Fire in the Native American-Alaska Native Community

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  • Fire in the Native American-Alaska Native Community

  • Demographics

    575 Recognized Tribes

    4,119,301 Native Americans and Alaska Natives (2000 Census)

    AMERIND Regions

  • Scope of ProblemFire Related Death Rate for Native Americans:

    3x the national average.(51.4 per 1,000,000)

    Fire in the United States, 11th Edition, 1987-1996

  • Scope of ProblemFire is the leading cause of childhood injury/death in Native American homes.(Source: IHS)

    Top three fire causes:Children playing with matchesCookingArson(Source: AMERIND)

  • InfluencesTribal sovereigntyCultural moresRural communities Varying degrees of fire protectionVariety of agencies delivering fire protectionLack of reporting


  • What Needs to Be Done1. Develop culturally sensitive fire prevention materials/programs

    2. Improve communication between NAFDs, IHA, IHS, BIA, USFA

  • What Needs to Be Done

    Strengthen ties w/AMERIND

    Enlist NAFDs to develop and participate in a national reporting system to improve access to funding.

  • Native American-Alaska Native Fire Prevention Outreach Program

    Disbursed to IAFC for the purpose of reducing the tragedyof fire in the Native American community.

  • Native American-Alaska Native Fire Prevention Outreach Program Calls for locating public domain fire prevention materials that can be modified to the Native American community.Calls for the NNAFCA to begin a pilot partnership w/housing authorities to discuss fire prevention w/occupants. Calls for continued involvement of AMERIND due to their access to reliable data that gives a snapshot of fire problem.

  • Progress to Date1 focus group and 5 task force meetings held (03/02, 05/20, 08/25, 10/22, 11/14, 12/11).Scope of Work modified based on task force input.Importance of multi-year funding impressed upon FEMA.FEMA accepted modifications to scope of work without issue.

  • Progress to DatePartnerships established with several players.

    Template developed for Native American-Alaska Native fire prevention program

  • Progress to Date

    Tentative permission obtained from Assembly of First Nations (Canada) to use Wisdom of the Fire Program.

  • DeliverablesSupport the expansion of the NNAFCA.

    Develop a better picture of the fire problem in the Native American community through building relationships between the task force principles.

  • Deliverables

    Develop products that can be disseminated to the Native American community that will reduce loss from fire.

    Provide written report to FEMA after each meeting to outline progress.

  • Principle Deliverables for 03/31/03 deadline:

    Written report outlining what is envisioned for the program in 2002-03.Final report on accomplishments to date.

    Native American-Alaska Native Fire Prevention

  • The Future

    Petition FEMA for additional funding with a second grant request. (late Feb-early March 03 reply date) Continue to facilitate relationships between tribal leaders, tribal housing and tribal FDs.Distribute copies and provide training on delivering the components of the template.

  • The FutureExpand the distribution of home fire prevention kits through AMERIND and the NNAFCA. Establish and promote the use of a Native American based fire reporting system.

  • We need to act now to protect our most valuable possessions