Five Ways to Use ReelDx

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Five Ways to Use ReelDx


<ul><li><p> Five Ways to Use ReelDx Education </p><p>Lecture-based learning Insert videos into your LMS or </p><p>PowerPoint presentations and bring case studies to life in your classroom. </p><p>Asynchronous learning Assign cases as homework for </p><p>discussion the following class. Synchronous learning Present a ReelDx case during class </p><p>to guide clinical reasoning discussions. </p><p>Simulation and experiential learning Improve simulation by designing </p><p>scenarios around real-patient cases. Self-guided learning Provide access to our real-patient </p><p>case libraries as a supplemental learning resource for students. </p><p> Integrating ReelDx into our learning </p><p>courses was a great way to meet our EMS learning objectives and make these courses as relevant, interesting and engaging as possible. Jamie Pianka, Healthcare Quality Consultant </p></li></ul>