The History of the Alaska Native Brotherhood & Alaska Native Sisterhood in Southeast Alaska 1

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  • The History of the Alaska Native Brotherhood & Alaska Native Sisterhood in Southeast Alaska*

  • Geography of Alaska*

  • Alaska Native Groups*

  • The ANB & ANS Began in Sitka, Alaska in 1912

    *The Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall was built in 1914 on the waterfront in Sitka. It is now a national historic landmark.

    ANB Hall

  • The Founding Fathers of the Alaska Native BrotherhoodPeter Simpson, Tsimshian Canadian (Father of ANB)Ralph Young, SitkaChester Worthington, WrangellJames C. Johnson, KlawockPaul Liberty, SitkaSeward Kunz, JuneauFrank Mercer, JuneauFrank Price, SitkaGeorge Field, KlawockEli Katanook, AngoonJames Watson, JuneauWilliam Hobson, AngoonAndrew Wanamaker, SitkaRise of the ANB

  • *ANB & ANS Constitution Preamble

    The purpose of this organization shall be to assist and encourage the Native in his advancement from his Native state to his place among the cultivated races of the world, to oppose, to discourage, and to overcome the narrow injustices of race prejudice, to commemorate the fine qualities of the Native races of North America, to preserve their history, lore, art and virtues, to cultivate the morality, education, commerce, and civil government of Alaska, to improve individual and municipal health and laboring conditions, and to create a true respect in Natives and in other persons with whom they deal for the letter and spirit of the Declaration Independence and the Constitution and laws of the United States.

  • *The Alaska Native Sisterhood - Promoting Alaska Native Womens Rights since 1926Panel Discusses Alaska Native SisterhoodElizabeth Peratrovich - Alaska Native Sisterhood Grand President and Civil Rights Leader

  • *ANB & ANS Political and Cultural LeadersWilliam Paul (1885-1977) - An attorney, legislator, and political activist from the Tlingit nation of Southeastern Alaska. He was known as a leader in the Alaska Native Brotherhood.Elizabeth Peratrovich (1911-1958) - An important Alaska civil rights activist, working on behalf of equality for Alaska Native peoples. She was the single driving force behind the passage of the state's Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945, the first anti-discrimination law in the United States.Dr. Walter Soboleff (1908-2011) - An American Tlingit scholar, elder and religious leader. Soboleff was the first Alaska Native to become an ordained Presbyterian minister.

  • *The Alaska Federation of NativesAFN OriginsThe Alaska Federation of Natives was formed in October 1966, when more than 400 Alaska Natives representing 17 Native organizations gathered for a three-day conference to address Alaska Native aboriginal land rights. From 1966 to 1971, AFN worked primarily to achieve passage of a just and fair land settlement. On December 18, 1971 the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) was signed into law.

  • Alaska Territory & Statehood*Russian Alaska and its LegacyThe Purchase of Alaska by the U.S. From Russia (Sewards Folly)Alaska Becomes the 49th StateThe Alaska Flag Song

  • ANB & ANS Cultural Heritage LegacyTlingit Culture & Language

    Alaska Native Dancing

    Alaska Native Art & Carving*

  • Current ANB & ANS IssuesSubsistence for Alaska NativesSitka Cultural Center ProtestANB/ANS Conference &Constitution Changes

  • *Legacy of ANB & ANSGained recognition of Native rights as U.S. citizens.Won the right for Alaska Natives to vote.Integrated public schools.Helped support the first Alaska Natives to be elected to the Alaska territorial Legislature.Helped initiate Tlingit and Haida land claims and later ANCSA.Helped pass the Native Civil Rights Law in Alaska.Helped fight for Alaska Native subsistence rights.Promotes continuing cultural education for Alaska Native children.

  • *The Importance of KuikKoo.eex (Potlatch) IntroductionIn honor of what weve learned about ANB, ANS, and the Tlingit culture in this unit we will have a class potluck to share food and present the Bloom Ball projects youve created. Everyone will bring a food dish to share and families/community members are invited to join us.