Fun Learning for Kids: 10 Brainteasers

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Improve observation and analytical skills with these fun puzzles and brainteasers.


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Weekly Childrens Newspaper Weekly Childrens Newspaper

Boggle! Look at the grid and make words using only the connecting letters.

Weekly Childrens Newspaper

How many four-letter words or more can you make out of the word 'ENTERTAINMENT'? List them here!

Weekly Childrens Newspaper

Who am I? I am round like an apple Flat as a chip I have eyes But I cant see one bit

Weekly Childrens Newspaper

Can you complete the following 5-letter words? The missing letters, in order, spell the name of a bird that is pink in colour. __UTE C__EL


Weekly Childrens Newspaper

Unscramble these words! Hint: These are all things you would find in a forest! 1. Chanbers 2. Eavles 3. Lebbpes 4. Tecssin 5. Dribs

Weekly Childrens Newspaper

Wordament: How many words (of four letters or more) can you make out of the letters in the box?

Weekly Childrens Newspaper

Find the odd ones out in the groups of words. Example: Lily Jane Rose James Lily, Jane and Rose are all names of girls, while James isnt. 1. Banana Lady Finger Fig Orange 2. Frogs Earthworms Snails Bees

Weekly Childrens Newspaper

Fill in the blanks!

Weekly Childrens Newspaper

Fill in the blanks with the alphabet that comes

before the letter given in the coded answer.1. Veronica and Betty are from _ _ _ _ _ comic series. BSDIJF 2. Scrooge is from the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ comic book. EVDL UBMFT

3. _ _ _ _ _ _ is the main character from the Asterix comic series. PCFMJYWeekly Childrens Newspaper

Who am I? Only one colour, but not one size Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies Present in sun, but not in rain Doing no harm, and feeling no pain

Weekly Childrens Newspaper

Answers:1. 2. Enter, train, mint, main, rain, tent, rent, meant, near, tire, entertain, meat, mean, matter, teen, meet Pose, planes, drop, sole, dare, dear, sting, stairs, stare, post, pole, rest, sleep, Nile, Geese, seeds. lair, pants, paints, near, goes, deeds, drain, rain, stand, Easter, eating, repair, glide, aeroplane, slept A button Flute, Camel, Sting, Cargo (Flamingo) Branches, leaves, pebbles, insects, birds Word, town, moan, torn, mode, town, rent, dent, meant, dawn, more, tore, wore, drown Lady Finger, Bees Hole, hotel, hose, home, holy, hold, hoax, hope Archie, Duck Tales, Obelix A shadow

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Weekly Childrens Newspaper

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