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FRGP – NLR/I2 FRGP – NLR/I2 Marla Meehl Marla Meehl Manager of the FRGP Manager of the FRGP 3/4/08 3/4/08


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FRGP – NLR/I2. Marla Meehl Manager of the FRGP 3/4/08. TransitRail/ FrameNet. NLR Cisco 650x or 7200. NLR/Abilene Aggregation Level3/DEN 6509. 10G DW. NLR Core Router. 10G DW. Packnet. 10G DW. NLR/Denver 15808. 10G DW. Yellow = FRGP provides Purple = Utah provides - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of FRGP – NLR/I2

  • FRGP NLR/I2Marla MeehlManager of the FRGP3/4/08

  • NLR/Ogden15808NLR/Salt Lake City1545410G DWDW = Dedicated Wave10G DWUtahRouterNLR/Denver1580810G DWNLR/AbileneAggregationLevel3/DEN6509NLR Core RouterYellow = FRGP providesPurple = Utah providesBlue = NLR providesUtah650XNLR/Ogden1545410G DWNLR Cisco650x or 720010G DWAbilene10G DWTransitRail/FrameNetPacknet10G DW


  • 95th Percentiles 2/08Provider24hrI24hrOMonIMonOPurchased

    Abilene (with Utah)238.8299.4253.6325.31.0 GbpsNLR PacketNet245.5455.2246.4425.110.0 GbpsNLR TransitRail 1,364532.71,501652.22.0 Gbps

    Akamai Cache127.631.3190.643.81.0 GbpsComcast12.273.313.890.91.0 GbpsESnet12.128.751.433.81.0 GbpsLevel3418.2124.6454.5157.3250 MbpsQwest165.7130.2204.7154.5200 MbpsRMIX8. Gbps

  • NLR Current Costs/ServicesPacketNet10GbpsDenver/SLC Wave10GbpsFrameNetSub-TOTAL1,000,000NOAA-DC link1Gbps43,573Does not include installation charges of $9500+27,000NOAA-Moscow link1Gbps0Shares 10G FrameNet portTransitRail2Gbps200,000Shares 10G FrameNet portTOTAL1,243,573

  • I2 Costs for FRGPAnnualI2 Connect Fee - 1Gbps250,000I2 Member Fees for FRGP352,000I2 Participants Fees for FRGP242,000I2 SEGP - Utah44,000Total888,000

  • FRGP I2 MembersBrigham Young UniversityColorado School of MinesColorado State UniversityIdaho State UniversityIthakaNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - BoulderUniversity of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences CenterUniversity of Colorado, BoulderUniversity of Northern ColoradoUniversity of UtahUniversity of WyomingUtah State UniversityUS Antarctic Program (USAP)

  • Total NLR/I2 Costs

  • NLR Going ForwardCurrently requesting a one year commitment from each Class A & B memberFRGP conditions: Investor Status, Class A membership, Critical Mass of Class A & B members recommit (9 or 10 of 14 total)

  • NLR FutureFunded through 12/31/08 with current commitments (some expire 6/30/08 and some 6/30/09)Erv Blythe (Chair of I2 BoD) report to Network Policy Council (EDUCAUSE CIOs):NLR has several future paths, ranging from the spectacularly rich and positive on the one extreme, to the folding of the endeavor on the other extremeExpect one of the middle paths to prevail:a major subset of the members continue to support the current model, including developing the capital to begin an upgrade of the infrastructure, ora major player steps forward with the commitment of capital for a major upgrade, with new application requirements, and with new revenues to enable the subsidization and preservation of a significant, protected R&E part of an expanded infrastructureEmphasized under any future scenario, expected an absolute commitment to maintaining control of the IRU's for the benefit of broad R&E and economic development interestsStressed NLRs desire to work in a complementary and non-competitive way with I2Do not believe that either the NLR or the I2 Boards would be willing to look again at merger in the next couple of years.

  • I2/NLR ServicesProvisioning for all servicesNLR via owned fiber and hardware at marginal pricingI2 via leased Level3 services at lower than Level3 pricingLayer 110Gbps lambdasNLR via owned fiber at marginal pricingI2 via leased Level3 services at lower than Level3 pricingBoth testing optical switchingLayer 21/10Gbps VLANs

  • I2/NLR Services ContdLayer 3NLR members connect at 10Gbps as part of $1M feeBack-up via FrameNet as part of costI2 connect at 1/10Gbps per fee scheduleBack-up via 2x10 service via dynamic waveConditions of UseNone NLRSEGP, Sponsored Participant, etc. on I2

  • I2/NLR Services ContdPeeringNLR provides infrastructure for TransitRail$200K/year for TransitRail service at 2GbpsI2 provides peering via Abilene connectionNot free in the sense that you may have to buy bigger pipe to support peering

  • ScenariosDrop NLR/TransitRailDrop NLR/TransitRail and decouple from UtahDrop I2

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