Fun Holiday Ideas for the Whole Family

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DESCRIPTION | Soak up the last of the warm weather - from apple picking to shopping for holiday dresses. In this document, we list five fun holiday ideas that are suitable for the whole family.


  • Fun Holiday Ideas for the Whole Family

    As fall settles in and the cooler months approach, its time to start thinking about fun holiday

    ideas that are suited for the whole family. From hayrides to shopping for new holiday dresses,

    there are a handful of fun and exciting ideas to keep your family busy this holiday season.

    Boost your familys bonding time by connecting over a festive holiday activity that will keep

    you and your children happy. Not only will you be able to get one or two holiday chores out

    of the way, you will also be able to connect as a family after a long and busy year. Family

    time boosts childrens self-esteem while also solidifying strong interpersonal bonds. It also

    allows kids to decompress in a cheerful and festive environment. The holiday season brings

    with it a new spell of cheer and excitement, the ideal time to try out new activities with your

    family. Get creative and take your children outside. Soak up the last of the warm rays and

    breathe in the crisp fresh air. Here are five fun holiday ideas that will put a smile on

    everyones face.


    Layer your little ones in something warm and head out to catch a hayride! Not only are they

    fun for children, but adults enjoy them too as a way to sit back and relax. If your children are

    older than eight, book a haunted hayride that is fun for the whole family! If you pick one that

    takes place at night, ensure that you pack an extra set of warm clothing in case the

    temperature drops unexpectedly.

    Pumpkin Patches

    Ideal for Halloween, a pumpkin patch is great fun if you feel like getting creative with your

    kids. Visit a pumpkin patch and let your children pick out a pumpkin or two. Dedicate an

    evening to the carving of the pumpkins as you let your children design and pick out the

    expression they want. If you do let them carve a pumpkin, ensure that you give them ample

    instruction before allowing them to begin. Keep a watchful eye over them during this process.

    Once the pumpkins have been hollowed out and carved, you can let the little ones help you

    light the candles and place them inside the pumpkins.

    Apple Picking

    Nothing marks the start of the holiday season like a trip to an orchard. Gather your family and

    head to an apple farm to spend a delightful morning in nature, picking apples and bonding.

    Different farms offer a wide variety of Honeycrisp, Fuji, or Granny Smith apples that are ripe

    for the picking! Fill a bag with sweet, crisp apples and encourage your children to help you

    make a wholesome and delicious homemade apple pie.

  • Christmas tree Shopping

    Get your children into the festive spirit by clearing a space in your home in preparation of a

    lush Christmas tree. Set aside an evening and take your children to pick out the perfect

    Christmas tree for your home. Encourage your little ones to be part of the experience from

    picking it out, to setting it up, to decorating it with various festive ornaments.

    Shopping for New Holiday Dresses

    Christmas dresses, pairs of dainty shoes, candy canes, and the smell of spicy treats are

    enough to cast the spell of the festive season onto anyone. Little girls delight in the idea that

    they get to pick out beautiful Christmas dresses that will leave them feeling like little

    princesses all year long. Whether your little angel prefers a taffeta or a velvet dress, you can

    be sure to find a variety of holiday dresses from Pink Princess.

    With a variety of fun holiday ideas to choose from, your family will be smiling from ear to

    ear for the duration of the holiday season. Participate in activities that will get your family

    into the fresh air, make special memories, and let you bond with your loved ones.