of this study utilised the data collected to determine whether or not Facebook is successful in its ways of disseminating information to better various businesses</p> <p>4ScopeKey questions:</p> <p>What defines a successful business tool?</p> <p>How do we judge Facebooks success as a business tool?</p> <p>Why is Facebook chosen as an advertising and promotional platform? Thomas Edison said : Genius , the percentile are inspiration , 99% is sweat. But that centesimal inspiration is the most important , is more important than even ratio that 99%'s sweat so inspired by the those questions , welcome Glen to brings the first inspiration --what defines a successful besiness tool ?5What defines a Successful Business Tool?</p> <p>What defines aSuccessful Business Tool?Something that has a positive effect on customer/consumer behaviour</p> <p>Part of an overall strategic approach to promotion, and revenue generation</p> <p>Enables the business to have a competitive advantage in a climate of constant change</p> <p>How do we judge Facebooks success as a Business Tool?</p> <p>Judging Facebooks successKeith De La Rue Founder Acknowledge Consulting</p> <p>Judging Facebooks successRoss Hill Innovative Analyst Deloitte Australia</p> <p>Judging Facebooks successData Analytics gathered from various Case StudiesGrowth, participation and interaction</p> <p>Why is Facebook chosen as a Promotional and Advertising Platform?</p> <p>Why Facebook? Easy networking and communication tool</p> <p>User popularity</p> <p>Platform for instant customer/consumer engagement</p> <p>Information immediacy and fast feedback</p> <p>Achieve higher search engine rankings</p> <p>Increase in product visibility</p> <p>Free/Low Cost</p> <p>Why Facebook? Chart 1: Time spent online per month by category (Oct. 2009)Source: Nielsen Scan Australia October 2009 News ReleaseWhy Facebook? </p> <p>Table 1: Top 50 Australian WebsitesJune/July 2009Source: Nielsen Scan Australia July 2009 News ReleaseCase Studies</p> <p>Why Facebook? Case Study 1: Supre Clothing Store (Australia)</p> <p>Mudo Media Zero to 40,000 fans5 month period of Social Media and Marketing StrategiesOn a daily basis the Page generated an average:299 new Fans171 Comments163 Likes838 Page viewsListening to the customers!Polls and opinions saved money</p> <p>Left or Right?Why Facebook? Case Study 2: Australian Bananas (Australia)</p> <p>Multi-Media Make Your Body Sing campaign6-month period of advertisingPaired with So You Think You Can Dance 2010Banana lounge message of ...good times, with fun, with energy, with happiness.18-24 age demographicHealth and Nutrition RecipesIntent to grow with the online social networking communityWhy Facebook? </p> <p>Show Ambassador Kim SaighCase Study 3: Tattoo Pride for Tattoo Artistry (Singapore)</p> <p>Singapore Tat2-2010 ShowOld communication methods obsolete (postal mail, email and the website)Now... Facebook:Tattoo Pride (4,647 Fans)Tattoo Pride for Tattoo Artistry (6,850 Group Members)Why Facebook? Case Study 4: Dessert Artistry (USA)</p> <p>Rice University's Jones Graduate School of BusinessSocial Media and Marketing Research StudyOver 1,700 respondents over a 3 month periodStudy shows Fans:Made 36% more visits to DG's stores each month Spent 45% more of their eating-out dollars at DGSpent 33% more at DG's storesHad 14% higher emotional attachment to the DG brandHad 41% greater psychological loyalty toward DG</p> <p>Conclusion</p> <p>ConclusionAs a business technology it IS successfulTraditional advertising and marketing media tools appears to be approaching a slow deathButNew social media technologies/platformsMust evolve and innovateIssues with the private and public spheres As a business technology it IS successfulTraditional advertising and marketing media tools appears to be approaching a slow death</p> <p> u may miss a poster from a corner of the street, you didnt know your favourite start gonna have his concert in melb until all the tix sold out You may go to thailand for holidays so you missed your favourite store biggest sale season, but if you get on the facebook , maybe you dun watch tv,coz it waste of your time. maybe you dun have a gf to hand ur hands to go to cinema. Maybe you dun read newpaper, coz you prefer to use your iphone to check emails.But sometimes you just wanna be on the facebook so there is no limits, there is no need tat you must walk pass by that corner of the st to know the concert news, you can get it on fbYou dun have to curse someone who cut your favourite drama ending , who waste your time and force you to wait and watch this ad, On fb, you got one more option, tat is not to click it) </p> <p>But We are hoping that we can come with some solutions,like :</p> <p>New social media technologies/platformsMust evolve and innovateIssues with the private and public spheres22Conclusion</p> <p>Tim Bull Co-Founder BinaryPlex</p> <p>Here is Tim bull ;s intereview he also talks abt.//// </p> <p>23Thank you!</p> <p>facebookbusinesstool.wordpress.com</p>