First Day of Class

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First Day of Class. Welcome to WileyPLUS !. Getting Started with WileyPLUS. How to Register in minutes! How to Get Help when you need it!. How to register. Follow along on the following slides Take the 2-Minute Tutorial for a guided walkthrough: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • First Day of Class

  • Welcome to WileyPLUS!

  • Getting Started with WileyPLUSHow to Registerin minutes!How to Get Helpwhen you need it!

  • How to registerFollow along on the following slidesTake the 2-Minute Tutorial for a guided walkthrough:

  • Getting Started

    www.wileyplus.comclick Get Started to begin

  • Course Finder

    Enter school name in the search field, click the name of your school when it appears and click Find. For example, enter "Louisiana State" rather than "LSU. Enter COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF BALTIMORE COUNTY-CATONSVILLE

  • Select Class SectionClick the Plus sign next to the course name.

    Search for your instructor.

    Click on green arrow forCHEM 121 DAY SEC Fall 2011


  • Register or Create Account

  • Register for Class Section

  • Welcome to your homepage!Assignment: Access & complete your assignments hereGradebook: Track your own progress here

  • Complimentary AccessHOLD ON TO YOUR REGISTRATION CODEEmail yourself the registration code number

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  • Need Help?For any questions, please do not contact your instructor and use these helpful resources below:Visit our help section: 2 minute tutorials & More! Tech support: FAQs and live chat!

  • Use Live Chat during business hours

    Use the Ask a Question form to submit your question online

    Search by topic for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)!

  • Student Partner Program Recruiting Now!Next Semester:Help other students buy and register for WileyPLUSAnswer WileyPLUS basic functionality questions Be the WileyPLUS point of contact for all students in the courseReceive:A monetary stipendResume blurbCertificate of participation*To be eligible, you must successfully complete a course using WileyPLUS and be nominated by your professor.

  • Thank you!We look forward to hearing about your WileyPLUS ExperienceBest of luck in this and all of your courses!

    ****Once you enter your registration code successfully, you will gain access to all of your WileyPLUS resources from your class homepage! Read. Study & Practice contains the full, online version of your text, and a suite of drill and practice activities to help you learn the concepts you will study in each chapterThe Assignment area is where you will complete assignments or quizzes assigned by your instructorThe Gradebook allows you to track your own progress through the courseOn the left side of this page you will find course information and announcements posted by your instructor

    *Once you complete the registration process, access thisor any of your other active WileyPLUS courses in one easy-to-remember location: Here, you will need only your email address and password to login.