Fostering Online Learning with Educational Website and Apps

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Fostering Online Learning with Educational Website and Apps. Chapter 6 Lena Coleman Camberlyn Jackson T raeh Solomon. Introduction. Check out this short video clip. Managing Information Electronically. Digital Content Bookmarking Cloud computing Social bookmarking Tag Folksonomy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Fostering Online Learning with Educational Website and Apps.

Fostering Online Learning with Educational Website and Apps.Chapter 6Lena ColemanCamberlyn JacksonTraeh Solomon

IntroductionCheck out this short video clip.

Managing Information ElectronicallyDigital ContentBookmarkingCloud computingSocial bookmarkingTagFolksonomyInformation alert

Tech Tool 6.1Preselecting Websites for TeachingSocial Bookmarking Resources and AppsPortaportalConnotea

DeliciousnetTrekker SearchDiigoGoodreads

Organizing Web Recourses to Meet StandardsStandards connector

Collection of web resources tied to curriculum frameworks

Tag cloud

Keywords that help remember what the resource is about

Webquests, Videoconferencing, and Virtual Field TripsWebquests- web resource designed by teachers

Designing Successful WebquestStage SettingTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionVideoconferencing- real time access to far site places

Virtual Field Trips/ ToursHere are a few virtual field trips available online:

National Gallery of ArtGreat Wall of ChinaSmithsonian Institution

Online Learning and Virtual SchoolsOnline learning (distance learning)Educational delivery through computers Virtual schoolsAll classes and exams online Blended learning (hybrid learning)Face to Face & Online Instruction

Fun FactSeveral states require students to take at least one virtual learning course in order to graduate from high school.

What Do You Think???

Do you think online courses should be required? Why or Why not?Will online courses and virtual learning better prepare students for future jobs and careers?

Educational Website As Teaching ResourcesEducational websiteTypes of Educational WebsitesLesson Plan WebsitesStudent-to-Expert Communication WebsitesReal-Time and Recorded Data WebsitesArchival and Primary Sources WebsitesSkills Practice WebsitesExploration and Discovery Website

SummaryWhen managing information electronically remember to bookmark all your key websites, tag a friend to share fun bright ideas, and to use age appropriate digital content. Due to the boom of technology, there are now a lot of websites out there that can be very helpful tools. USE THEM! Here is one to start with Pinterest. Webquests, Videoconferencing, and Virtual Field Trips are all very useful tools that are fun and easy to incorporate into everyday lesson plans. Take a break from teaching one day and incorporate Online Learning and Virtual School teachings. Students learn in different ways and sometime different people too. Dont be afraid to look at other teacher as a learning tool. And lastly, teachers there are specially made websites for you too. Look for them they provide tips and lesson plans that are great!

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